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Ace U-he

PRODÁM: Ace U-he

Příspěvekod gambler » 29 srp 2016 12:19

Predam licenciu na vst syntak Ace U-he.Original cena je 69 eur.Moznosti platby-Skrill,Pokerstars,alebo bankovym prevodom..
Prevod licencie na vase meno bude bezproblemovy,informoval som sa cez ich support.

"Hello Peter,

transferring a license to someone else is usually quick and easy.

As soon as you've sold your license(s), send us an eMail to support@u-he.com (or reply to
this one) in which you tell us the buyer's full name and eMail address. (Please ensure the

spelling is correct!)

If you've owned the license(s) for 9 months or longer already, then the transfer is free
of charge for you and will be processed as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours on

It's no problem if the new owner is not a u-he customer yet, in that case a new account
will be created during the transfer.

A transferred license will stay sellable and transferable. Should the new owner wish to
sell it again later on, he is of course free to do so.

Should something still be unclear, or should you have further questions, then please let
me know. :)

u-he team"

Cena: 45 EUR
Telefon: +421904526516
Město: Zilina
E-mail: vidí pouze registrovaný uživatel
Příspěvky: 116
Registrován: 10. 3. 2016

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