112dB - Redline Equalizer

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Ondra P.
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112dB - Redline Equalizer

Příspěvek od Ondra P. » 11 srp 2009 18:11

Celkem mne zaujal moznostma tento equalizer zkousel jste nekdo ?


* Five fully parametric EQ bands with up to 60dB of boost/cut.
* Two bands switchable to high/low-shelving response with adjustable overshoot.
* Dedicated lowpass/highpass sections with selectable steepness from 6 to 48dB/oct.
* Eight selectable custom EQ algorithms with unique response characteristics.
* Fully de-cramped EQ response curves with center frequencies up to 28 kHz.
* Variable phase shift from 0% (linear phase) to 100% (analogue-style phase) and beyond.
* Mono, stereo, dual-mono and mid/side modes.
* Auto gain makeup for automatic leveling of pre/post perceived loudness.
* Dynamic EQ functionality.
* Dedicated harmonic distortion section.
* Customizable gain/Q dependency, individually selectable for cut and boost behavior.
* Zoomable EQ response display with built-in spectrum analyzer.
* Support for sample rates up to 384kHz.
* Full parameter automation.

akorat nejak nevim jestli je to ciste linear nebo jak... ? jsetli se da pouzit jen na mastering nebo na i mix

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Re: 112dB - Redline Equalizer

Příspěvek od vras » 11 srp 2009 21:16

Tohle stoji na http://www.112db.com/redline/equalizer :
Pick either linear phase for extreme transparency, or from several vintage phase and cut/boost characteristics to make your tracks stand out in a mix.

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Re: 112dB - Redline Equalizer

Příspěvek od Poshook » 11 srp 2009 23:21

- 3072 samplov latencia
- velmi pomaly GUI
- divny analyzer
- hodne bugov
- velka zataz na CPU
+ zvuk slubny

radsej si pockam na najblizsi update, toto jmi pride ranna beta. ta latencia ma odradza od mix EQ, takze mozno tak BUS alebo Master