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toto ma celkom dostalo :)

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Are your productions sounding cluttered? Could they maybe benefit from some space.... some silence even? If so, look no further than Hollow Sun?s forthcoming prestige library due for imminent release.... announcing ?Golden Silence??.

The collection includes thousands of samples of silence all of which have been meticulously recorded at 24-bits/96kHz using only the finest, high resolution digital audio equipment ensuring the highest quality sound you are ever likely not to hear. With 127-velocity zone layering and detailed multi-sampling, Hollow Sun?s golden silences are also supremely expressive when only the very best silence is required, making them suitable for any musical genre from up-front, isolated classical performances as well as busy commercial mixes and jingles and ads where maximum impact is the order of your client.

Most of the silences are recorded full length (many with different articulations) but, where appropriate, they have been seamlessly looped using Hollow Sun?s proprietary processes and draw upon Hollow Sun?s unrivalled 17-year experience of developing high quality, professional sound library to the most demanding standards for internationally renowned clients. For certain applications, many of the silence samples come pre-compressed and gated to save you the trouble and to reduce CPU strain without employing further plug-ins unnecessarily. Mono silence samples are also included for efficient use of memory.

For adventurous sound designers, many of Hollow Sun?s ?Golden Silence?? samples are processed using nothing but the finest modelled filters and many of the patches feature unique real-time control over these parameters allowing ultimate expressivity over the silence. The 24/96 sampling techniques allow you to hear silence like never before even with such radical real-time post-processing. Furthermore, custom and proprietary software allows you to phrase articulations of silence like never before. To round Hollow Sun?s collection off, for added depth and warmth, it also contains special and proprietary Analogue-Recorded Silent Environment Samples (ARSES?).

Until you have tried adding a few tracks of total silence to your music you cannot begin to imagine the experience you are missing... quite frankly, you won?t hear better silence than this - period!

This magnificent and innovative library will ship on seven DVDs in all of the popular sampler formats (a separate hard disk is recommended for the lengthy installation) but in a departure from Hollow Sun?s normal pricing policy, will have a target price of $299. Keen as we are to bring products to the market at reasonable prices, the sheer depth and breadth of Hollow Sun?s total golden silences in this prestige collection commands a prestige price.

Group buys will be possible on product launch and if 10,000 customers register for the group buy within the first day, there will be a 1% reduction in price rising to a 2% reduction for 20,000 guaranteed orders or over.

You simply have not heard silence quite like Hollow Sun?s ?Golden Silence?? collection - totally clean, totally quiet and totally silent and, at the new industry standard of 24/96, absolutely no sound whatsoever with absolute pristine audiophile quality due to the high sample rates and bit-depths used(*). In layman?s terms, this is the best quality silence you have heard!

In use, it couldn?t be easier. Simply load your chosen silence patch(es) into your sampler and record them alongside other tracks on your DAW. Even if you don?t have or use any of the current samplers, silence samples can be imported in any of the popular file formats including WAV, AIFF - even REX format for synchronised silence.

Almost any musical style can benefit from the judicious and skilled addition of Hollow Sun?s ?Golden Silence?? samples. Many genres (in particular, cynically created/marketed ?MTV gangsta rap?, manufactured boy/girl bands and mobile phone ringtones) show a 100% improvement when ALL tracks are replaced with Hollow Sun?s ?Golden Silence?? samples! Many of our testers and consumer demography also reported a marked improvement when the same silence samples were applied to certain styles of opera and, of course, anything by Celine Dion. Scientific analysis also revealed a decreased sense of ?listener fatigue? when Hollow Sun?s ?Golden Silence?? samples were applied to many tracks by the popular contempary beat combo, Coldplay.

Intrigued? Why not check out this provisional MP3 demo that demonstrates several of Hollow Sun?s ?Golden Silence?? samples.

Of course, the MP3 encoding process slightly affects the quality of the silences we have so meticulously recorded but it should give you a taste of what to expect with Hollow Sun?s new ?Golden Silence?? collection - absolutely no sound at all.

Hollow Sun?s ?Golden Silence?? will be shipping soon.

(*) We are also currently working on a special 64-bit/192kHz version (?Golden Silence? - The Emperor?s New Clothes Edition?) that will be available to special order sometime in 2006.

Hollow Sun?s silences are copyrighted, patented and trademarked. Any use of silence in any form will be liable to prosecution and pursued to the full extent of the law. In other words, it is now an illegal act to be quiet without prior permission from Hollow Sun and/or its proprietors herein or otherwise heretofore undermentioned and/or implied.

Furthermore, it is illegal to copy silence and re-distribute it or re-sell these silences in any form or format. Neither can Hollow Sun?s silences be processed in any way (especially if that process makes it noisy).

Special dispensation will be given to school teachers (especially at the primary or kindergarten level) who may wish to use excerpts of these samples in an educational context to show their class what ?silence? really means when the teacher asks for it.

My immediate neighbours are also exempt - I?d like their two brats to know the meaning of the word (especially at 6am when the little buggers wake up and start screaming and stomping around the place!)

Disclaimer: No association with John Cage or his estate is implied or should be construed.

Thank you.

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"Disclaimer: No association with John Cage or his estate is implied or should be construed."