Legalizujte soft za 199 USD - nabidka konci dneska!

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Legalizujte soft za 199 USD - nabidka konci dneska!

Příspěvek od upman » 03 pro 2007 09:59

I cannot resist to contact you to tell you that today is the last day to
get 6 Sonik Capsules ($59 each), 6 Expansion tanks ($79 each), Sonik Synth
VST ($199), ST Bonus disk ($79), Sampletank Engine 2.5, and more stuff for
only $199.

Most sounds will be in download and available today!
This group buy runs for one month and started at $299 and reached as much
as +300 enrolled members. But it will end today.
There is a chance that we do not stop it for the week end, but you must
rush if you want to be in, because when it will be ended that will be too

We have Studio Profiles, and Ocean Way to release in December so there
will be no grace period. Too late is too late.
This is the bargain of the year for musicians working with sounds and
computers, you can play these sounds from the Sampletank engine given in
this deal on any DAW and platform. The Sonik Synth plug-in is alone worth
this deal.

Here is the link :
{ ... code=nikko
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