Johnson powered mixer - cena?

Analogové a digitální mixy pro studio i živé hraní
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Johnson powered mixer - cena?

Příspěvek od oref » 19 srp 2013 22:17

Aku to ma cca cenu? ak vobec nejaku :)
6 Channel 150W Powered Mixer
It has 5 channels with 1/4" and XLR inputs, each channel has a clip light for easily finding a good, natural mix. Each channel has a two band EQ, as well as level and reverb controls. The sixth channel has two RCA jacks for plugging in a tape deck or CD player. It also includes a 3-band master EQ, RCA outputs for recording your gig and spring reverb for getting a natural room sound right out of the speakers.

6 Channels with Independent Gain Controls
150 Watt @ 4? RMS Power
Spring Reverb
Channel Low and High EQs
Channel Clip Lights
+15V DC Phantom Power
3-Band Master EQ
RCA Inputs & Outputs
Pre and Post Outs
Reverb Footswitch

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