Pomoc typkovi z ukrajiny

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Pomoc typkovi z ukrajiny

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typek z ukrajiny prosi o pomoc, cez bandcamp sa da kupit jeho album... podrobnosti v popise...rozhodne inteligentnejsia forma charity nez sa oblievat vodou z vedra...
https://xore.bandcamp.com/album/need-he ... escription
xo:re píše: Hello
In my town and region war. I am in the epicenter. In my hometown Donetsk.

I have to leave my city ASAP (probably forever) and go to live in another place.
I actually lost housing. Due to the fact that the war in the town my apartment is impaired and there is nothing worth or it will be destroyed.
Even after the war, there is nobody will live. Capital left the city, factories and mines destroyed. The city is dead. This is Ukrainian Detroit.

Explosions could be heard throughout the city. a lot of military equipment and people with weapons in the city. A lot of innocent people died as result of the shelling. Many people are lost. They are kidnapped. There is dangerous to go out.

I desperately need the money that would take away from the town the family. In fact, I would have to "start all my life again," without a home and money.
Money is needed for that would remove housing, food, utilities expenses and so on.

The best support that me can provide it everyone buy my music via Bandcamp.
Every coin helps!

Peace to all of you
xo:re <3