Zajimava kniha o nahravani - rozhovory s hudebniky

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Zajimava kniha o nahravani - rozhovory s hudebniky

Příspěvek od nemo » 11 čer 2009 16:36

Zdar, narazil jsem na zajimavou publikaci - Artists on Recording Techniques ... 1.pdf.html

Nick Mason and Pink Floyd from the Inside Out
America—and the Horse They Came in On
zada Surf: Beautiful Beats in Brooklyn
A Night on the Town with Los Lobos
Duran Duran: The Best of Both Worlds
Grant-Lee Phillips’ Strange Magic in the Studio
Recording Roger Waters’ Post–Pink Floyd Masterpiece
The Bongos and Echoes of Drums Along the Hudson
Jackie Greene: A Natural Bluesman from California
Ben Kweller: Recording Something Good, Something Great
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Grass Roots Rock ’n Roll in Brooklyn
Sevendust’s Next Big Thing
Travis: Scottish Craftsmen at Work in the Studio
Guster Keeps It Together with Ganging Up on the Sun
Elf Power: Back to the Studio
Fields: Recording on the Emerald Isle
Ivy: Converging Talent at New York’s Stratosphere Sound
This Way, That Way, and Scofield’s Way
Buzzcocks: A Different Kind of Session
Barenaked Ladies: Fresh Baked and Bare
Josh Rouse: Nashville Vibes from the South of Spain
John Densmore: Breakin’ on through to New Rhythms
Tony Bennett: Master of the Mood
Crowded House: Coming Out on Top from Down Under
The Unique Electronic Textures of Ulrich Schnauss
John Fogerty: From Creedence and Beyond
Raul Malo Takes on the Classics
Band of Horses: Creating a Sense of Freedom in the Studio
Jesse Harris: Capturing the Feel of a Performance
Joe Jackson: Raining with Talent
Kaki King: Dreaming of Perfection
Spyro Gyra: Still Going Strong
John Starling and Carolina Star: Risin’ Again
Supergrass: Diamonds in the Rough

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Re: Zajimava kniha o nahravani - rozhovory s hudebniky

Příspěvek od demsky » 11 čer 2009 21:42

uz to tam neni ale niekde som to vyhrabal... vyzera to zaujimavo | Kurzweil Forte | Arturia MatrixBrute

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Re: Zajimava kniha o nahravani - rozhovory s hudebniky

Příspěvek od Hary » 14 srp 2009 14:38

Bohužel smazaný. Může to někdo prosím opět upnout? Díky.
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