PowerCore Users - Accounts down from 30 NOV 2014

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PowerCore Users - Accounts down from 30 NOV 2014

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Zrovna jsem obdržel zprávu od TC Electronics:

As you probably know, we have ceased further development and support for the PowerCore platform.

As a consequence to this decision, in half a year from now, 30 November 2014, we will close down the PowerCore Account system, which means that it will no longer be possible to:

1) Generate plug-ins for generation 1 PowerCores (PCI & Element)
2) Transfer licenses between generation 2 PowerCores (All other versions)
3) Change PowerCore ownership in connection with a resale

For most PowerCore users, this will not change anything: all PowerCores will keep running as before, but please keep in mind that from 30 November 2014, you can no longer request, download, manage or resell PowerCore licenses from your PowerCore Account.
Some PowerCore users need to be aware of the following:
PowerCore Generation 1 and Virus Multi users: You need to backup your plug-ins. After 30 November 2014, you will no longer be able to request new versions of them.
PowerCore Generation 2 users: If you have pending licenses in your account, or if you wish to transfer licenses between PowerCore units or other users, you’ll have to do it before 30 November 2014.
Please take action now, but just in case, we will make sure to send you a reminder when we approach the final deadline for backing up and transfering licenses.