Apple Mac SE 1/40

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Re: Apple Mac SE 1/40

Příspěvek od Pytkin » 22 čer 2009 16:17

no jo .. ale ak je to sea , tak to musis rozbalit stuffitom .. este je moznost , ze to niekto zle zabalil .. a trapis sa s tym zbytocne ..

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Re: Apple Mac SE 1/40

Příspěvek od Tudy » 23 čer 2009 23:18

Tak právě zjišťuji, že snažit se spustit ten Sound Designer II (stažený z Yahoo group) vlastně nemá smysl a bude nutnost koupit ZIPku se SoundDesignerem 1.12, který jediný umí kompletní editaci EMAXe:

Hi Petr

If you are interested in SoundDesigner for Emax 1.12, you will not find it anywhere for download. The files in the Yahoo group are versions of the more generic (newer) Sound Designer II, which has multi-sampler support (which is good...) but which has no specific feature support for those samplers (which is bad...).
E.g. the preset and voice parameter settings can not be changed with SDII, nor can full Emax banks be uploaded or downloaded between Mac and Emax. Only the raw individual samples can be exchanged with SDII.

SD for Emax supports every single parameter of the Emax and also allows to exchange banks with one mouse click.
To get this software, you should contact Wayne Griffin.
He sells this software (between 40 and 60 USD) and sends it via postal mail on a 100 MB Zip disk which is HFS formatted for your Mac. The BIN file of SDforEmax (only 250 KB) can not be copied from that ZIP disk due to a copy protect feature of SDforEmax. Wayne did not succeed to hack the protection scheme yet.
Be aware that it can take a while (4 weeks or more) before you will receive the disk from Wayne.

Once you have this SDforEmax software, don't forget to boot your Emax Plus with the hacked Emax Plus OS v4.0 which can be found on my website (

PS: I'm a frequent visitor of Czech Republic - in fact I go to Prague about every two weeks for my job - I like the city very much ! ;-)

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