Vše co má reproduktor a vydává zvuk, vč. příslušenství
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Kermitak: Tak on je tady v CR nikdo neprodava - lepsi cenu proti puvodni cene ;) staly 19tisic a ted 15tisic.

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TOM-Thak píše:Koukam, ze shafa ma nejakou lepsi cenu na APSka jestli se nepletu: ... tdome.html

Je to teda ten Softdome, ale ta cena je prizniva.. za 31K pár 7" palců.
... nepletes. Jinak v poslednim SOS vysla na IO recenze, myslim, ze stoji za precteni (psal ji tusim muj oblibenec Paul White). ... /apsio.htm

Listening Tests
My tests were done initially with the rear-panel controls left set to flat, and the mysterious Bass Controller switch set to off. When comparing the APS IOs with the similarly sized Mackie and ADAM speakers that I normally use for reference, I didn't experience any great shock switching to the IOs, which I often do with some monitors that have a very 'different' sound. I was, however, immediately impressed by the firmly controlled bass from such small monitors and also by the detailed mids and high end, which has the kind of smoothness you'd expect from a high-end British monitor, rather than the more 'forward' character that I tend to associate with US West Coast speakers. The low end isn't overblown, and I guess some bass freaks will think it a bit restrained, but at least it isn't tuned to accentuate only kick drums at the expense of everything else — and to me, it makes for a well-balanced sound. I have to admit, though, that with the bass switch set to flat, I couldn't discern much difference with the Bass Control switches on or off. When I wanted to add more bass warmth, though, a 3dB bass boost combined with the Bass Control switched on did the trick without seeming excessive.

The stereo imaging also demanded immediate attention: it came over as very wide and stable. Some monitors in this price bracket can tend to muddle the mid-range slightly, but the APS IOs have a sound that can only described as being very much in focus, with excellent separation between instruments and a good sense of front-to-back perspective.

na webu APS jsem nasel i komentar Paula White:

Sound On Sound reviews our nearfiled IO active monitor

This is a first outing in SOS for Polish speaker manufacturers APS, but they're already impressing us.

I have to admit to never having tried Polish-built APS (Audio Pro Solutions) monitors before, but as soon as I'd played a few tracks through them I could tell that they were a class act. The IO model that's reviewed here is priced similarly to comparable Mackies, and the smaller Dynaudio and ADAM monitors. They may appeal to those who prefer a more neutral, British sound, because my strong initial impression is that they tell it how it is.

Paul White
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safa: Díky přečtu si :)