ITuttle (synth)

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ITuttle (synth)

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appstore free verzia: ... &ls=1&mt=8
appstore plna vezia: ... &ls=1&mt=8
9 Oscillators section organized on 3 Oscillator Modes (8 waveforms)
White Noise
Full Stereo path (from Oscillators Section to FX)
24dB/oct Filter (Low Pass, Band Pass & Hi Pass)
3 Envelopes
2 LFOs (11 waveforms with Generalized PWM, even with Sinus/Cosinus)
2 X/Y Pads
8 Modulation Slots (20 Sources and 67 Destinations !!!)
Arpeggiator with Shuffle/Groove, Step Controls and MIDI sending
Stereo Delay with delay time modulation capability
Full MIDI implementation (including MIDI CC Learn)
Korg WIST support
User Bank sharing with Mail/Safari