Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

MIDI Master keyboardy, syntezátory, digitální piána, varhany... a příslušenství
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Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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Kurzweil K2000

The K2000 uses V.A.S.T. (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) which allows you to take any multi-sample, noise or waveform and process it using just about any synthesis technique. The source of these multi-samples are from the 8MB of ROM which hold tons of authentic and superb quality samples. The internal processing is 32-bit with 18-bit DACs. The K2000 uses 31 sound-shaping algorithms to provide a variety of resonant filters, EQs, continuous panning, amplitude modulation, crossfade, distortion, digital wrap, waveshaper, pulse width modulation, high frequency enhancement, low frequency oscillators, hard sync oscillators and mixing oscillators, all with real-time MIDI control.

It's a beautiful synth with an elegant and organized layout and very high quality pitch and mod wheels! Not to mention a 61-note velocity & aftertouch sensitive keyboard with a quality feel and response to playing. The K2000s adds a quality sampler with standard 2MB RAM that can be expanded to 64MB. Sample in stereo or mono, via analog or digital inputs and you have all the sample edit functions you'll need to create some of your own sounds. Use the built-in 3.5" disk drive or connect an external drive to the SCSI port for limitless sample storage (an internal SCSI connection also allows for a hard disk drive inside).

Other professional features include stereo multi-effects capable of four simultaneous effects including reverb, chorus, delay, multi-tap delay, flange, rotary simulation and more. Up to six polyphonic audio outputs. There's also the 32-Track sequencer, fully editable, with features like 768 ppq resolution and nondestructive track editing and groove quantizing.

The K2000rs is the rack-mount version of the K2000s. Offering all of the same great sounds, power and features as the keyboard version. The K2000's keyboard is excellent and feels great to play, but if you don't need the extra keys the 3-space rack-module is an excellent instrument. The K2000's have been used by Robert Miles, Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Hardfloor, Tori Amos, Stevie Wonder, Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb), Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, LTJ Bukem, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Laurent Garnier, and Luther Vandross.

Upgrades include the Orchestral Expansion Board (8 Mb) and Contemporary Expansion Board (8 Mb). A full 16-bit sampler with analog/digital sampling options (SMP-K) and AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/O ports. The 2MB sampler RAM is expandable to 64 MB for upwards of 19 minutes of sampling time. Sequencer's capacity is expandable from 30,000 events to 190,000. The operating systems can easily be upgraded too.

Kurzweil K2500
The K2500 is another evolution of the amazing Kurzweil Sampler - Synthesizer - Workstations. Using their excellent V.A.S.T. synthesis and a professional Sampler option (S models) and Sequencer this is truly an elegant synthesizer with a full keyboard of 76 semi-weighted keys (88 full-weighted piano style keys on the K2500X), 8 real-time sliders, 2 ribbon controllers, pitch and mod wheels and total MIDI controllability. The amazing sounds are contained on 8MB (up to 28MB) of sample ROM, expandable to 28MB using optional sound ROM boards! State-of-the-art sampling is also available on the K2500S and K2500XS with an astonishing 64MB of RAM standard! And that's expandable to 128MB! A 32 track interactive song arranger is also on-board allowing you to create various and complex sequences and songs which can be triggered from a variety of sources. This sequencer is no slacker with pattern, linear, and step recording, cut, copy, paste, advanced groove quantizing, event list editing and other powerful editing tools with up to 16 songs and 16 arrangement tracks. Add stereo outs, eight individual outs, dual SCSI ports, digital I/O and you've got yourself a professional 'Production Studio'.

As a synthesizer, the K2500 is likely one of the most professional and superior instruments available. Very programmable, flexible and excellent sounding as you would expect from Kurzweil, following the amazing K2000 synths. The V.A.S.T. variable architecture synthesis has 60 DSP functions, 438 preset programs (238 ROM, 200 RAM) and is capable of amazingly realistic acoustic instruments and a diverse range of analog synth sounds and other unique sounds complete with multi-effects and real-time MIDI control.
Kurzweil K2500 Image
The K2500S model adds a Sampling option with Extensive Sample Processing and a hi-tech real-time Live Mode V.A.S.T. and K.D.F.X. processing of external analog or digital signals, capable of interfacing with ADAT, TDIF and AES/EBU and receiving up to 8 digital channels at once via the DMTi (Digital MultiTrack Interface). Any of the synths parameters can be used to tweak the external audio signal in real-time and with 20-bit digital output! The K.D.F.X. option offers superb digital 4-stereo-bus multi-effects comparable to any modern rack-mount effects unit. The sampler has analog and digital I/O (AES-EBU, optional S/PDIF) and is capable of sampling while you play.
Kurzweil K2500RS Image
Of course the sampler offers all the advanced editing functions you'd expect from any professional quality sampler. DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on a beats per minute time line (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample and many other functions.The DMTi option allows for data format and sample rate conversion directly with the Alesis ADAT and Tascam DA-88 machines. And the K2500 features Flash ROM upgradeability via diskettes and SCSI.
Kurzweil K2500 Image
The K2500 Audio Elite System (AES, pictured above) is a Rolls Royce version of the K2500 masterpiece. It comes with every single option available to the K2500 and is fully expanded with ROM and RAM to the max! It also includes extra peripherals such as 2 DMTIs and a CD-ROM drive. And finally it has the most elegant and classiest look of any synthesizer ever! This is truly the World's most powerful and amazing Synthesizer ever...it list's for $19,995.00! The K2600 series is virtually identical to the K2500. With all the same and compatible options and features, the K2600 adds increased preset V.A.S.T wave memory with a standard 12MB expandable to 44MB as opposed to the K2500's 8MB expandable to 28MB. The K2600 series also dawns a sportier looking purple and black color-scheme. The K2500 has been used by Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and ATB.

Kurzweil K2600
The K2600 is another amazing monster synthesizer from Kurzweil using their excellent V.A.S.T. synthesis. Truly an elegant synthesizer with a full keyboard of 77 semi-weighted keys (88 full-weighted keys on the K2600X pictured above), 8 real-time sliders, ribbon controller, pitch and mod wheels and total MIDI controllability. The amazing sounds are contained in 12MB of sample ROM, expandable to 44MB using optional sound ROM boards! State-of-the-art sampling is also available on the K2600S, K2600XS and K2500RS with an astonishing 64MB of RAM standard! And that's expandable to 128MB! A 32 track interactive song arranger is also on-board allowing you to create various and complex sequences and songs which can be triggered from a variety of sources. This sequencer is no slacker with pattern, linear, and step recording, cut, copy, paste, advanced groove quantizing, event list editing and other powerful editing tools with up to 16 songs and 16 arrangement tracks. Add stereo outs, eight individual outs, dual SCSI ports, digital I/O and you've got yourself a professional studio-keyboard.

As a synthesizer, the K2600 is likely one of the most professional and superior instruments available. Very programmable, flexible and excellent sounding as you would expect from Kurzweil, following the amazing K2000 and K2500 synths. The V.A.S.T. variable architecture synthesis has 60 DSP functions, 438 preset programs (238 ROM, 200 RAM) and is capable of amazingly realistic acoustic instruments and a diverse range of analog synth sounds and other unique sounds complete with multi-effects and real-time MIDI control.
The K2600's Sampler option offers a hi-tech real-time Live Mode V.A.S.T. and K.D.F.X. processing of external analog or digital signals, capable of interfacing with ADAT, TDIF and AES/EBU and receiving up to 8 digital channels at once. Any of the synths parameters can be used to tweak the external signal in real-time and with 20-bit digital output! The sampler has digital I/O and is capable of sampling while you play. Of course the sampler offers all the advanced editing functions you'd expect from any professional quality sampler. There is a (DMTi) Digital Multi Track interface option for data format and sample rate conversion with the Alesis ADAT and Tascam DA-88 machines. And the K2600 features Flash ROM upgradeability via diskettes and SCSI. It has been used by BT, Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd.
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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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Největším podporovatelem a tvůrcem zvuků byl SWEATWATER:
Tady je nějaké retro, dema SWEATWATER dřívějších sérií K2XXX, nikde už nejsou, tak je dávám sem takto. Ono je ještě důležité si uvědomit, že současná kolekce pro PC3 vznikla tak že prostě jen vyřadili část zvuků, které se nyní dají stáhnout zdarma a zbytek prodávají dál bez velkých úprav....: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/05/20/succ ... fQWja4Dx4U

'Mr. Surack' was my dad.
Surack credits much of his success to a synthesizer he came across in the 1980s.
In 1984, he saw a new instrument called the Kurzweil K250 at a trade show. "It was the first synthesizer that played back digital recordings of musical instruments," he said. "It cost $20,000, but it was a game changer," he said. Surack bought one and eventually became a dealer for the product.By the early 1990s, Sweetwater Sound had evolved from a recording studio to a dealer of high-end musical instruments and audio equipment.
"Musicians, bands, just regular people from all over the country would hear about us through the grapevine and buy from us," he said.
He started his first business at 20. Now he runs a $300 million water park empire
The company set up a website in 1994. "This was very early in the Internet world, so we used it primarily to educate people about our instruments. We were dealers for 100 brands by then," he said.
About 60% of sales now come from the company's web site, while the rest come through direct orders from the company's sales people. A fraction of sales -- $13 million a year -- comes from the Sweetwater Sound's retail store located on the company's 400,000-square-foot campus in Fort Wayne.
Sweetwater Sound employs some 500 salespeople, all of whom are either musicians or have technical experience in creating music such as in audio engineering. Also on the campus are recording studios and a 250-seat theater and, for employees, a cafeteria with subsidized food, a salon and spa and a clinic offering free medical care.
There's also a steel slide on the second floor. "Music is a fun business. I want to bring the fun to work," he said.
For Surack, who's now 62, taking care of his employees goes well beyond just signing their paychecks.

"I want to be Chuck to everyone. 'Mr. Surack' was my dad," he said. "I treat everyone with respect and I want to empower our employees ."
Over 40 years, Sweetwater Sound has grown to employ 1,700 workers, not including Surack's other businesses.
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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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Zde je seznam CD mě známých (seznam mi byl poskytnut z USA ) , které se dají zjískat dnes již na E-bayi, ale mnohé z nich jsou 16 bit/44KHz a jedou i na K2000 pokud má sampler!
KURZWEIL CD-ROM TITLES......................................................................................................................

3D KEYS ~ THE DREAM WEAVER <Virtual Reality Sounds> Cd-Rom: A stunningly realistic Fender Rhodes 73, once used to Weave Dreams. Moog Filter effects with space ekos, extremely wide stereo pads, unique pan effects and many other goodies. This CD ROM gives you the edge over the same old analog samples. A unique space age production tool using proven sounds from the 70s. Listen for these sounds in: Eraser Theme, BrandX CD "Manifest Destiny", Kopelson Logo Theme, +++ Fender Rhodes Banks Samples from the original speaker cabinet using the stereo phaser. Two speeds. Presets of various sizes and tonal qualities. The "opposite of a synth rhodes"! Superwide Pads Samples of various Synthmixtures into an 8 channel speaker array. The synths were programmed by the Dream Weaver himself: Gary Wright. Filter Effects Original Filter and Ring Modulator sounds from a Vintage Moog R15. Spatialised with reverbs, delays multi speakers and Virtual Reality Recording. A new approach to the analog sound sampling!

3D PIPES ~ <Virtual Reality Sounds> Cd-Rom: Kurzweil, Another first from Virtual Reality Sound Corporation. The Instrument represented on this CD ROM is The McLane Organ at the Baylor University, Texas. 92 ranks 4 manual designed by Petty Madden Organ builders in 1993. The presets are a reflection of organ stops used by the great performer and teacher Dr. Joice Jones. This organ is so realistic that not even she could tell the difference between live and "memorex". The banks are structured for 4 manuals and a pedal and take up to 110MB of ram. Of Course the presets can be loaded singularly and need a min. of 16MB. This Disc is recommended for the professional sampler user and musical score composer. Add an organ to your string section. The sounds can also be used for any kind of music, there is brassy pipes and beautifully soft "Wooden" sounding flutes. What an experience!

A POKE IN THE EAR WITH A SHARP STICK ~ <Rarefaction> Cd-Rom: various artists (originally released by osc) Sound library.....................
The mayhem begins with A Poke in the Ear with a Sharp Stick, Volume I, the original sonic mindbreaker, created by a collective of twisted sound designers from around the planet. Keep in mind that most of the sounds found on the Poke series started as organic sounds that have since been manipulated into something entirely different. This Macintosh-based ROM contains 1,350 different 16-bit files, sampled at 44.1kHz in Sound Designer II format. Along with truckloads of crushing industrial percussion, the disc features broken records, shortwave radio torture, chainsaw surprise, Martian ethnic instruments and other provocative soundbites. Here's a partial list of some of the sounds you will find on Volume I:
• Martin ethnic instruments • Crushing industial percussion • Non-orchestral hits, nose hits, etc.
• Weaselphone
• Post-nuclear holocaust ambience • Deafening metallic sounds • Cosmic warpage • The sounds of carnage
• Pounding bass replacements
• Astral sound washes • Hammer-press lobotomy • Shortwave water torture • Chainsaw surprise, and many more...................

A POKE IN YER ASS! ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom
ABTOCRUZ ~ <Private Studio> Cd-Rom
ACID FANATIC ~ DREAM OF SHADOWS <Acidfanatic.com> Cd-Rom: Original License-Free Loops. This is a very special loops and samples library that will blow your mind. It features vocal loops with words & original phrases all sung in time by computer through speech synthesis techniques. And all words and phrases are categorized into folders from A-Z to easily locate the phrase you want. This is truly an amazing library of royalty-free synthetic vocal loops and words alone cannot describe it.

ACID JAZZ CITY ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set Over 1 Gig) <Big Fish Audio>

AFRO-CUBAN PERCUSSION ~ <Sonic Implants> Cd-Rom: Sonic Implants Afro Cuban Percussion, The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth percussion. This is the Latin Percussion collection you’ve been waiting for. Ambient Stereo AND Close Mic’d Mono versions
included to give you complete control over your mix. TONS of articulations (hits) per instrument and up to 4 multi-velocity samples from soft to loud to make you sound like a pro. Instruments and playing provided by Joe Galeota of JAG Drums.
Collection includes:
Afoxe, Agogo Bells, Ankle Bells, Birimbou, Bongos, Caxixi, Cha Cha Bells, Claves, 3 Congas (Quinto, Secundo, Tumbadora), Cowbell Hi/Mid/Low, Cuica, Finger Snaps, Frogs Eggs, Guiro Cuban, Guiro Meringue, Jam Blocks, Large Basket, Rattle, Maracas, Pandiero, Reco Reco, Repenique, Samba Whistles, Sencero, 3 Surdos (Bambo, Cortador, Macana), Tamborim, Timbales, Timbalitos, Vibraslap, and more......... Recorded at Blue Jay studios in Carlisle, MA. with engineering by Mark Tanzer (NRBQ, Carly Simon, Patty Larkin, Jerry Marotta, Livingston Taylor, Lyle Mays and others).
ALIEN GUITARS ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
AMBIENT I ~ <Zero-G> (Cd-Rom): Stunning sounds produced by highly acclaimed British electronic musician IAN BODDY. There's a fantastic array of dreamy NN19 atmospheric and FX patches for use in ambient dance, trance, film soundtracks or futuristic/ spacey/ trance music of all kinds. Combining the hypnotic charms of Jarre, Floyd, Tangerine Dream and so on with current dance trends, "Ambient" is designed to mellow you out with relaxing washes, laid back rhythms and awesome sound effects. IAN BODDY used an impressive inventory of analogue and digital synths to create these well organised samples, including Roland System 100m, SVC3 vocoder, JD990, Korg Wavestation, EMS VCS3, Memorymoog, PPG Wave, and Oberheim Matrix 6 and 12. There are digital drones, pads and effects (all very lush stereo) conjuring up deep space hyperdrives through sinister alien landscapes, etc. A beautifully realised sound palette, the effects really are are as good as you get - smooth, long, ring modulators, digital cascades and arpeggios, filter sweeps of just about every denomination, computer tone bursts, gong sustains, synthetic winds, computer FX (like Kraftwerk c.1975), low drones and sweep-downs, mysterious machinery, anharmonic arpeggios, electronic noise bursts, tubular bells, tasty vocoder loops, etc.

AMERICAN HEARTLAND ~ <Sonic Reality> Cd-Rom: If you need a resource for all things acoustic, then you won't want to miss this library. American Heartland is a tour through the backroads of American culture, overflowing with a variety of earthy stringed, wind and percussion instruments. You'll get Mandolin, Moutain Dulcimer, Dobro Slide, Pedal Steel, Banjo, Harmonicas, Pump Organ, Upright Bass, Tack Piano, Drums and more! This disc has lots of multi-sampled notes and chords plus some tasteful licks as well to add a little cross-country flavor to your music. Perfect for that "unplugged" sound as well as for Folk, Rock, Country, AAA, Blues, commercials, soundtracks, or wherever that old country road takes you.

AMPS & PICK-UPS ~ <Sonic Implants> Cd-Rom: "Sonic Implants Amps & Pickups" sample CD-ROM. This collection of guitars and basses includes several well thought out and nicely recorded guitars and basses, including some unusual vintage guitars and basses not found elsewhere on sample CDs. The Rickenbacker 12-String Guitar used by the Beatles in many classic songs (including "A Hard Day's Night", "Can't Buy Me Love", and "Eight Days A Week") and the Les Paul Power Rock Guitar, a heavily distorted but smooth electric guitar for serious rock musicians, both appear in this new release. Keeping true to the Sonic Implants reputation, this collection features super high quality recordings with a multitude of articulations. For sampled guitar instruments, this is key in creating an authentic guitar part. Guitar articulations include multi-velocity tones, mutes, power mutes, plucked harmonics, open harmonics, open chords, power chords, jazz chords, muted chords and up and down stroked chords. Bass articulations include up and down picked, multi-fingered, slaps, pulls, slides and effects. Instruments include: Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Paul Reed Smith Overdriven Electric Guitar, Hollow Body Electric Jazz Guitar, Les Paul Heavy Distorted Guitar, Vintage Rickenbacker 12-String Electric Guitar, Vintage Guild M65 Electric Guitar, Alembic 5-string Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Fretless Bass, Spector Slap Bass, Hard Pick Rock Bass, Dynamic Acoustic Upright Bass, Vintage Hofner Beatle Bass.

ANALOG MELTDOWN ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom: Classic Synths Get Radioactive! Here's a new twist on your average synth library. Designed, engineered, blown up and re-animated by mad programmer Kevin Wakefield, Analog Meltdown has the brains of one synth and the body of another. Wakefield adds an array of mod wheels, faders, breath controllers and pedals to each program, making this one of the most playable synth libraries you'll ever get your hands on. The sounds are wild and freakish, clamorous and whimsical. They have a unique personality, unpretentious and in-your-face. No innocuous pads awash in reverb, no blatant attempts to soundlike a string orchestra or brass section, Analog Meltdown is truly the "Edward Scissorhands" of sample libraries, unusual perhaps, but it slices through your mixes with razor sharp precision and confidence. To categorize all the sounds would be a challenge, but there is a wide assortment of textures including stunning leads, power pads, FM (no really, it's FM!), plucky sounds, sweeps, bubbly effects, stellar grand prix, electro-shock treatments, sci-fi weapons and transporters, stingers and resonators, and as you might expect, much, much more. These are all active sounds, designed to be featured and loud, having been blessed with cut-through clarity and depth. We urge caution however, when handling the contents of this disc. Be prepared to alter the course of your creativity due to the unpredictable effect of these sounds on your psyche. Analog Meltdown is a real adventure in electro-magnetic experimentation!
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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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ANALOG SYNTH COLLECTION For The K2 Series <Kurzweil> Floppy Disks to Cd-Rom: Sound Library - Analog Synth Collection Features & Specs The following synths are found in the Analog Synth Collection: Arp 2500 / Arp 2600 / Arp Odyssey / Arp Chroma / Korg MonoPoly / Korg PolySix / Moog MemoryMoog / Moog MiniMoog / Oberheim Matrix 6 / Oberheim Matrix 12 / Oberheim OB8 / Roland Juno 60 / Roland Juno 106 / Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 / Sequential Circuits Pro One / Yamaha SK20 System Requirements:
Minimum: 2 Mb Sample RAM / Any K2000/2500/2600 Series model. K2000 users must have v3.18 or better.


GUITARS vol.1, TRACKS 29-33/HEART OF AFRICA vol.1........…

BASS GALLERY ~ <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom The Bass Gallery CD-ROM for Kurzweil V.A.S.T. Series Instruments by Kurzweil features over 600 MB of incredible bass samples, taken from 17 different basses. The CD-ROM includes both electric and acoustic basses. All the basses have been sampled with a variety of different articulations, depending on the type of bass, including Finger, Pick, and Slap. In addition, there are many extras, including hammer-ons, ghost notes, harmonics, pulls, slides, and double-stops. In addition to the tons of outstanding samples, soundware engineers have created a wide variety of programs, using the capabilities of V.A.S.T. to provide programs which feature powerful real-time control, a wide variety of timbres, and many unusual sounds. The Bass Gallery makes use of the Macro feature in the K2 Series. Macros are small files which automate loading of other files. This allows Kurzweil to offer files in a variety of sizes. You can then choose a file based on how much sample RAM is available. All basses and all articulations are offered in at least 3 different load sizes. This gives you great flexibility when you have limited RAM space but still want a specific bass sound. The CD is compatible with any version of the K2600, K2661, K2500, or the K2vx. For the K2000, v3 or later is required. Having PRAM and 32 MB of sample RAM is recommended for flexibility when using the CD.

BASS LEGENDS vol.1 ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom Bass Legends: A World-Class sampling library featuring three of the greatest bassists on the planet: Marcus Miller / John Patitucci / Abraham Laboriel. Their distinctive performances have been fundamental to literally thousands of great recordings, including the classic albums of musical giants like: Stevie Wonder, Donald Fagen, Chick Corea, Scritti Pollitti, Bryan Ferry, Elton John, Joe Zawinul, Aretha Franklin, Joe Sample, Dave Gruisin, Ry Cooder, Al Jarreau, Robbie Robertson, Quincy Jones, Luther Vandross, George Benson, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, David Sanborn, Natalie Cole, Boz Scaggs, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, and.......well, you get the idea! Bass Legends is one of the first sample libraries to offer you both intricately multi-sampled instruments & chromatically sampled grooves and phrases that we call Chromazones™. For bass sequencing applications, the 650 meg CD-ROM collection is recognized worldwide as the most complete and musical Bass Instrument Library on the market. It's no wonder that Bass Legends has become one of the best selling CD- ROMs of all time. The players' instruments cover a tremendous variety of tones, ranging from 4, 5, 6 & 8 string electrics- to Patitucci's Pollman Acoustic, and were all recorded with the finest in vintage tube technology & captured from within a musical context. Bass Legends was produced by L.A. studio synthesist Eric Persing, well-known for his sound design and CD-ROM development for Roland/Kurzweil.

BEST OF GIGAPACK ~ (from GIGAPACK vol.1&2) = 1 disk <Best Service> Cd-Rom
GIGAPACK "A" vol.1 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom: CD-ROM A CONTAINS:

GIGAPACK "B" vol.2 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom: CD-ROM B CONTAINS:

BEST OF K250 ~ <Sweetwater Sound> Cd-Rom:


SWEETWATER - K250 Greatest Hits - POP BANK 200 - DX 7 ELEC PIANO 201 - WURLIE w/ TREMOLO 202 - VIBES w/ TREMOLO 203 - ACOUSTIC BASS 204 - DUAL BASS 205 - SYNTH BASS 206 - GENERIC DRUMS 207 - HARMONICA 208 - ELECTRIC GTR 209 - SLO CHORUS GTR 210 - WET ELECTRIC GTR 211 - PEDAL STEEL 212 - NYLON GUITAR 213 - HIT 1 214 - HIT 2 215 - HIT 3 216 - LASYNTH 217 – DING 218 - SLOW 219 – ZIP

BIG CITY V.I.P. ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
BILL LASWELL vol.2 ~ UNDOCUMENT <Sonic Foundry> Cd-Rom
BILL LASWELL vol.3 ~ LETTER OF THE LAW <Sonic Foundry> Cd-Rom
BILL LASWELL vol.4 ~ COVERT DIASPORA 1 <Sonic Foundry> Cd-Rom
BILL LASWELL vol.5 ~ COVERT DIASPORA 2 <Sonic Foundry> Cd-Rom
BIZZARE GUITAR ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom Bizarre Guitar: If you like Distorted Reality, this is a library you won't want to miss. This unique collaboration between visionary artist Peter Maunu and Sound Designer Eric Persing, was over two years in the making and marks a new milestone in creative sound. Neither a traditional guitar multisample library or a collection of "riffs", Bizarre Guitar blazes a new frontier of Sound Design via guitar. It features the extreme contrasts of breathtakingly beautiful ambience beds to searing harmonic slashes, bowed guitar and unsettling washes. Created with tape loop techniques, e-bow, cutting edge signal processing tricks and the Roland VG-8 guitar system, these textures are truly one-of-a-kind. If you're into any type of ambient music, this library is indispensable.

BLACK BOX ~ WELCOME FANTASY vol.1 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
BLACK BOX ~ COSMIC VENTURE vol.2 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
BLACK BOX ~ VOICE FX vol.4 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
BLACK BOX ~ COSMIC ATMOS vol.5 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
BLACK BOX ~ COSMIC CREATURES vol.6 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
BLACK BOX ~ COSMIC POWER vol.7 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
BLACK BOX ~ ATMOS + SHORT SOUNDS vol.8 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom

BLUR:DOWNTEMPO PAK ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
BOB CLEARMOUNTAIN DRUMS vol.2 ~ <Eastwest> Cd-Rom: Bob Clearmountain Drums 2 is a FIVE STAR reviewed product that features some of the industry's most noted snares, toms, kicks, and cymbals recorded through an impressive array of microphones and effects processors. Most samples are provided with at least three different dynamic levels, for True Dynamics.'Bob Clearmountain Drums 2 is as good as it gets! Drums II makes copious use of velocity switching and this, along with the impeccable sampling quality, puts it into a class by itself.' (EQ Review) 'Due to Clearmountain's immaculate recording techniques and clear understanding of sampling musicians needs, Drums II is the top of the heap.' (KEYBOARD Review)

BOLLYHOOD BEATS ~ 1.14 Gigs ~ 2 Cd-Rom Set ~ <Big Fish Audio> BRUSH ARTISTRY ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom: Brush drum loops & sounds, played in countless styles. Brush Artistry is a collection of classic and contemporary drum loops and samples that feature the wonderful sound of brushes! This beautifully recorded library contains a full variety of organic brush patterns, including traditional swing, be-bop swing, ballad swing, jazz waltz, bossa nova, samba and country, as well as modern six-eight, folk, funk and latin styles. Each brush style is recorded at multiple tempos and includes full kit loops, intros, fills, endings and "snare only" tracks. The unique "snare only" track for each style and tempo can be used with the included drum kit samples (or use your own!) for endless brush track possibilities. Stop using those lifeless and inadequate brush sounds that are found in so many samplers and synths, and put the REAL THING into your music!

BURNING GROOVES vol.1 ~ GROOVES ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom
BURNING GROOVES vol.2 ~ KITS & DRUMS ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom

BURNING GROOVES Info Audio / Demo track info diskA drum library that delivers maximum impact. Killer Kits and blazing live drum grooves laid down by L.A. slammer Abe Laboriel Jr. (k.d.lang, Seal, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Joe Sample, Scritti Politti) with extreme re-mixes by producer Eric Persing. The diverse selection of unrelenting alternative, power funk, progressive soul, rock & roll and grungehead loops in a wide variety of tempos (56-215 BPM) puts this collection in a class by itself. Each groove has a unique mix (edge, hi-fi, ambient, distorted, lo-fi, etc), and some have both HI-FI and LO-FI re-mixes. It is one of the only libraries to include different time signatures (3/4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/8, 12/8), & those hard to find Tom-Tom and Sidestick grooves. All the loops have been "pre-tweaked" for synchronization at the listed tempo, saving you alot of time. Burning Grooves is the first library to offer versions of the grooves played without kick drum and without snare drum for unprecedented flexibility in customizing the loops to your music. This new technique allows you to create your own kick or snare patterns within the loop, breakdowns and also makes it much easier to layer Burning Grooves with other loops. Separate fills and intro loops are available to help smooth transistions, and create the "live vibe". The fills and grooves don't haveany Cymbal Crashes limiting their usefulness -you can add your own when you need them. The CD-ROM version includes "Smokin' Kits" - an entire drum hits library! These are some of the punchiest and most expressive kits ever assembled, since they were sampled within a musical context. Unlike other groove libraries that have a small single hits section tacked on to the end ofthe library, the Burning Grooves CD-ROM version has a complete library of multi-dynamic, multiple hit kits with fx (flams, buzz rolls, etc.), and lots of mix variations and processing fx (Dry, Room, Ambient, LO-FI, etc.). Even if you never use the loops, the Burning Grooves CD-ROM is worth getting for the kits alone! The CD-ROM version is a tremendous value, since it includes the Audio CD for free! Some of our customers prefer the Audio to CD-ROM versions of groove libraries because it's easier to audition the grooves from the Audio CD. Since we've included it in the CD-ROM package, you get the best of both worlds, at no extra cost! If you're looking for attitude, search no further. Where there's smoke, there's fire!

CLASSIC SYNTHS ~ <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom ~ Product Description: The K2 Series Classic Synth CD-ROM reproduces the original factory program sets (and many other outstanding programs) of 13 different analog synthesizers and 7 digital synthesizers of the past. Our programmers got their hands on the original analog instruments and created Kurzweil emulations using either the V.A.S.T.
synthesis engine and/or sampling. Great attention to detail was paid in the creation of the emulation programs. Kurzweil A/Bd each program they created with the original synthesizer patch to replicate the sounds from these classics synths exactly. The Classic Synth CD-ROM includes the following synths: Analog Models: / Arp 2500 / Arp 2600 / Arp Odyssey / Arp Chroma / Korg MonoPoly / Korg PolySix / Moog MemoryMoog / Moog MiniMoog / Oberheim Matrix 6 / Oberheim Matrix 12 / Oberheim OB8 / Roland Juno 60 / Roland Juno 106 / Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 / Sequential Circuits Pro One / Yamaha SK20 / Digital Models: / Korg M1 / Korg T3 / Korg O1/W / Kurzweil K250 / Roland D50 /Roland JD990 / Yamaha DX7 / System Requirements: Minimum: SCSI CDROM Drive / 4 Mb Sample RAM / Any K2 Series model (K2000 users must have v3.18 or better) Recommended: 32Mb Sample RAM / PRAM option / KDFX-equipped K2 series model
CLASSIC DISCO ~ (3 Cd-Rom Set) <Zero-G>
CLASSICAL WILD TAKES ~ <Hollywood Edge> Cd-Rom
CLUB BANGERS ~ HIP HOP PAK ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
CLUB BANGERS ~ RnB PAK ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom

CONCERT GRAND PIANOS ~ <Sonic Reality> Cd-Rom: Brilliant Black and Whites!
If you were to tour the world's top recording studios, you'd probably notice more and more Yamaha Concert Grands showing up in the corners of these exquisite rooms. Unlike a lot of European and American concert grands, Yamaha pianos have become the choice of many studios and musicians because of their clarity and low-to-high consistency when going to tape. They also record with a distinctively broad stereo image that blends and projects very well, even in dense mixes. Sonic Reality has successfully captured these instruments in this very well conceived and executed collection. Featured are a Yamaha C7 recorded in-studio and a CFIIIs nine foot grand recorded on a well-known scoring stage. We've even included pedal down notes with resonating harp. These pianos respond beautifully to 88 note weighted controllers. Each dynamic is provided in stereo or mono and can be loaded together or individually for maximum flexibility with your set up. You get a slew of programming options for loud or soft music and a useful variety of memory sizes ranging from 10 to 128 megs. Concert Grand Pianos also boasts the best sustain loops of any piano CD-ROM, with enormous, long sustains that rival the real thing. If you think you already have the best piano CD-ROM, think again. These pianos play beautifully and will add richness and depth to your tracks.


DENNY JEAGAR PRIVATE COLLECTION Volume 1 ~ <Q-Up Arts> Cd-Rom: Audio quality and patching for the 21st century. Proven in high-end record, TV and film production. A comprehensive collection of high power, high utility sounds featuring keyboard pads, powerful orchestral string stabs, lyrical English horn and bassoon, vocal sounds, SFX & percussion.

DENNY JEAGAR PRIVATE COLLECTION MASTER VIOLINS ~ Cd-Rom: Nothing but violin sections, painstakingly recorded at semitone intervals, compiled and seamlessly looped by an apparent obsessive (I mean that as a compliment, but if you meet Denny Jaeger at a party, don't get him started on violins). By layering short-attack samples with matching sustains, very realistic performances of anything from soft legato chords to fierce staccato melodies can be programmed. It's also worth pointing out that a violin's bottom note is G below middle C, so you will have to look elsewhere for real low-end strings. However, some artfully detuned violin section samples are provided in a valiant attempt to fill the gap. Standouts: Purely a question of musical aptitude, as thequality is excellent throughout. For a classic legato string sound!

DOUBLE PLATINUM DRUMS vol.1 ~ Room Loops & Hits <Ilio> Cd-Rom
DOUBLE PLATINUM DRUMS vol.2 ~ Dry Loops & Hits <Ilio> Cd-Rom
DOUBLE PLATINUM DRUMS vol.3 ~ Kits <Ilio> Cd-Rom + INFO+ It takes raw talent and experience to make drum samples this good. Enter producer John Boylan - Boston, Charlie Daniels Band, Johnny Lee . . . , drummer Michael Botts - Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg, Bread, and engineer Paul Grupp - REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar, Little River Band . . . , all multi-platinum record winners brought together by exec producer, Anthony Harris. Recorded in one of LA's premier studios, Double Platinum Drums delivers with over 500 loops and phrases and 400 individual hits on multiple discs, with Dry or Room ambience, for a total of nearly 2000 samples! Groove styles include Rock, Pop Rock, R&B, Rock Ballad, Country, New Orleans, Funk, Hard Rock, 50's Rock, Metal, Shuffle, Latin and more. Well organized by tempos ranging from 66 BPM to 203 BPM. Every tempo and style have corresponding Intros, Fills and Endings allowing you to create complete songs. Kits include Drum Workshop®and Tama Superstar®, and featureeight different snares, plus Zildjian®A, K, Platinum, and Effects cymbals, all perfectly tuned and played LIVE in one room. All hits are recorded with the full kit in place for perfectly accurate stereo imaging. Botts plays with thunderous energy and plenty of taste. Every aggressive hit and delicate stroke was painstakingly recorded and mixed in true stereo at 44.1 kHz (to avoid "painful" sample rate conversion), and digitally transferred in perfect phase. Just bring up your stereo faders and you've got Botts, Grupp and Boylan in your Double Platinum mix!

DOUBLE PLATINUM ROCK PIANO <Ilio> Cd-Rom: Treat your sampler to one of the most celebrated pianos of Rock. Finally, a piano that doesn't require tons of EQ, compression and effects to be heard. This is the industry's one and only true Rock piano, with all of the natural brightness and depth you need to speak through your tracks. You've never heard a piano with better blending and stereo imaging. The piano is a rare and famous vintage Steinway B, custom rebuilt and maintained strictly for studio recording. Its contribution to Rock history is etched in stone, having asserted its presence on multi-platinum records from Elton John and Tom Petty to Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Chromatically sampled (all 88 keys), three velocities, looped and non-looped - you have an endless variety of patch combinations to choose from, whether you need a few midrange tones or a take-no-prisoners, 64 Megabyte powerhouse. The samples were recorded straight to digital on a vintage Neve console. Paul Grupp engineered the sessions using his masterful ears and years of experience to get phase-perfect stereo mic placement. Produced by John Boylan and Anthony Harris, their mission was simple: Get the best two-fisted piano sound in the world and capture it on one easy-to-use CD-ROM.

DIDGERIDOO & OTHER PRIMITIVE INSTRUMENTS ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom: Embark upon a sonic adventure that takes you from the desert plains right into the studio! This Australian and Native American collection is like no other- the most stirring sounds and loops from
Australian didgeridoos, bullroarers, jawharps, doo drums, Native American flutes, drums, shakers and rattles. This is a full library of the most unique performances and multi-samples available. Each sample contains all the authenticity of its native origins while holding to the highest standard of recording quality.

DISCO DROPS PAK vol.1 ~ (4 Cd-Rom set) <Big Fish Audio>
DISCOVERY FIRM ~ GROOVE MASTER #DEK-006 <Discovery Firm/Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
DISCOVERY FIRM ~ GUITAR #DEK- 002 <Discovery Firm> Cd-Rom; “Guitar” provides the fundamental building blocks of guitar-sample programming. The secret of its success is having all 12 scales fully covered. The first in a set of three rhythm guitar discs, “Guitar” provides the fundamental building blocks of guitar-sample programming. The secret of its success is having all 12 scales fully covered. A must-have library. “Wah Wah,” in the Discovery rhythm guitar series, reproduces the funk and soul grooves of the Seventies. Chorus Guitar is packed with authentic percussion, string, and wind textures that will whisk your listeners off on a journey to Eastern Europe. This Native Kurzweil Cd-Rom Features a nylon string acoustic guitar, a Spanish steel
string, a Stratocaster electric guitar, and others, all with the ability to control velocity and articulation for unique sounds. Every rhythm-section track producer needs quality and playability when it come to sampled guitars. Discovery’s “Guitar” CD-ROM gives your sampler the variety of the most popular and coveted guitars, with quality in sound and playability in programming. Many programs include layer switching controlled by velocity, giving you variety in articulation. No two notes are played exactly alike by a real guitarist, and this CD-ROM allows you to recreate this authentic sound by giving you multiple layers of guitar samples played at different velocities, plus harmonics and real guitar effects such as string noise, fret noise, muted and cut articulations, and slides. Included are a beautiful nylon string acoustic guitar with harmonics, a true Spanish steel string guitar with harmonics, a 12-string acoustic guitar, clean Stratocaster, muted Stratocaster, Funk Stratocaster, and five different distortion settings. The only thing you can't do with this CD-ROM is play the strings with your teeth!

DISCOVERY FIRM ~ HIP HOP BEATS / JAZZ / R&B #DEK-007 <Discovery Firm> Cd-Rom: No other CD-ROM covers Hip Hop/ Jazz/ and R&B into one collection. With Motownish pop to driving jazz-rock loops to scratchy turntable rap VAST programming brings you to a higher level. In today's world of music production, you have to be versatile and cover all bases. How can Discovery's Hip Hop / Jazz
/ R&B Kurzweil CD-ROM help? That's simple. No other CD - ROM covers all of these musical styles in one collection. Move from
Motown to Birdland to the 'Hood with top production quality. R&B brings you back to the '70s with its straight eighth
Motownish pop to swingin' shuffle tamborine / conga / trap kit grooves. Jazz gives you get everything from brush ballads to
driving jazz-rock loops. Hip Hop covers a wide selection of laid-back new jack/ scratchy turntable rap / Hop house pocket
grooves with that TR-808/909 vibe. Tempos range from 80 bpm to 149 bpm. This one is a must for anyone who wants to get a
fully produced sound in no time at all. Once again, (as with all the Discovery Kurzweil drum loops ROMs), combining great
source material with usable VAST programming brings you to a higher level than previously possible.

DISCOVERY FIRM ~ HISTORY OF ANALOG (KORG & ROLAND) #DEK-005 <Discovery Firm> Cd-Rom; Discovery brings and arsenal of original Korg Synths, Korg organs, and Korg drum machines with the History of Korg disc. You remember, don't you? All synths used to have no program memory and were monophonic. You don't? Well, Discovery not only remembers, but we've got an arsenal of original Korg Synths, Korg organs and Korg drum machines and a programming staff that knows how to get the best out of them. Included are the CX3, PS-3100/3200, PE-2000, M-500SP, Sigma, Lambda, Trident, VC-10 vocoder, MS-20, Mono/Poly, Poly-Six, Poly-61, Poly-800, DW-8000 and DD1/5, KRP-77, KR-55B, Donca Matic and Stage Man drum machines. History of Korg is available a Kurzweil CD-ROM (History of Analog). Check out what the review team at Electronic Musician has to say about Discovery's History of Korg:“You can now play those old Korg mono synths polyphonically! Exciting filter and resonance sweeps. The Trident, Lamda and Sigma all have moments of glory. These Trident string samples offer you analog strings at their zenith. Nifty Poly-800 chord samples and gooey synth tones from both a PolySix and a Poly-61.” History of Roland, by Discovery, brings us all the classic synths originally produced by the company Roland. Like no other electronic music company in history, Roland has always been innovative and on the cutting edge of technology. Even in the days of analog only synths, Roland consistently brought to the market a large number of synths that eventually became classics. Discovery has solved the problem of where to find all of these in working order and how to do so inexpensively. This disc includes the Juno-106, Juno-6, SH-1 / 2, SH-101 / System-100, RS-09, MC-202, MKS-80, Jupiter-6 / 8, VP-300 vocoder and a special section of wonderfully conceived phrases that combine all of these. History of Roland is the Kurzweil CD-ROM (History of Analog). Listen to what the review team at Electronic Musician has to say about Discovery's History of Roland: “The JUNO-106 has some wonderful swirling patches and squelchy percussion. Very useful 106 pulse waves and a great collection of 106 phrases. They’re skillfully played and programmed. There’s plenty of raw material here if you’re in break beat mode! The Jupiter-8 is well represented with some sparkling resonate sweeps, hard-edged decay tones almost like steel drums, and also strings and brass. The MKS-80 offers hard sync patches mallets and some neat chord stabs. Not everyone has access to vintage synths. Discovery’s History of Analog offers a peek into the analog past.”

DISCOVERY FIRM ~ TB-303 #DEK-010 <Discovery Firm> Cd-Rom, After Roland ceased production of TB-303, it became a cult classic for producers of dance tracks. Its wicked monophonic bass synth engine combined with a step sequencer and plenty of parameter knobs to tweak made the 303 a techno-lover’s dream machine. Discovery teamed up with TB-303’s original developers to create a disc
that authentically captures the essence of the 303. The acid loops, techno lines, individual hits, and multiple sound effects
on this library all have that unmistakable, legendary micro synth - 303 sound.
DISCOVERY FIRM ~ TR-808-909 #DEK-011 <Discovery Firm> Cd-Rom; Covering a variety of dance music, including techno, pop, rap, and beyond, the TR-808 is a classic! The “in your face” dance loops and drum hits on this disc will keep you grooving. This coveted retro box is the foundation of many modern dance music styles. Whether it's techno, pop, rap, house, new jack swing, hip-hop, or jungle, all dance producers understand the importance of the TR-808 in accomplishing this feat. Included are classic 08 dance groove loops and drum hits with all possible parameter settings. We also give you those hits processed through our arsenal of outboard effects and studio equipment. One listen to this disc and that immediately recognizable TR-808 “in your face” electronic drum and percussion sound will have you dancing. Over 70 minutes of material is provided across 68 tracks. With a better synth engine, more capable sequencer, digitally sampled sounds, and a focus on drums, the TR-909 was an improved TR-808. In an attempt to follow on the successful footsteps of the popular TR-808, the TR-909 added a more equipped synth engine (especially in the envelope department), a better sequencer, digitally sampled sounds (most notably its cymbals), and improved output electronics. This gave the TR-909 a distinct and full sound without sacrificing what made the 808 groove so well. Discovery has captured that sound, and offers you each individual drum hit with all possible parameter settings in this collection. We also provide those hits processed through our arsenal of outboard effects and studio equipment. Discovery also gives you classic TR-909 drum loops. Over 70 minutes of material are found on its 66 tracks. Your dance tracks will thank you! Listen to what KEYBOARD has to say about Discovery's TR-808 and TR-909: “All the classic 808 and 909 drum and percussion sounds have been faithfully recorded. As for sound quality, it’s as good as the machines themselves. These are some of the quietest 808/909 recirdings we’ve heard. Discovery obviously used 808s and 909s in great condition. Realism City! Classic oldskool ballad beats and skippy speed funk to 16th-note pop grooves. There are some really fun beats with pirch-bent cymbals. These are very useful!”

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DISCOVERY FIRM ~ VINTAGE RHYTHM / NEO JUNGLE #DEK-008 <Discovery Firm> Cd-Rom; This blast-from-the-past library features 16-plus drum machines, including the famous Linn Drum. Nowhere on Earth will you find such a complete collection of coveted vintage drum machines. For the baby boomers who crave the sounds and funky charm of these vintage beat boxes, Discovery offers them all in one excellent collection. The drum machines included are Roland TR-808, TR-909, TR-707, TR-606, TR-626, TR-505, and octor Rhythm-100, Korg Donca Matic, KR55B, KPR-77, and XR-10, Sequential Circuits TOM (with three cartridges), Alesis HR16B, Simmons analog kits, and even the very first drum machine, the Linn LM-1. Tempos range from 80 to 150 bpm. Available as an as a Kurzweil CD-ROM (Neo Jungle / Vintage Rhythm). It’s all here — from the hip to the ultra cheesy. Tranport yourself back to the electronic music past! Fuses techno and African rhythms, and the heart-pounding results will make your tracks jump! [Neo Jungle] is packed with driving, energetic acoustic and electronic loops, jungle kits, percussion, and special effects that have a sense of wild, unstoppable breakneck frenzy. This library is available as a Kurzweil CD-ROM (Neo Jungle/Vintage Rhythm). Its 65 tracks range in tempo from 82 to an explosive 201 bpm. Make your dance tracks jump with Neo Jungle!

DISCOVERY FIRM ~ WORLD GROOVE/REGGAE BEAT LOOPS #DEK-009 <Discovery Firm> Cd-Rom; Containing a wide range of traditional world instruments and even some vocal licks, it's a first-class global music tour. Available on Kurzweil CD-ROM.

DISTORTED REALITY "DARKNESS & LIGHT" vol.1 ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom Distorted Reality: Produced by Eric Persing, Distorted Reality is a one- of-a-kind library that explores an experimental world of extraordinary colors. This is quite possibly the best selling professional sample library of all time. Featuring Cutting Edge Textures, FX, Batterie and Loops; from altered 3-dimensional atmospheres transformed via true harmonic Sound Morphing, to incendiary fuzz mutations exploding with corrosive energy. Trance-inducing ambiences, visceral grunge loops, enormous modular drones and astonishing timbral contortions make this an essential resource for the producer, composer, sound designer and industrialist in search of the magic noise!
DIRECTORIES Included AMBIENT+5 Sub Dir / BEATS+1Dir+3Files / BELLS+2files / CHORDS+1file / DJ FX2files / DRONES+2Dir / DRUMS+1Dir+2files / FUZZ+3Dir+1file / GUITARFX+3Dir+3Files / HITS+3Dir / HUMANOID+3Files / MALLETS+1Dir+1File / METALS+1Dir+1File / MISC FX+1Dir++2Files / NOISE+2Dir / ORCH FX+2Dir / PADS+2Dir / PULSATE+3Dir+4Files / REVERSE+2Files / SCI FI+6Dir / SEQUENCE+2Dir+1File / SOUND FX+2Dir+2Files / SPEECH+4Files / SWEEPERS+6Dir / SYN BASS+1Dir+1File / SYNTHS+ 5Dir+2Files / TEKNO+1File / VOICES+3Dir........................

DISTORTED REALITY "DARKNESS & LIGHT" vol.2 ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom: The Legacy Continues...The completely new adventure in sonic dementia from producer Eric Persing is here! DR2 is an audible feast of colors created with the very latest in sonic sculpturing technology. After three years of intense development, you can be sure that fresh inspiration is in abundance. Spinning metallic textures, singing oceans, vast amounts of unique loops (50-480 BPM!), crushing impacts, glorious pads, crystalline galaxies, subsonic low-end and the many joys of feedback only begin to describe the wonderful noises in this collection. Sound Design techniques include: Neural network processing / Meta synthesis / Physical modeling / Transform multiplication / Enharmonic and cellular morphing Sonic dispersion / Additive / Convolution / Hyperprism™ / Transwave cycling / Phase vocoding / Harmonic stretching / Virtual Analog synthesis / If you've never used DR, you have no idea what you're missing. If you are a fan of volume 1, your sonic arsenal is simply incomplete without "Darkness & Light". DIRECTORIES Included; AMBIENT+8 FILES / BEATS+14 FILES / BEDS+2 FILES / BELLS+3 FILES / DJ FX+1 FILE / DRONES+5 FILES / FUZZ+4 FILES / HITS+3 FILES / HUMANOID+1 FILE / MALLETS+1 FILE / METALS+4 FILES / MISC FX+1 FILE / NOISE+1 FILE / ORCH FX+1 FILE / PADS+1 FILE / PERC+7 FILES / PLUCKED+1 FILE / PULSATE+1 FILE / REVERSE+1 FILE / SCI FI+3 FILES / SEQUENCE+1 FILE / SOUND FX+1 FILE / SPEECH+1 FILE / SWEEPERS+2 FILES / SYN BASS+1 FILE / SYNTHS+2 FILES / TEKNO+1 FILE / VOICES+2 FILES...............

DREAM PADS ~ <Image Line Sample Fusion> Cd-Rom: DreamPads is a collection of simply the finest, plushest pads you'll find on any downloadable content sampling package available on the market.Pads to dream of; 320 pads, produced in-house with the latest in DSP technology, these pads will be sure to give your production the texture and air it needs to keep your tracks feelin' fresh. Looped perfectly, FL Studio Ready, and to be served at room temperature, hot or chilled.

DRONE ARCHAEOLOGY ~ <Numerical Sounds> Cd-Rom: Drone Archeology Sound Effects Library, 99 royalty free sound effects on 1 CD-ROM. Drone Archeology Sound Effects, produced by Numerical Sound, contains 99 stereo drones, ranging from 32 to 64 seconds in length. The drones are all steady in pitch, but have constant movement so they are never the same from one moment to the next. In order to aid multimedia and film production, the drones have been classified into seven categories: Nature, Science, Drama, Industry, Voice, Bell and Drones. Each drone sound effect is contemporary and original in nature, offering the film composer and musician an invaluable resource for creating soundtracks, sound beds, and sound design. Used as foundation material, these drones can be processed and transformed in any number of ways to assist the user in the development of their own unique sound. Each track more than 30 seconds long 7 Categories of Drone Sound Effects: Nature, Science, Drama, Industry, Voice, Bell and Drones.

DRUM LOOPS & BASS ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
DRUM SERIES vol.1 ~ <Sonic Implants> Cd-Rom: OVERVIEW - The drums of your dreams. From the real to the surreal, these drums sound amazing. Recorded at the famous Blue Jay Recording Studios and Wellspring Studios near Boston, all drum and all cymbal samples are stereo. No loops. Heavily multi-velocity (multiple samples from soft to loud hits). Even the snares are sampled at multiple
places on the drum. This attention to detail is guaranteed to give you the most realistic, most playable drum sounds ever. Blue Jay Drums.................................Blue Jay Studios is where Carly Simon, Alice Cooper, Joni Mitchell, Amy Grant, the legendary group Boston, Britny 'big hair' Fox and many other great musicians have recorded and mixed their CDs. And it is also where the Sonic Implants Blue Jay Drum Series comes from. The recording was engineered by Mark Tanzer (NRBQ, Carly Simon, Patty Larkin, Jerry Marotta, Livingston Taylor, Lyle Mays and others) who used his arsenal of top-notch audio gear to get the best, cleanest, punchiest recordings possible from a 15-piece Yamaha Maple Custom drum set. Natural small ambient and large ambient samples take full advantage of Blue Jay's excellent wood, stone, and glass recording rooms.
Session Drums..................................Using close microphone techniques at Wellspring Studios in Boston, this sound collection captures the most natural elements of beautiful DW and Pearl kits. Renowned studio engineer Coleman Rogers helped record the samples using great mics, preamps, and compressors.

EARTH TONE WORLD PERCUSSION ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>

EASTWEST STRINGS ~ <Kurzweil Format> Cd-Rom: The new standard for string libraries. Comprehensive and perfectly recorded, it contains groups of up to 34 violins, 8 violas, and 6 basses for especially rich sounds. Recorded completely dry allowing you to apply your own reverb.

ELECTRIC GHETTO vol.1 & 2 ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
ELECTRON BOMB ~ <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom Make Your Kurzweil Go BOOM and Dance! A very popular CD-ROM from Sweetwater's amazing Soundware library! Designed right here on the premises by our Soundware Engineers, the Electron Bomb CD-ROM offers you a host of great sounds and samples. Inside you'll find the awesome, freaky sounds of our Synthetica Volumes 1 & 2, 100 "DEEPRAVED" programs, 100 fantastic Techno/Ambient Programs and loads more! This is an exciting collection of Techno, Ambient, Industrial, Electronica, Rave and Dance programs for K2XXX keyboard workstations. We have gathered some of our best-selling VAST program floppies and combined them with some new unreleased material as well as selections from some of the top names in synthesis to provide you with a single source for all of your contemporary mixes! Here's what you'll find on the Electron Bomb CD:
Synthetica Volume 1: This is first volume of the Synthetica Seris as programmed by Gary Phillips, the "mad scientist of VAST". The focal point of these programs was to use VAST to explore new sonic textures far outside the standard acoustic emulation of real instruments.
Synthetica Volume 2: Gary's next Synthetica volume targets the Contemporary ROM option. If you have the Cont ROM and don't think it's contemporary enough, you haven't tried this bank yet! DEEPRAVED! This is an outrageous bank of Techno, Rave and Dance programs from the twisted mind of Andrew Schlesinger, who has been hired to program almost every synth and effects company around the world. You'll see why when you get DEEPRAVED! Techno/Ambient: The entire set of Techno/Ambient Programs was created by another of our soundware engineers, Bruce Duncan, who hales from Toronto. Bruce is heavily involved in techno music production and had developed this program set specifically for his own recording needs. But, we knew that you'd want a copy too.
Bonus Banks
As if the above weren't enough, we've thrown together a directory full of our favorite VAST explorations:
• B_Cowell - Brian Cowell, the "Wonder from Down Under," is a tireless Aussie programming machine who cranks 'em out as fast as we can post 'em. Make sure to check out SAVAGE, a college course on how to sync your Kurzweil LFOs to MIDI clock.
• D-Fisher - Favorite patches from Dan Fisher including his K2B3 System that allows a K2000 and K2500 to emulate a B-3 organ
with nine real-time drawbars.
• Z_Demos - Here's your chance to get a private demo of our entire Sweetwater CD-ROM library. Just load a file and press any key.

ECLECTIC EXPANDED vol.1 ~ <Bolder Sounds> Cd-Rom: This disc is different from the original Eclectic in that it has grown to twice its original size! This "first child" of Bolder Sounds has finally received the V.A.S.T. programming which the Kurzweil series deserves as well as 350 MB of pristine samples. New samples range from Uilleann Pipes and Bagpipes to exotic percussion loops and the evocative Duduk. This disc is everything the title implies and more. Detailed Description......................This disc was originally released as an Akai S1000 disc which contained about 320 MB of samples. A floppy Macros disc was programmed to make a smoother translation from Akai to Kurzweil format, however it still did not employ the advantages of Kurzweils V.A.S.T. architecture. The new Eclectic not only employs the advantages of V.A.S.T., but also includes approximately 397 MB of new pristine sound banks. I decided to delete any samples I was not happy with from the original version and then fill the new disc to the brim with samples consistent with the original theme of Eclectic. Many of the new samples tend to be a bit more on the exotic side like....... Bagpipes, Ullian Pipes, Turkish Lute, Hurdy Gurdy etc... While others are rather stock in nature such as a Yamaha C7 piano, a beautiful stereo Louden steel string guitar as well as a LoPrinzi classic guitar (both of which are my personal guitars).

EMULATOR K2XXX PATCHES ~ <Emu into Kurzweil K2000 Format> Cd-Rom: EMULATOR PATCHES ~ For The KRZ K2000 ONLY! These Programs Will Not Function In The K2500!!! There Is a Version Available, That Will Play Corectly!!!
COMPLEX / 15 Programs EMU 4 / 16 Programs EMU PADS / 4 Programs PANALOG / 17 Programs GRAND1 /4 Programs + Songs HSTRACK / 6 Programs IDRUMS / 8 Programs IPADS / 13 Programs KWERK / 21 Programs MICRO / 9 Programs NIGHTMR / 14 Programs SPOOKY / 4 Programs TPIANOS / 8 Programs TRANCPCH / 13 Programs
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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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EPIC DRUMS ~ (4 Cd-Rom set) <Big Fish Audio>
ETHNO TECHNO ~ vol.1 (disc A) <Ilio> Cd-Rom
ETHNO TECHNO ~ vol.2 (disc B) <Ilio> Cd-Rom

ETHNO TECHNO DATA DISC ~ MAC/PC <Ilio> Cd-Rom + iNFO: A massive new sample collection by Bashiri Johnson, produced by Eric Persing for ILIO. Imagine a groove, not yet invented. Imagine a drum, never heard. Imagine an untamed sonic space. Bashiri Johnson (Whitney Houston, Miles Davis, Madonna, Saturday Night Live, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Peter Wolf), has dreamed up a new kind of groove library, with sounds both familiar and mysterious, dangerous and beautiful. And mostly, a groove experience you've probably never imagined. The sounds are organic, metallic, deep and glassy. Some were created by radically conceived, hand- welded instruments, others from more traditional skins and sticks. All of them were played live, some preserved, some liquefied, to create an immense amalgam of earthy and industrial beats. Bashiri pours his mind and soul directly into his instruments. His accuracy and feel have long been celebrated by musicians the world over. And if you're a fan of Eric Persing, you won't be disappointed by the spacious, round and tasty feel of his mixes and remixes on Ethno Techno. Loops are provided as Mixes, Elements and Remixes, all Groove Control™ activated. Multisample menus too!

EVOLVING ATMOSPHERES ~ <Cyclick Productions> Cd-Rom
FINGER JUICE ~ <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom: Great Hip-Hop Sounds Designed for Your Kurzweil! Great hip-hop sounds for your Kurzweil K2000 Series! You'll be goin' BOOM like an 808 with this collection of classic beat boxes, juicy breaks, rare keys, compelling loops, fat bass, wah-wah guitar, funky synths, hits. . . the list goes on! You won't believe sounds this gritty and raw came from the Sweetwater Soundware Development facility! Hear why Sweetwater makes some of the most highly acclaimed CD-ROMs in the field! NOTE: Formatted for Kurzweil Kxxxx keyboards These Kurzweil CD-ROMs are in a proprietary Kurzweil format that can only be read by a K2000/K2500/K2600 series keyboard using a Kurzweil-compatible SCSI CD-ROM drive. These CD-ROMs can NOT be read by a Mac or PC. If you are interested in adding these sounds to your Kurzweil PC3K, we suggest that you try our Sweetwater PC3K Library, which has over 100 instruments selected from all nine of our Kurzweil CD-ROM libraries. The library comes on a 2GB thumb drive that's been formatted so that you can plug it directly into the PC3K and start loading. Since there will be plenty of room left over on the drive, we'll include the latest operating system and objects, as well as the currently available Kurzweil PC3K libraries (including the SynthScapes and Take 6 collections) and the K2661 ROM compatibility files.
Vintage Drums..........................… This collection contains 100 slammin' break beats and drum machine loops as well as individual drum machine samples from the famous TR-808 and TR-909 plus several more obscure 80s drum machines we picked up while in Europe.
Drum Cemetery...................................… There are also three banks called Drum Cemetery, which are filled with random drum samples from every sample session we've ever had. Many of these drums are already recorded with a "grungy" and "dusty" attitude built right in for that tontemporary/ retro feel. If you want to go totally natural, we have three banks of Mouth Makins', Vocal BeatBoxins' and Body Percussion that will get your homegrown tracks grooving.
Basses, Electric Pianos and Organs....................................
Once you've mastered your beats you can dive into the basses, electric pianos, and organs which all have been dirtied up for a soulful mix. The Farfisa and Vox Continental Organs each have a distinctive early 70s tone that sounds like nothing else. Classic B-3 organs are provided for that smooth acid-jazz touch AND there's some Wah-Wah Guitar Riffs and Bits to sprinkle over the top along with several banks of Raw Waves to let you go analog. The final exclamation points can be dropped in via Horn Hits, Tape and Record Slurs and Stops. These are great for adding tremendous punch wherever you need it the most.

FINGERSTYLES ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom ~ Acoustic Melodies and Patterns Produced by Dan Portis-Cathers (Spectrasonic's Heart of Africa) Fingerstyles consists of Guitar Patterns, Melodies, Cadences and Endings arranged in Construction Kits which can be assembled and overlaid to create complete, seamless tracks. Music styles include New Age, Blues, Folk, Country, Pop, Ballad, Rock and others, nearly 40 compositions in all, each with as many as a dozen strums, riffs, patterns and melodies. Plus you get a variety of additional strummed chords, including extensions, for more flexibility. The speed with which you can create full- length, ultra-realistic guitar parts is startling. It's the perfect solution for soundtrack composers on a tight schedule, or anyone looking to add rich sounding ingerstyles to their mix. The six string acoustic steel is expertly played and recorded, and each performance is tempo-tuned so you can sequence the patterns with complete confidence. Whether soloed or mixed, you won't believe the realism. Fingerstyles sets the stage for a whole new class of sample libraries designed to inspire and get results.

FIRE HOT ROCK ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
FISTFUL OF DRUMMERS vol.1 ~ (3 CD-ROM SET 1+gigs) <Big Fish Audio>
FISTFUL OF DRUMMERS vol.2 ~ (1 CD-ROM) <Big Fish Audio>
FREAKY, JAZZY, FUNKY vol.1 ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
FREAKY, JAZZY, FUNKY vol.2 ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
FREAKY, JAZZY, FUNKY vol.3 ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom

FRETWORKS ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Ilio> Produced in conjunction with Frank Duncan and Produnktion Records, (NYC Drum Works, Percussion Works) Fret Works boasts an impressive roster of musicians playing an intriguing variety of stringed instruments, including Hiram Bullock on 6-string, 12-string and slide guitar, Nunzio Signoire on a vintage 6-string Gibson, Mr. Bill Simms on his National Steel, C Nausbaum on mandolin, Nat Harris on guitar and Doug McCaskill on his custom baritone guitar. This collection is a journey "off the beaten path"capturing the soulful essence of Delta blues, Appalachian folk, and the roots of rock, bluegrass, swing and shuffle. The rare performances were recorded in a musical context with all of the raw energy and "happy accidents" that make a track live and breath. The phrases are tempo-tuned for easy sequencing, and most are provided in several tempos for flexibility. They're divided into four or eight bar patterns and free-style riffs which can be strewn together in countless ways to create your own unique solos. The vast musical experience represented in these fine performances will bring your tracks to that next level of quality & musicality.

FUEL ~ HARD ROCK ~ (3 Cd-Rom Set 1.5gigs) <Big Fish Audio>
FUNK CITY 2 ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
FUNK QUARTET ~ (2 Cd-Rom set over 900MB) <Big Fish Audio>

FUNKY ASS LOOPS ~ <EAST WEST> Cd-Rom: From the rhythm section of the artist formally known as 'Prince' and the "New Power Generation", Michael Bland and Sonny Thompson deliver a CD full of grooves that are played live, with an in the pocket groove you won't find on any other sampling CD.You won't believe the variety of sounds used to create these loops. First you get a full mix of each loop, then the drum part bass, guitar, percussion etc. Tempos & keys are given, and a great many styles are covered.

FUNKY ROCK HOUSE ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
GARRITAN STRINGS ~ CELLOS & BASSES Cd-Rom: Kurzweil Garritan Cello & Basses; A total of 600mb of programs/samples. Sample Celli Programs; VCGDETAC / VCMARCAT / VCMARTEL / VCPIZZ / VCPORTAT / VCSPICAT / VCSUSREX / VCSUSRVB / VCSUSVIB
GARRITAN STRINGS ~ FULL STRINGS Cd-Rom: Kurzweil Garritan Full StringsL A total of 600mb of VAST programs/samples.
GARRITAN STRINGS ~ VIOLINS & VIOLAS Cd-Rom: Kurzweil Garritan Violins & Violas: A total of 442mb of VAST programs/samples/
Second Violin Programs; V2_G_DET / V2_MARCA / V2_MARTE / V2_PIZZI / V2_PORTA / V2_SPICC / V2_STACC / V2_SUSVB

GIORGIO MORODER ~ RARE SYNTH COLLECTION <Hollywood Edge> Cd-Rom: The Giorgio Moroder Rare Synthesizer collection featuring 970 Lethal Patches from Moroder's favorite rare synthesizers: The Oscar, Korg Monopoly, Prophet 5, ARP 2600, Moog Modular, Multimoog, TB303, Oberheim 4-voice, Jupiter 8, Juno 60, Taurus, PPG 2.3, and The Bucla. This product is a professional CD-ROM available in Akai, Sample Cell, and Ensoniq formats. Owners can turn their samplers into rare analog synthesizers and get the benefits of MIDI and the flexibility of sampling. Moroder's great archives are extremely popular today in music from producers like "Dr. Dre", Giorgio Moroder, "Enigma", and "Nine Inch Nails". Moroder doesn't settle for decent work, he only supports the best. This is "The Bob Clearmountain of Keyboards", an indispensable tool for the hit producer.

GLITCH HOP ~ (3 Cd-Rom set) <Big Fish Audio>
GOSPEL BUMP SHOUT IT OUT vol.1 ~ <Big Citi Loops> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL BUMP SHOUT IT OUT vol.2 ~ <Big Citi Loops> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL FUNK WORLD vol.1 ~ <SSL Productions> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL FUNK WORLD vol.2 ~ <SSL Productions> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL FUNK WORLD vol.4 ~ <SSL Productions> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL PRAISE ANNOUNCEMENTS vol.3 ~ <Live Soundz Productions> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL PRO CLICKS vol.1 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL PRO CLICKS vol.2 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL PRO CLICKS vol.4 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL SAINT CONFESSIONS vol.2 ~ <Live Soundz Productions> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL SAINT CONFESSIONS vol.3 ~ <Live Soundz Productions> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL SHOUT & PRAISE vol.1 ~ <Live Soundz Productions> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL SHOUT & PRAISE vol.2 ~ <Live Soundz Productions> Cd-Rom
GOSPEL STRINGS OF WORSHIP ~ <Live Soundz Productions> Cd-Rom

GRAND PIANO COLLECTION v3.0 ~ <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom Our Most Popular CD-ROM Turns 3! ~ In 1994, when Sweetwater released its first Grand Piano CD ROM, Kurzweil K2000s shipped with a mere two megs of RAM, and upgrading to 16 megabytes was far too expensive for most musicians. Still, many of the two to 16 meg pianos in the Sweetwater Piano "archives" are surprisingly good, particularly given the restrictions of the time. NOTE: Formatted for Kurzweil Kxxxx keyboards. These Kurzweil CD-ROMs are in a proprietary Kurzweil format that can only be read by a K2000/K2500/K2600 series keyboard using a Kurzweil-compatible SCSI CD-ROM drive. These CD-ROMs can NOT be read by a Mac or PC. If you are interested in adding these sounds to your Kurzweil PC3K, we suggest that you try our Sweetwater PC3K Library, which has over 100 instruments selected from all nine of our Kurzweil CD-ROM libraries. The library comes on a 2GB thumb drive that's been formatted so that you can plug it directly into the PC3K and start loading. Since there will be plenty of room left over on the drive, we'll include the latest operating system and objects, as well as the currently available Kurzweil PC3K libraries (including the SynthScapes and Take 6 collections) and the K2661 ROM compatibility files. Today, it's not really that expensive to bump a Kurzweil K-Series instrument up to 64 or even 128 megabytes. Even so, it's great to have the smaller sized pianos so that additional instruments can be loaded for stage or studio work. The 16 meg "Ultimate Grand" - at one time our flagship grand - is still an amazing accomplishment, and it sounds as good today as it did when it was first released. Version 3.0 of the Sweetwater Grand Pianos CD ROM Collection includes all the contents of the original disc, the upgraded programming of our Series Two discs, plus three "mega-sized" grands (64 Megabyte Stereo Bosendorfer Grand, 64 Megabyte Stereo Steinway A3 Grand, and 4 Megabyte Guild Cabinet Grand) that fit into 64MB of RAM, plus a wonderful four meg "Tack Piano."64 Megabyte Stereo Bosendorfer Grand. Our original CD ROM had a 12 megabyte version of this piano, an ebony, 9 1/2 foot Bosendorfer Imperial Grand which resides in the main auditorium of the niversity of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC). The piano has an interesting history. In 1993, Alesis was seeking the "ultimate grand" to use in their brand new QuadraSynth. After several unsuccessful attempts at various Los Angeles studios, the company turned to InVision Interactive and the company contracted with Stratus Sounds to record several grand pianos in the San Francisco Bay area. Their hands-down favorite was this wonderful instrument, which was discovered by Tish Eastman (who since went on to work for Walt Disney Imagineering).Three sessions were booked, all after midnight to assure as little extraneous noise as possible. The result of the first two sessions appeared as the flagship QuadraSynth stereo grand (and in many Alesis products that followed). The third session, booked by Stratus Sounds for the original Sweetwater Grand Piano CD ROM, resulted in the material on this disc. The 12 meg version was used exclusively by Constance Demby on her critically acclaimed album "Aeterna." But the piano has finally appeared in its full glory here in a 64 megabyte version. It was close-miked using a matched pair of AKG 414 microphones. 64 Megabyte Stereo Steinway A3 Grand This particular piano, which was originally built by Steinway and Sons in 1911, now resides in the main recital hall at Florida State University. In the early 1990s, this piano was completely rebuilt by the Steinway company to the exact specifications of the original. Using only materials that were available in the early 1900s, this piano has a warm organic tone that is almost universally associated with Steinway pianos. As such, even when played very hard, the instrument still maintains its warmth and never produces an overly bright sound, making it ideal for the accompaniment of other acoustic instruments or in classical or jazz applications. This particular piano was recorded using Earthworks omnidirectional TC40Ks placed approximately three feet from the piano, so there is a bit more room sound (or "air") than in many sampled pianos.54 Megabyte Seiler Grand Piano Seiler is a small European manufacturer of quality stringed instruments. It is not often seen here in the U.S. This particular instrument, a nine-foot rand built with a stunning rosewood body, has a very open, well-articulated sound, quite unlike many other "name brand" pianos. The piano was custom ordered in 1994 by a customer in Sacramento, California, who was kind enough to allow Stratus Sounds to record the instrument while it was still in the dealer's showroom being tuned after its long trip overseas. The master DAT tapes have been in the Stratus vaults until now. A pair of AKG 414s were positioned approximately two feet from the sounding board, while a stereo Crown SASS-P MkII (a near-coincident array using PZM technology) was set out in the showroom approximately six feet from the piano in a "listener's position." Of our three "big" pianos, this one cuts through a mix the best.4 Megabyte Guild Cabinet Grand This interesting instrument resides in the music department at San Jose State University. The Guild Cabinet Grand - essentially a small grand piano turned upright - was built in 1923. By itself, the sound is rather unimpressive, so at some point in its history, someone took the initiative to add real brass tacks to all the hammers, effectively turning this into the world's largest tack piano. By doubling the octaves through pitch shifting, we also achieved a terrific "player piano" tone. Note that the lowest notes capture the unique string buzz and rattle of the original. You will have some fun with this one! A pair of AKG 414s were used to record this piano, though it was summed to mono for this disk. A full 64 megabyte stereo version is included in the Sweetwater "Historical Keyboards" CD ROM. Even though the samples here are monophonic, there is still a lot of room sound, thanks to the acoustic properties of the recording environment & the mic placement.

GRANULAR ~ <Bolder Sounds> Cd-Rom: The Granular CD centers around a software-exclusive processing technique called "Granular Synthesis." While other forms of synthesis are prevalent in nearly everything we hear these days, Granular, with its ground-breaking algorithms and outlandish DSP capabilties, offers the musician/producer a galactic palette of sounds not previously available.
GREEN DRUMS ~ Maple Works Acoustic Drum Sample Set <Musicians-Samples> Cd-Rom; Programs Include, 200/MAPLEWORKS SNR1 201/MAPLEWORKS Snr2 202/MAPLEWORKS Snr3 203/MAPLEWORKS Snr4
GUITAR EXPRESSIONS vol.1 ~ <Monumental Sounds> Cd-Rom: Guitar loops and sounds.
GUITAR EXPRESSIONS vol.2 ~ <Monumental Sounds> Cd-Rom: Guitar loops and sounds.
HAMMOND B3 ORGAN COLLECTION ~ over 460mb non-rotor+rotor programs+KDFX <Sonic Implants> Cd-Rom

HANS ZIMMER GUITARS vol.1 ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom: Hans Zimmer Guitars vol.1 For the first time, Oscar & Grammy award winning film composer Hans Zimmer releases sounds from his private sample library created by Bob Daspit. These powerful guitar textures are more detailed & expressive than any other Guitar library, with patches containing up to 12-way velocity switching, allowing for such nuances as dynamically-controllable string slides, pops & harmonics. The versatility of this collection is unmatched, ranging from a wide variety of pristine acoustics, vintage Telecasters, 32 meg leads, to a rare $11,000 Paul Reed Smith™ collectors edition "dragon" guitar! This outstanding library also includes Guitar grooves presented in every key signature and multiple tempos. The current version of Zimmer Guitars vol.1 adds three additional new acoustic guitars-sampled without vibrato, in multiple dynamics: a beautiful new Nylon string, 6 string Folk Steel string & the unique Parker "Fly" Electro-Acoustic guitar.Also featured are major & minor acoustic guitar strum samples. These articulations are available in steel and nylon string versions, with both up and down strokes! Hans Zimmer's relentless pursuit of the ultimate samples for his private library has fueled his rich sonic approach on his scores for: Gladiator, Mission Impossible 2, The Lion King, The Rock, Crimson Tide, Broken Arrow, Rain Man, Driving Miss Daisy, Cool unnings, Black Rain, True Romance, Thelma & Louise, A League of their Own & many others.

HANS ZIMMER GUITARS vol.2 ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom: Hans Zimmer Guitars vol.2, The world's best-selling guitar multi-sample library has evolved into a brand new volume of expressive instruments created for Hans Zimmer by veteran sound designer Bob Daspit. Many of the new instruments feature velocity switching up and down slides, in addition to a new method for controlling vibrato with dynamics. With the authenticity and character of each instrument beautifully captured, these guitar patches are a real pleasure to play and more realistic than ever. Among the distinctive sounds in this collection: Great new Pop sounds including a rich, moody Jazz Guitar whose elegant sound stands alone even for solo compositions - a spirited 1909 Gibson A2. Mandolin, perfect for country & folk tunes - a 1947 Lap Steel Slide guitar for that Ry Cooder vibe, the Coral Electric Sitar, originating in the psychedelic sixties, and revived by Pat Metheny - the deep twang of the Electric Baritone - and Finally, a brand new Steel String Acoustic guitar that will easily become the most indispensable sound in your collection. Its clarity, tone and balance are ideal for both fingerstyle compositions and soloing, but this guitar will most likely find its way onto all of your tracks. A new classic. Among the most exotic instruments from South America are the Cuatro, a hollowed- out single piece of wood with 4 sets of strings that create shimmering tones with great sustain - the Charango, a unique instrument made from the body of an armadillo with round, sparkling tones - the Cavaquińho, a high pitched guitar whose characteristic tones possess great depth - and a bold Flamenco Nylon guitar whose tones, tremolo and rasgando will ignite passionate compositions. Perhaps most rare in this collection are the string sounds of the Middle East (created for The Prince of Egypt score), including the Oud, a fretless 11-string guitar with full-bodied round tones - the Saz, a spicy six- string instrument perfect for traditional middle eastern arrangements - the Cumbus, like a 12-string with an Arabic accent - and the unusual Yayli Tambur, a long necked instrument capable of haunting drones and plucky melodies. Through precise, quiet recordings and innovative keyboard layouts, producer Bob Daspit has managed to capture all of the beauty, resonance, simplicity and character of these fine instruments. The recordings on this new volume bring sampling into a whole new artistic level for composers and songwriters of the next millennia.

HARD TRACKS FOR CINEMA ~ (5 Cd-Rom set) (2 gigs) <Big Fish Audio>
HEART OF AFRICA vol.1 ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom: Heart of Africa vol.1, An unprecedented sonic expedition into the rich musical heritage of Africa. Discover a fascinating compilation of strange & wonderful instruments, voices, and performances that evoke deep images & primitive emotions. Produced in conjunction with reknown composer Hans Zimmer and digitally recorded on location in tribes, villages and studios all across the African continent. Heart of Africa is truly an intriguing disc for your next film score, remix or album project. Volume One includes authentic African phrases & multi-sampled instruments: / South African Choirs (phrases & chants) Tribal Choirs (with Chromazones™ phrases & multisamples) / Solo male & female african vocalists (phrases & utterances) Body Percussion, Stomping, Marching, Screams & Jumping rituals/Massive African percussion, fx & ensembles (instrument samples & loops) Extensive collection of Kalimbas, Sansas, M'biras (phrases & multisamples) / Marimba, Slit/Log Drums & Balaphone Bushman instruments / Ethiopian Harps / Berimbau, Mouth bows / Nigerian Udus Berber yells & Morrocan instruments from N.Africa / S.African Guitar grooves / Tribal remix grooves Mozambique hunting horns & Pygmy pipes / Village ambiences & SFX and much much more!
*Instruments are available with both Traditional & Western tunings.

HEART OF ASIA vol.1 ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom
HEART OF ASIA vol.2 ~ <Spectrasonics> Cd-Rom
HEART OF ASIA INFO: Phrases, Instruments, and Utterances from the Far East
The world's first comprehensive collection of Asian instruments and phrases. Digitally recorded in the heart of Asia, this remarkable two-disc set includes over a gigabyte of beautifully multi-sampled:
Angklung phrases & samples / Indian, Javanese, and Thai percussion & ensemble grooves / Nepalese, Malaysian, and Indonesian percussion ensembles / Complete Javanese Gamelan Orchestra Chinese, Malay, Nepalese, and Indian flute phrases / Indian Tambouras / Tibetan Wool Bow / Chinese & Malay temple flutes Indian Bamboo Bass Flute phrases / Dragon Drums / Tibetan Parade Band with Horses / Chinese Cymbals and Gongs Sitar phrases and samples / Veena, Pipa, Erhu, San Xuan, Luan, & Yang Chin / Thai & Malay Orchestra phrases and samples Guzhen-Chinese Koto instruments, glissandos & phrases / Tibetan children singinghinese and Thai Opera divas - vocal phrases / Sanskrit, Hindi, Malay, Javanese, / Thai and Mandarin vocal phrases, chants, poetry and speech / 300 Tibetan monks singing and drumming in a cave and much, much more!

HEAT SEEKERS ~ (3 Cd-Rom set) ~ 1.4 Gigs <Big Fish Audio>
HEAVY GUITARS ~ vol.17 <EMU Productions> Cd-Rom: The most ruthless collection of electric guitar samples ever assembled! Leads, mutes, scrapes, scratches, power chords, slides, feedback, harmonics, and more.
HEAVY HITTERS ~ <Q-Up Arts> Cd-Rom: 3 stellar drummers: Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Alan White (Yes), and Jim Keltner (studio legend). Multiple dry/ambient hard, medium and soft hits. CD-ROM versions offer modular patching allowing easy kit construction. Recorded in world-class drum rooms like A & M Studios and Ocean Way.
HIP HOP PHILOSOPHY ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Ro
HISTORY OF KURZWEIL ~ (floppy patches/samples) 512mb ~ Cd-Rom
HISTORICAL KEYBOARDS ~ (Non-Electronic Instruments) You won't find this anywhere, it's a Beta version of a Cd-Rom that Sweetwater Sounds never released, the project is still on hold, as much of the support by Sweetwater Sounds for Kurzweil Products are in Question! Cd-Rom.
PIPE ORGANS::: While it is true that many of the finest pipe organs reside within churches around the world, they also have a strong presence in modern concert halls, including such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall, Davies Hall in San Francisco and Boston's Symphony Hall. Still, for nearly a millennium the pipe organ has been associated with both European culture and the church, though its unlikely inventor is widely acknowledged as a man named Ktesibios, an engineer in ancient Alexandria back in about 246 BC! Regradless of its history ~ which could easily fill a book ~ the pipe organ is an instrument like no other in the world. The largest instruments may consist of many hundreds of pipes and over100 stops on three manuels (keyboards) plus pedals. The wind power required to drive such an instrument is enormous. The monsterous Winchester Cathedral organ built in the year 950 required two people to play it and no less than 70 strong men to work the 26 bellows. Modern organs, of course, use electricity to power the blowers that allow notes to sound through pipes which may be up to a massive 32 feet in length. In fact, it is the organ which has given us the reference points for modern analog synthesizers like the MiniMoog which had oscillators tuned at 16' 8' 4' and 2' respectively, essentially duplicating the pitch of an organ with pipes of those lengths. This terminology is still used to this day, even in digital instruments. As for the notion that the pipe organ can only play "church music," let me suggest that you get your hands on a great recording of Saint-Saens' Symphony Number 3, which is best known as the "Organ" Symphony. On a great sound system, the final movement will shake your walls and clear out your sinuses, while convincing you for all time that this is no instrument that can be relegated to only one style of music. Even contemporary composers like James Horner and Alan Silvestri have called upon the pipe organ in their scores for motion pictures like "Cocoon" and "Back To The Future." Imagine Richard Strauss'"Also Sprach Zarathustra" (better known as the theme music from "2001") without its ominous opening low-C pedal tone and the massive finale which relies so heavily for its effectiveness on the organ, Like any acoustic instrument, pipe organs each have a different tonal character which is a combination of the skills of the organ builder, the materials used and the actual acoustic resonance of the room the organ sits in. For this collection, we have sampled three very differnt instruments. The largest is a beautiful pipe organ owned by Jacques Littlefield which is actully built into the side of a mountain overlooking San Francisco Bay (talk about atmosphere!) This incredible instrument is capable of producing 32' pedal tones that are the sonic equivalent of a small erathquake-you don't even hear the tones, you feel them; most speakers (even premium subwoofers) will not reproduce such low frequencies. For that reason, we limited the use of 32' pedal tones. IMPORTANT NOTE:::We recommend only using pro quality subwoofers with these samples. Many consumer brands from outlets like Circuit City/Best Buy, will not handle the low frequencies, which in some cases will drop into the range of 16-28Hz. Most speakers cannot possibly handle this, and insome cases, you will hear a fluttering sound from your monitors, which is your driver trying gamely to output the low frequency information. Severe damage may result from playing some of the pipe organ soundswith underpowered amplifiers,speaker systems or subwoofers. We reccomend you audition all pipe organ programs at low listening volume, and slowly raising the volume. If the speaker(s) show any sigh of distress, immedaitely stop playing. We cannot overstate this strongly enough! The smallest of the three organs here the Faith Presbyterian Organ in Tallahassee, Florida. While our middle-sized organ resides in the Queen of Peace Catholic Church ib Ocala, Florida- and even this instrument has 37 ranks (groups of pipes) with a total of over 600 pipes on the Grand organ (top manual) alone! Speaking of manuals, almost all the larger pipe organs have three manuals - or what we call keyboards - while smaller instruments (like Faith Presbyterian) have two. Often these manuals are referred to by the groups of stops they access, such as Great, Swell, Choir and Antiphonal. Each organ also has a separate set of stops accessible via the edalboard. In some cases, stops may be "coupled" so that they are available on more than one manual. For Historial Keyboards, we sampled the best series of stops from each instrument.Our initial intent was to create a "virtual organ"which allow musicians to create their own custom sounds and combination od stops, owever this turned out to be an impractical approach for several reasons. First, many of the stops on each organ are fairly quiet when heard individually and because each recording environment was very live (that is, very reverberant with many reflective surfaces that tend to amplify any and all ambient) the inherent "noise floor" was simply too high to produce a clean recording. Second, it is the physical interaction of the pipes that produces the distinctive sounds of each instrument, meaning that elecronically mixing individual stops would never result in the sonic texture created when sets of stops are played together. Finally, mixing four stops in stereo on a K2000 with 24-note polyphony would allow only three notes to be played at one time, with a massive "Grand Organ" sound, which may be 12 stops, only one note could be played. This was obviously unacceptable. By mixing the smaller, "inner voices" of each instrument with a file that may include up to six or more stops, it is possible to get an almost infinite variety of sounds. Be aware however, as you listen to each file, that there is a phenomena that takes place in all organs called "foldback." What this means is that certain stops may be comprised of less than 61 notes (an example is the 8' Gemshorn Celeste stp on the Queen of Peace Organ, which has only 49 pipes). So at some point a series of notes must be repeated, usually at the top or bottom octave, but sometimes spitting at unusual places depending upon the number of pipes in a stop (perhaps as few as 37). so, as you are playing up and down the keyboard, you may notice that certain frequencies may drop out. Usually this results in a brighter note (say at B3) than the next note (which could be C4) because a certain stop has now folded back and is producing a pitch that is an octave lower. This is a characteristic of all pipe organs (and even Hammond B-3's as well!) and part of the reason that each set of sounds is unique. I also want to mention here that since all pipe organs depend on electro-mechanical systems to produce sound. there is an inherent amount of noise associated with the physical production of sound. As wind is pushed through a set of pipes, there can be low frequency rumbles or high frequency sounds similar to white noise. he best organs are designed to minimize this, but it is present in every instrument ever built. If you detect noise in some of the samples, it is strickly a characteristic of the organ itself, or the particular pipes being used and is just part of the tone rather than a defect, much as the scrape of rosin on a bow is part of the sound of a violin. Finally, I'd like to address the issue of playing fast passages on these sampled organs. First, I made the decision to build the programs using the samples exactly as they were recorded. This means that on some combinations of two or more stops, the attack is fairly slow, as it takes several milliseconds for all the air to move through all the pipes until the full volume is achieved. Organ masters know that when playing fast passages (which in the organ "catalog" are very few) they must actually "play ahead" with the right hand - that is, pressing individual notes a bit sooner, giving adequate time for the air to bring the note to full volume. It takes some practice, but rather than truncate the start of each note, I have included the "attack" exactly as it sounded on the specific instrument. In general, the lower the pitch (16' stops for example) the slower the attack. Higher- pitched pipes will generally have faster attacks. Obviously, there is much more information that I could on to you regarding pipe organs, but I suggest that you jump in and audition some of the files on this disc to get a feel for the variety of sounds each instrument delivers. I think you will like what you hear.
ORGAN PROGRAMMING TIPS:::: While a few sample sets include several combinations of stops, you can build your own "virtual pipe organ" by loading in as many samples as your K-Series keyboard or module will allow. By assigning diferent sample sets to different MIDI channels you can create your own unique presets. For instance, Channel 1 wuld be a basic single or double stop sound, while Channel 2 would be a 3 or 4 stop preset, Channel 3 a 5 or 6 stop preset and so on. Typically, we have used the data slider or mod wheel to bring in additional "pipe ranks" on certain rograms, so check these two controllers as you audition each sample set. NOTE:::: in some instances, we have articially created a fully playable 61-note keyboard based on an organs pedal tones. The reason being that these combinations were not available using the manuals (keyboards) but were deemed to be musically useful.
HARPSICHORDS:::: Historically speaking, the harpsichord, which was first developed in the 14th century, is the ancestor of the modern grand piano, though even older instruments like the Clavichord began musicians on the long quest for a dynamically expressive keyboard instrument. On a harpsichord, sound is produced when a key is stuck, causing a quill to pluck a string or sets of strings. Because of the mechanices of the keyboard action (too involved to go into here), the harpsichord has a very limited dynamic range, meaning that no matter how hard you strike a note, you pretty much get the same volume. To add volume, designers added more strings which could be engaged by levers (also know as stops). Thus an instrument with a single set of strings tuned to an 8' pitch would be louder when a second set of 8' strings were engaged or for even more volume, a set of strings pitched at 4' could be added. A few builders took this to extremes by either adding a lower octave (16') or higher octave (2') of single, double, or even triple strings. Needless to say, such instruments are quite difficult to tune, making them next to impossible to sample. In the beginning, harpsichords were typically designed to have about 40 notes, though newer instruments tend to have more (61 in most cases). Modern harpsichords (those built within the last forty years or so) are built around designs that evolved in different parts of Europe. So a specific instrument may be said to be of Flemish, German or Italian design, the three major families (though some may add French and English to that list). For our collection, we have included two beautiful instruments. The was built in the 1970's by John Germer to duplicate as closely as possible the instruments used by Scarlatti in the 18th Century, and is therefore considered to be the Italian design. This instrument was sampled with a double set of a 8 foot strings, then with a set of 4 foot strings added. You'll note that when you release a key, you can hear the quill dropping back into place, which is part of the distinct sound of the harpsichord. This is a very bright harpsichord, with tons of overtones. It was close-miked with a Crown SASS-P stereo mic, so the stereo effect is very pronounced as you play up the keyboard (bass notes appear on the left, treble on the right). Our second instrument was built in 1977 by William Dowd and resides at Florida State University. It is of Flemish design and is somewhat quieter and with a warmer, "wooder" tone. It has two keyboards (or manuals), the uppermost with a set of 8 foot strings, while the lower manual has 8 foot strings, plus a set of 4 foot strings. It was ampled with the 8'+8'+ 4' lower manual, as well as the slightly brighter upper manual with two sets of 8' strings. This particular sample file really captures the solid knock as the key is depressed and has a very pleasing set of overtones. Mics used were a matched set of Earthworks TC40K omnidirectionals.
FORTEPIANO:::: This instrument is of great historical significance since it is the intermediate step between harpsichord and the modern grand piano as we know it. In this instrument, the quills have been replaced by hammers, a design credited to Bartolomeo Christofon (1665-1731), though the approach to have been tried as early as 1610. You will note that this particular instrument, a virtual duplicate of the one owned by Ludwig von Beethoven, produces a tone surprisingly similar to the modern piano, yet with a sound that still has a tiny trace of a harpsichord in some of the lowest notes. However, the position of the hammers and their relatively short throw prevents it from being as bright as a contemporary piano, nor does it have as wide a dynamic or tonal range. In addition, it has only 61 keys, and you can hear the soft knock as the hammers fall back into position when taking your fingers off the keyboard. This particular Fortepiano was meticulously built by John Germer of San Jose to capture the sound sound of this remarkable transitional keyboard. AKG C414s were used in the recordings.
CABINET GRAND:::: The Guild Cabinet Grand - essentially a small grand piano turned upright - was built in 1923. It resides in the Music Department of San Jose State University. By itself, the sound was rather unimpressive, so at some point, someone took the initiative to to add real brass tacks to all the hammers, effectively turning this into the world's largest tack piano, sometimes also referred to as a "Honky Tonk" piano. By doubling the octaves through pitch shifting, we also achieved a terrific "player piano" tone. The lowest octave includes some very unique string rattles and buzzing which is part of this instrument's charm and one reason that it has been sought out so often for recording by many major artists and record labels. You will have some fun with this one!
OTHER HISTORICAL KEYBOARDS:::: There are two additional keyboards included in this collection. The first is the Clavichord,
an instrument which was first introduced in the 15th century. Intially, several attempts were made to record two different Clavichords restored in the !980s by John Germer, but neither was deemed acceptable. The problem was that the relative volume of these keyboards was so low that extraneous noise crept into every note. Due to their value and fragility, it just wasn't feasible to move either instrument to a quieter enviroment like a Hohner Clavinet knows how noisy these instruments are. Essentially, a Clavinet is an amplified Clavichord. The sound is produced by depressing a key which rasies a brass blade or "tangent" which strikes the string(s) and holds it against the bridge. This is somewhat akin to a guitarist playing a note by hitting a string on the guitar's fingerboard at a specific fret with the left hand, rather than using the right hand with a pick. Physics aside, I was finally able to zap the offending noise in the recording with the sophisticated noise reduction software available today, and so I have included the better recording of the two Clavichords ang the Virginal (discussed in a minute) in this collection. Because of their small size and relatively low volume, neither instrument was miked in stereo - two mics literally would not fit inside the cases. Chavichords definitely have a place in music history, and it is said that Bach himself liked to play this instrument more than the harpsichord, though he was frustrated because of its limited volume which tended to get lost when played in a ensemble, which is why there exist almost no pieces written for Clavichord and
other instruments such as strings or winds. Listen to the Clavichord samples here and you will hear elements of hapsichord, hammered dulcimer and even banjo or sitar. One thing is for sure: It doesn'r sound like any synth patch you ever played on a DX7 or other sunth that was (inaccurately) labeled "Clavichord." Clavichords also allow for a sort of vibrato sound, which was called "bebung" in German. The keys could be pressed harder after the intial strike, causing the pitch to raise slightly. We have duplicated this electronally, but the sound is an exact duplicate of that produced on the Clavichord. The second instrument here is called the Virginal (a word of unexplained origin), and it is very much like a harpsichord in tone and operates on the same principles, though it is a much smaller and very quiet like the Clavichord, and thus prone to the same noise problems as mentioned above. Such instruments, built in Flanders in the 16th and 17th Century were designed either as "Muselars"-with strings plucked near the centerpoint to give a darker tone - or "Spinettem" for instruments with the strings plucked close to one end for a sharp, clear sound. The instrument sampled here is the latter, and it, too, was restored in the 1960s by John Germer.
CONCLUSION:::: Above all, I hope you enjoy these samples. For those of you who already love the sound of pipe organs and Harpsichords, no further words are necessary. For the rest of you, I hope this CD-ROM inspires you to use these samples creativity. After all, even such revolutionary bands as the beatles and Rolling Stones employed historical keyboards in their compositions, According to urban legend, Eric Clapton quit The Yardbirds after their first single (Otis Rush's "For Your Love") was released with a dominant harpsichord part.
BONUS FILES:::: This Stratus native Kurzweil formatted cd-rom, includes several bonus files.A Hammered Dulcimer owned by Constance Demby (and used on many of her albums), which is almost like a harpsichord, though instead of keys and quills,
sound is produced by lightweight wooded beaters (or hammers), also here are two Choir sets (oohs and ahhs) along with a terrific 1991 Steinway A3 grand Piano.THIS WILL BE FOLLOWED BY LISTINGS OF THE FILES WITH APPRORIATE INFORMATION ON EACH (STOPS USED, ETC,)
*SCARL8 Scarlatti Harpsichord 8'(Dual Rank 8'+ 8') *SCARL48 Scarlatti Harpsochord 4'+8' (Triple Rank 8'+8'+4')
*DOWD48 William Dowd Harpsichord 4'+8' (Triple Rank 8'+8'+4') *DOWD8 William Dowd Harpsichord 8' (Double Rabk 8'+8')
*CLAVICHD Clavichord *VIRGINAL Virginal *FORTEPNO The "Beethoven" Fortepiano *CABG64MB The Guild Upright Cabinet Grand
*PIPEMIXA (J.Littlefield PIPE MIX A):~~Principal 8'~~Octave 4'~~Doublette 2'~~Flute 4'
*PIPEMIXB (J.Littlefield PIPE MIX B:~~Bourdon 16'~~Prestant 4'~~Positif GO~~Recit positif
*PIPEMIXC (J.Littlefield PIPE MIX C):~~Bourdon 16'~~Foumiture 2'+ V~~Sesqualtera 2 2/3+II(one half out)~~Cromome 8'
*PIPEMIXD (J.Littlefield PIPE MIX D)~~Pleinjeharm II V~~Doublette 2'~~Comet V~~Clarion 4'~~Octave 4'~~Principal 8'~~Flute 4'~Flute harmonique 4'~~Flute a cheminee 4'
*PIPEMIXE (Faith Presbyterian PIPE MIX E)~~Crumome 16'~~Oboe 8'
*PIPEMIXF (Faith Presbyterian PIPE MIX F)~~Principal 8'~~Rohr Gedackt 8'~~Octave 4'~~Open Flute 4'~~Doublette 2'~~Comet V~~Mixture IV
*PIPEMIXG (Faith Presbyterian PIPE MIX G)~~Voix Celeste 8'~~Gemshom 8'~~Copula 8'~~Principal 4'~~Rohr Flute 4'~~Principal 4' ~~Sharf
*PIPEMIXH (Faith Presbyterian PIPE MIX H)~~Oboe 8'~~Voix Celese 8'~~Gemshom 8'~~Copula 8'~~Principal 4'~~Rohr Flute 4' ~~Principal 2'
*PIPEMIXI (Faith Presbyterian PIPE MIX I)~~Voix Celese 8'~~Gemshom 8'~~Copula 8'~~Principal 16' (pedal coupled to keyboard)~~Floten 8' (peadl coupled to keyboard)
*PIPEMIXJ (Faith Presbyterian PIPE MIX J)~~Voix Celese 8'~~Gemshom 8'~~Principal 8'~~Principal 4'~~Rohr Gedakt 8'~~Octave 4'~~Doublette
*PIPEMIXK ((J.Littlefield PIPE MIX K)~~Montre 8'~~Prestant 4'~~Fourniture 2'
*PIPEMIXL (J.littlefield PIPE MIX L)~~Montre 16'~~Prestant 4'~~Fourniture 2'~~Fourniture V
*PIPRMIXM (J.Littlefield PIPE MIX M)~~Montre 16'~~Principal 8'~~Octave 4'~~Gambe 8'~~Flute harmonique 8'~~Flute a cheminee 8'
~~Flute 4'
*PIPEMIXN (J.Littlefield PIPE MIX N)~~Voix humane 8'~~Flute a bec 4'~~Flute Italienne 4'~~Hautbois 8'~~Viol de gamba 8'
~~Comet 2 2/3"
*CORNET V (J.Littlefield)
*TROMPET (Trompette 8', J.Littlefield)
*PEDALMXA (J Littlefield PEDAL MIX A)~~Bourdon 32'~~Montre 16'~~Flute 8'~~Sousbasse 16'~~Mixture 4'+ IV
*PEDALMXB (J.littlefield PEDAL MIX B)~~(Coupled To Bottom Keyboard)~~Montre 16'~~Principle 8'~~Octave 4'
*PEDALMXC (J.Littlefield PEDAL MIX C)~~(Pedalboard)~~Montre 16'~~Sousbasse 16'
*PEDALMXD (Queen of Peace Pedal Mix D)~~(Antiphonal Redal)~~Bourdon 16'~~Rohrflute 16'
*PEDALMXE (Queen of Peace Pedal Mix E)~~Principal 16'~~Subbass 16'~~Rohrflute 16'~~Octave 8'~~Bombarde 8'~~Cromome 4'
~~Choralbass 4'~~Octave 2'
*MONTRE (J.Littlefield)~~Montre 16'
*GRNDORGN (Queen of Peace Grand Organ)~~Gemshom 16'~~Principal 8'~~Rohrflute 8'~~Flute harmonique 8' and 4'
~~Viola da gamba 8'~~Octave 4'/Super Octave 2'~~Mixture IV~~Bombarde 8'~~Cromhome 8'~~Trompette 8'
*CHOIROOH (Large mixed choir singing "oohs")
*CHOIRAHH (large mixed choir singing "ahhs")
*HDULCIMR (the Hammered Dulcimer - also sometimes referred to as the
Cambalo - is a stringed instrument that is played using two wooden beaters. The concept is very much like a of a small harpsichord, but with a distinctive sound all its own!

INTERACTIVE DRUM KITS & SNARES ~ <Sonic Reality> Cd-Rom: Over the years, weve had tons of requests for a straight-ahead drum disc-kits only, no loops. Well, the producers of this set have obliged with an aggressively purist approach to recording drums that expands the boundaries of conventional drum kit discs. Interactive Drum Kits is part of Sonic Reality's Studio Collection, a series
of multi-sample CD-ROMs dedicated to capturing the purity of the world's best studio instruments. Here, you get kicks, snares, toms, hats and cymbals, from the vintage Ludwig® and Gretch® sets to new top of the line Pearl®, and Drum Workshop® kits. These are extremely realistic drums that you can wack from your keyboard or with your drum pad/triggers. But it takes more than just a great drum kit to make a killer CD-ROM.It takes a seasoned performer to massage the best colors out of the instrument. That's why the producers enlisted the talents of session players Toss Panos (Toy Matinee) and Nick D'Virgilio (Tears For Fears, Genesis) to tune, balance and perform the kits. One of the unique aspects of this collection is the assortment of interchangeable snare programs. Incredibly, they feature upwards of 20 to 50 hits per snare, from center, to edge, to rim! When you load a single snare menu program, you get all of the hits and nuances laid out for you, including drops, flams and ghost notes. It's almost impossible not to get a life-like track out of these drums. If you're a producer, composer or remixer, this is one of those "sample staples" that belongs in your collection.
JAZZ DRUMS LOOP PAK ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
JEFF BAXTER ~ SKUNK WORKS <EastWest> Cd-Rom: SKUNKWORKS features rhythm guitar grooves and solos from legendary Steely Dan guitarist JEFF
“SKUNK” BAXTER. Jeff is the recipient of many industry awards, including twenty six gold and platinum records, two Grammys(plus six more Grammy nominations!) and is widely regarded as one of the greatest rhythm guitarists of all time. The sounds in this collection, as you would expect, are killer! After all, Jeff has been a design consultant for Roland, Guild, Vox, and Gibson – and has his own signature series acoustic guitars. His playing on this collection is impeccable, including super tight rhythm guitar licks that have never been offered before in any sample collection. But that`s not all! There are guitar licks for all musical applications from acoustic to heavy metal, and everything in between. How often have you been able to musically collaborate with one of the greatest guitarists of all times? Well, now you can!!!
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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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JUNGLE WARFARE 1 ~ <Zero-G> Cd-Rom
K-SOUNDS vol.2 ~ Advanced Control Piano K2500 format <K-Sounds> Cd-Rom
K-SOUNDS vol.2 ~ Advanced Control Piano K2600 format Kawai Piano+Bonus Sounds~ <K-Sounds> Cd-Rom>
K2000 ARCHIVES vol.1 ~ <Sonik Matter> Cd-Rom
K2000 ARCHIVES vol.2 ~ <Sonik Matter> Cd-Rom
KEITH EMERSON ~ The World's Most Dangerous Synths & Organs ~ <Greytsounds> Cd-Rom:
KEYSOLUTIONS ~ <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom: Sound Library - Key Solutions Overview; Kurzweil Music Systems is proud to distribute the KeySolutions Sample Library for the K2 Series. KeySolutions is dedicated to creating the highest quality samples available at a rice musicians can afford. KeySolutions Libraries are available exclusively in Kurzweil format. Volume 1 features a wide variety of sounds. Pianos, electric pianos, drums, basses, and a collection of synth sounds and textures. Special care has been taken to utilize Kurzweil's V.A.S.T. technology to make the most expressive and musical sounds available. KeySolutions Volume 1 Contents PIANOS; Steinway D There have been samples of pianos before, but never a piano like this. This select Steinway D was one of the elite instruments chosen to be part of Steinway's Concert and Artist stock at Steinway Hall, New York. This exquisite concert grand
piano was a favorite of Vladimir Horowitz and it was used by him in his home and on tour. After being used at the Tanglewood Music Festival, the Steinway D was then stationed at Carnegie Hall. It was later transfered to Steinway's retail division and sold to the legendary Capricorn Studios. There it was used by the Allman Brothers, Dr. John and a host of other great records until the studio closed in the Mid-70's. The Steinway is now in Columbus, Ohio and is owned by recording artist Kim Pensyl. This piano has an incredibly versatile sound and is suited well for solo piano work, jazz, classical, new age & other styles of music. It was impeccably recorded and is available on this CD-ROM in three stereo versions. 16MB, 32MB and an outstanding 64MB version. Many samples are 6 seconds long and others are the full decay without a loop. As with this entire collection, special care has been taken to utilize the V.A.S.T capabilities of the K2000 and K2500.Yamaha C4; This Yamaha baby grand was recorded at the legendary Smart Studio's in Madison, Wisconsin. This Yamaha's bright sound makes it especially suitable for rock and other contemporary styles. This piano is available in both 25MB and 10MB versions. Yamaha CP70; This is a classic sound. This electric piano is a favorite of Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and many others like Vangelis. PadPiano; Another classic electric piano sound. This popular sound orginated in the Korg T series and has been in nearly every Korg instrument since. Great for pads and especially nice layered with acoustic piano.
Directory PIANOS/XTRA;
Steinway D - Alternate Recorded slightly different than the one listed above, this was the first attempt at sampling this incredible piano. It is available in a 28MB version and a 14MB version.
DRUMS; Key Drums; This drum kit was inspired this entire project and I don't even know the manufacturer. These samples were taken from a sound check lifted off the pre-roll of a multi-track tape. I got a call because the drummer left for the weekend and they wanted to make a change to the drum tracks that were already on tape. After taking these samples we went back in and replaced portions of the drummer's performance from the Kurzweil. This kit features 5-way velocity switched snares, 3 way ride cymbals and is recorded in stereo. Both GM and Kurzweil key mapping is included. DW Drum Kit1; This superb kit was also recorded at John Schwab Recording Studio's in Columbus, Ohio. This stereo version features the natural ambient room sound that is a primary feature of this studio. Features of this kit include 6-way velocity switched snares, 3 way ride cymbals, toms, kicks and more. Both GM and Kurzweil key mapping is included.
DW Drum Kit2; This is the same drum kit that was used in DWKIT1 however the room ambience is taken out for a completely
different sound. These mono samples feature the close miked sound of these drums. Like the previous version there is a 6-way
velocity switched snare, 3 way ride cymbals, toms, kicks and more. Both GM and Kurzweil key mapping is included. STOMPER; This is a collection of vintage, industrial and techno electronic drums. These sounds were generated with various hardware and software based synthesizers. MIXBAG; This is a collection of acoustic & electronic drum sounds taken from various popular keyboards. The original mapping from these instruments is included as well as a few programs done in the Kurzweil format.
BASSES; Music Man Bass, This is a four string MusicMan Stingray bass. This bass has a unique round sound that almost makes it sound like a fretless though you will hear the occasional fret buzz. Carvin Fretless 5 String Bass; The Carvin bass is the Bunny Brunel model, it is a 5 string fretless. Great for that Jaco sound! 1973 Fender Jazz Bass; A classic, recorded with the treble control turned down for that classic 70's sound. SYNTHS; Though this portion of the disk isn't very large in megabytes, this is a small collection of some great synths and textures. Samples from Sequential Circuits Pro One, Korg PolySix, Roland JD-990, Roland MKS-70, Korg 01/W, Korg T-Series, and others. Simple raw waveforms from these instruments are used to create faithful reproductions of specific presets and others are complex textures created by combining a number of synths and effects processors.

KFM-FM SOUNDS FOR THE K2500/K2600 ~ <DLN Sounds> Cd-Rom

KIRK HUNTERS VIRTUOSO STRINGS vol.3 ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom: INFO: The Virtuoso Series Strings by Kirk Hunter is a major String Orchestra release, featuring a variety of string sections recorded in several rooms in Los Angeles. The players are first-call musicians whose passion and sensitivity are fully revealed in these recordings. The main feature of this library is the variety of articulations used to create natural, fluid performances on your sampler. From up and down strokes, to hard attacks, and marcatos you'll have plenty of options to simulate the natural randomness of real string bowing. There are also brilliant section slides, velocity mapped so that the players sound as though they're bending up to a note while digging into a particularly passionate melody. This is a wonderfully effective feature. You'll get airy tremolos, half and whole step trills, to add some impressionistic color to your compositions. Another feature is a true Sordini (muted) violin section, great for mysterious and austere passages. There is a great variety of section sizes available on the Virtuoso Series Strings, from 24 players, all the way down to two. These are presented a variety of ways on the sampler CD-ROMs to give you even more color options. For instance, by combining the 2 player programs with 24 player programs, you bring a little intimacy into an otherwise broad and massive sound. The variety of sizes also lends itself to recreating several musical styles, from huge symphonic filmscores, to quaint chamber music. With the solo strings, you can even conjure up a terrific string quartet.
Programming............... You will never find a better presented and programmed string library than Virtuoso Series Strings. A full 18 months of intense effort went into creating all of the native formats available for Akai, Roland, Emu EOS, SampleCell and Kurzweil samplers. Where possible, the controllers were used extensively to command volume, filter cutoff, velocity crossfading,
envelope shaping and sample selection. You'll also find a variety of program options offering various megabyte sizes, and combinations of articulations, so you can focus on creativity, not programming.Once you lay your hands on the full-size Large String Ensemble, you'll understand when we say, this is truly a symphony at your fingertips.
The Sections.....................
Violins - 24 players, 8 players, 2 players, Solo. Articulations include Espressivo with and without vibrato, Sordini (mutes), Section Slides for use in sweeping melodic passages, Hard Attacks, Random 4th Runs to target notes, Open Strings, Half Step and Whole Step Trills, Tremolos, Up and Down Strokes, Section Slide Downs, Marcato and Pizzicato.
Violas - 16 players, 2 players, Solo. Articulations include Espressivo, Section Slides, Hard and Soft Attacks, Half Step and Whole Step. Trills, Tremolos, Marcato and Pizzicato.Cellos - 10 players, 6 players, 2 players, Solo. Articulations include Espressivo, Section. Slides, Hard (Marcato) and Soft Attacks, Half Step and Whole Step Trills, Tremolos and Pizzicato. Double Basses - 5 players. Articulations include Espressivo with Hard and Soft attacks and Pizzicato.

KORG WAVESTATION+M3R ~ <SoundEngine> Cd-Rom

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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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KURZWEIL FANTASY vol.1 ~ KRZ Collection ~ Over 3,000 Programs/37 Directories w/700MB ~ Cd-Rom
KURZWEIL K2000 Instructional Video, on DVD format <Young Chang>
KURZWEIL K2000 Sound Library + Librarian for Windows + midi utilites, factory programs reference manual etc. ~ Cd-Rom
Training topics shown/played by Jordan Rudess <Kurzweil>
KURZWEIL K2500 Interactive Technical CD Manual vol.1 Beginning <Synth-Tek>
KURZWEIL K2500 Interactive Technical CD Manual vol.2 Intermediate <Synth-Tek>
KURZWEIL K2600 Interactive Technical CD Manual vol.1 Beginning <Synth-Tek>
KURZWEIL K2600 Interactive Technical CD Manual vol.2 Intermediate <Synth-Tek>
KURZWEIL K2600 Sound Library + Librarian for Windows + midi utilities, factory programs,reference manual etc. KURZWEIL K2600 KDFX TRAINING VIDEO ~.TRANSFERRED ONTO (2) DVD's Training topics shown/played for KDFX by Jordan Rudess <Kurzweil>
KURZWEIL-K2661 & K2600 Series Documentation & Auxilary Files ~ contains, product manuals, accessory files, video, software updates files, tutorials & faq's
KURVE-STATION UCD-001 Wav.Files ~ <Sound Engine> Cd-Rom
LATIN JAZZ ~ (2 Disc Set) (1.02 Gigs <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
LOAD & PLAY ORCHESTRA ~ Kurzweil Orchestra vol.1 ~ Bass-Cello 1&2/Choir/Flute/Stacc Flute/Harpsich/Oboe/Piano/PizzStrings/TrpDelay/Trumpet/Violins/Viola/Violins 1&2/Warmstrings ~ Cd-Rom
LOAD & PLAY ORCHESTRA ~ Kurzweil Orchestra vol.2 ~ Beauty-Classical Guitar/CelloSection/Dx7 Electric Piano/Female Voice/French HornSection/Flute&Oboe/FullStrings/HammondB3/Oboes/OrchCymbals/OrchPerc/PipeOrgan/PipePedal/ScatVoice/SoloViolin3/Strings&Winds /Trombone Section/TheatreOrgan1&2/ViolaSection/Yanni - Cd-Rom
LIQUID GROOVES vol.1 ~ <Spectrasonics> (Loops & Hits) No "Groove Control" Data Cd-Rom
LIQUID GROOVES vol.2 ~ <Spectrasonics> (loops only) Cd-Rom
LIQUID GROOVES INFO: Liquid Grooves: Grooves that have existed only in your imagination. Fluid rhythms forged by a synthesis of propelling live drum grooves and unusual, organic percussion loops. The live elements, performed by some of L.A.'s most creative session players, have been transformed into a unique sonic texture via ground-breaking signal processing techniques and state of the art instruments such as the Korg Wavedrum™. These highly-original grooves have lots of space and are presented in a Construction Kit format similar to the Supreme Beats collection. Many of the grooves are presented in both "Natural Acoustic" and "Hybrid Remix" versions for a new level of versatility. If you've been frustrated at the lack of slow tempos on most loop discs, this is the library you've been searching for. Tempos start at a laid-back 52 BPM and go to a cruising 126 BPM. The full-blown CD-ROM version is organized to make mixing and matching the individual elements effortless. It also includes more groove variations and remixes, as well as a library of over 450 single hits of Brush Drums, Percussion and Wavedrum sounds. The inclusion of the Audio CD with the CD-ROM makes the process of finding the groove you need faster than ever. The liquid concept is two-fold: Sparse "hand-played" grooves that feel great, combined with a focus on uncharted sonic territory. An inspiring, one-of-a-kind library from producer Eric Persing.

LIQUID GROOVES GROOVE CONTROL DISC ~ <Spectrasonics> (Loop Control Only, No Single "Hits") Cd-Rom
MEAN DRUMS ~ MapleWorks Distorted DrumSamples (Musician-Samples) Cd-Rom, TOUGH DISTORTED AGGRESSIVE DRUMS, Programs Include: 200/BOUTSTOMP 201/DISTTWIN 202/GRITTY 203/LOFIMONO 204/SHARPER 205/TRIPHOP

MEGA SYNTH CD-ROM ~ <Pro-Rec> Cd-Rom: Pro-Rec MEGA-SYNTH features incredible analog, dance, synth, R&B and ambient sounds...
lots of super basses, dynamic hits, rich, lush pads, beautiful acoustics and incredible ambient 3-D & film sounds. Over 500 synths, 140 basses, 5 full drum kits, and many rich, ambient 3-D textures, chiffs & vox sounds, EPs & keys, pianos, acoustic strings, guitars, horns and more!

MEGA CD-ROM ~ vol.1 FOR THE K2500 <West LA Music> Cd-Rom:

MELLOKURZ ~ <Pyramid Sounds> Cd-Rom: NEW! MelloKurz with KDFX for Kurzweil K2661, K2600, and K2500 is now available! The timeless sound of the Mellotron has no equal. It is the sound that defined a whole musical legacy. Intended to be samplers of real instruments, Mellotrons had a special sound of their own that made all the difference in the music of the Moody Blues, Genesis, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Asia, Tangerine Dream, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Elton, and many others. The KDFX version of MelloKurz is our latest release. It includes classic Mellotron choirs, strings, brass, winds, and even a grungy B3 rock organ. Our KDFX programs will give you a whole new palette of sounds to work with.

MEMPHIS HORNS ~ (3 Cd-Rom Set) <Ilio>: The Barons of Brass Deliver the Real Deal.
The Memphis Horns may well be the most recorded brass section of all time. Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love have dominated the Rock, Soul and Funk scene since the 60’s and to this day are offering up their distinctive multi-tracked sound on tons of Billboard™ hits. Their list of Gold and Platinum records is impressive: Respect by Aretha Franklin, Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding, Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel, Angel of Harlem by U2, and hundreds more. Fortunately for us, these hugely successful artists have seen fit to lend their rare talents to create a phrase-based brass collection of mythic proportions. If you want their amazing Trumpet, Trombone, Bari and Tenor sound in your tracks, you’ve got to get the Memphis Horns CD-ROM. This multi-disc library delivers hundreds of phrases in multiple keys and tempos. The phrases are presented both in their original complete form, and divided into flexible short phrases so you can easily integrate them any way you like. Styles range from Slow Soul and Passionate Pop, to Furious Funk. Tapping decades of experience with the music industry’s top producers and recording artists, Wayne and Andrew carefully wrote and performed the arrangements to be authentic in style and flexible in usability. The Memphis Horns CD-ROM includes phrases ranging in tempo from 70 to 140 BPM, each in five harmonically related keys. You also get chromatically multisampled unisons, chords in major, minor, major 7, minor 7 and chord swells. Additionally, there’s a great variety of unique brass effects like flutters, Harmon mutes, tone clusters, falls and rips. Andrew also presents some of his famous solo sax work which you won’t want to miss! If you’ve ever wanted to spice up your Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, or Hip Hop projects, you know what you need. The Memphis Horns library delivers!

METAMORPHOSIS ~ (4 Cd-Rom Set) includes Win/PC Groove Control disc <Spectrasonics> 21st Century Grooves: meta-môr´fo-sis (noun) [Latin metamorphsis, from Greek, from metamorphoun, to transform, meta-, + morph] A transformation by supernatural means.A striking alteration in character, condition, or function. An extraordinary new library of 21st Century Grooves by Eric Persing. Get ready to take it to the next level. Acclaimed producer Eric Persing's newest creation features an entire library of his trademark, cutting-edge loop manipulations. Each one of the hundreds of amazing remix grooves are truly unique in texture and feel. From floating, atmospheric Trip Hop pulsations, to experimental euro-club beats....and all the way to intense, Drum 'N Bass fury, this is an extremely versatile library for creative film composers, producers and remixers. The latest tools like Reactor™, Reason™ and over 100 hardware and software devices were used and abused to great effect in the development of this remarkable library. The processed rhythmic inspirations range in tempos from 50 to 180 BPM and beyond! If you're a fan of Persing's highly-creative groove processing on Distorted Reality, Liquid Grooves and Ethno Techno, prepare yourself to be knocked out! For the first time on any library, every groove is presented three different ways: First as a standard loop, then in innovative, tempo-matched Groove Menus which offer amazing real-time groove layering at any tempo, and most importantly in Groove Control™ activated versions. There are literally thousands of combination possibilities right at your fingertips. Metamorphosis brings a one-of-a-kind sonic palette to the already powerful combination of Groove Control™ activated products. Because of the three unique approaches presented, Metamorphosis is much more than simply a collection of inspiring loops--it's an invaluable creative tool for forging your own rhythmic innovations for years to come.


NEO SOUL vol.1 & 2 ~ (2 Cd-Rom set) <Big Fish Audio>
NEO SOUL GROOVES vol.1 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
NEO SOUL GROOVES vol.2 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
NET PIANO & MORE ~ <Josef Rabitz> Cd-Rom
NORTHSTAR ~ Z-DISK vol.1 ~ CLASSICAL & ETHNIC INSTRUMENTS <NorthStar> Cd-Rom: Northstar Productions Library for the Kurzweil K2000 is one of the finest libraries available. Brilliant stereo vocals, fat basses, rich strings, sparkling bells and excellent brass
compliment any project need. Already used by the top names in the music industry, Northstar's sounds will put your K2000 in a different category. Many of the average 35 programs are furthered layered with the existing K2000 programs to expand the internal power of the machine. Vol.1 focuses on classical and ethnic instruments.

NORTHSTAR ~ Z-DISK vol.2 ~ POP, COUNTRY, RAP & SYNTHESIZERS <NorthStar> Cd-Rom: Northstar Productions Library for the Kurzweil K2000, Vol. 2 focuses on pop, country, rap, and synthesizers.
NOTORIOUS HIP HOP & RnB ~ (3 Cd-Rom Set 1.3 Gigs) <Big Fish Audio>
NU JAZZ CITY ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
NU JAZZ CITY2 ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
NU METAL CITY 1 ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
NU METAL CITY 2 ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
OFF THE HOOK ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
PATCHMAN MUSIC 2000 SERIES ~ Version 1.14 OVER 3000 PATCHES & OVER 350MB OF SAMPLES ~ Cd-Rom The 2000-SERIES on CD ROM... The 2000-SERIES for the Kurzweil K2000, K2500, K2600, K2661 and compatibles now contains 160 soundbanks. It's packed with over 3,180 Programs and over 354 megs of samples on one easy to use and surprisingly inexpensive K2000/2500/2600/2661 CD-ROM.
PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES vol.1 ~ <Eastwest> Cd-Rom
PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES vol.2 ~ <Eastwest> Cd-Rom
PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES INFO: KEYBOARD MAGAZINE "KEY BUY AWARD" WINNER! "East West's Percussive Adventures is a rare treat: a multiple disc sample collection that is thoughtfully conceived, well performed, carefully produced, and thoroughly documented. 5/5" -
ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN "Put Percussive Adventures at the very top of your shopping list. This double CD-EOM package is a feast of stimulating percussion tracks. Second listener Mark Vail was as impressed as I was: "Wow! This stuff immediately transports you into an environment that may or may not be on this planet. I'm inspired by nearly every selection." - KEYBOARD Percussive Adventures is a critically acclaimed rhythmic journey of scoring soundscapes delivering evolving rhythmic beds as layered construction tools which are 20-40 seconds in length! 2 years in the making, the dynamic acoustic & sequenced grooves will astound you! Interactive mixing of ROM elements is a breeze with 95 full performance beds, multi-layers, loops and accents and tempo variations. Categories include: Chases, Sneaks, Tension, Mystery, Suspense, Ethnic, Tribal, Military, Comedy, FX, Accents and Echo Trails. In thehe CD-ROM set, You also get full performance beds and their individual elements. This version includes all of the tracks found on the 2 CD-Audio version, plus additional multi-layers looped in various tempos, one shot-percussive stings, FX and a variety of performance accents to start or end your rhythmic journey! There is no doubt you'll be reaching for these sounds to support all of your future projects for many years to come!

PHAT FINGERS ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom: Lay Down the Hottest Licks! Fast on the heels of Hot Steel Blues and Fingerstyles, Phat Fingers is the latest guitar tour de force produced by Dan Portis-Cathers. This collection delivers hundreds of funkified guitar and bass patterns, slides, and fills arranged into 30 song construction kits. The grooves are incredibly tight, some five or six parts deep, all tempo locked and tuned to the key of the song. Most songs consist of bass patterns, slides, fills, and some endings, guitar patterns, and occasional lead solos. Laying your hands on these awesome riffs and licks, and relishing in how well they combine, is an experience you won't soon forget. Tempos range from a very greasy 75 to a blisterning 160 BPM. The grooves are performed by famed axe wielder Shane Roberts, a funk and fusion fanatic who plays regularly with progressive guitar phenoms Stan Lassiter, Reggie Wooten, drummer Chester Thompson & sax player Jeff Coffin. Just imagine combining his riffs with Spectrasonics' Retro Funk or Backbeat drum libraries and a few licks from the Memphis Horns! Now that's an all star band! By far the most ambitious in the Fingerstyles Series, this project includes a wide range of Funk and Fusion styles with influences from James Brown and Curtis Mayfield, P-Funk and Soul, to Reggae, New Jack Swing and edgy Rock/Funk Fusion a la Primus. Often hard driving, sometimes smooth and sexy, but always with a lot of phat and grease - if you need some attitude and style in your dance tracks, don't get caught without Phat Fingers.

PHILIP WOLFE'S ROCK KEYBOARDS ~ B3 & MOOG vol.1 <Greytsounds> Cd-Rom: Philip Wolfe's Rock Keyboards - Hammond B-3 & Moog Synthesizers is a CD-ROM collection that includes samples from Philip's own instruments. The lion's share of this CD-ROM is given to the Hammond B-3, with a slant typically toward rock - indeed, many of the samples contain slight distortion/pre-amp saturation - just like many hard-rock keyboardists used to record and play their organs. The organ is recorded in many different settings, conveniently labeled according to the "drawbar number" employed. Philip Wolfe's Rock Keyboards - This CD ROM has the most complete B3 collection to date. These are sampled directly from the preamp of the organ (for use with a Leslie or a Leslie simulator effect), and with the mic's on the Leslie. Both the direct and the leslie versions are sampled with and without percussion 2nd, 3rd, percussion harmonic 2nd and 3rd, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 bars. The Leslie versions are also sampled with light, medium and heavy distortion, slow to fast Leslie, B3 bass pedals, and much more. This CD ROM also covers MOOG warm pads, filter sweeps, polysynths, polybrass, bass unds, buzzy sawtooth, wah filter polysynth, sample and hold modulation to oscillator, analog strings, sine and square wave synths.
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PIANOS vol.3 ~ <Bolder Sounds> Cd-Rom: This CD features 2 contrasting grand pianos: a Yamaha "C7" and a 9' Steinway "D." You want it dark? You've got a Steinway. You want it bright? You've got a Yamaha. Each piano was recorded in stereo at mezzo forte and fortissimo dynamic levels.

POCKET B3 version 1 ~ (Original Version) <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom A B-3 for Your Kurzweil! ~ Hammond B-3 Samples on CDROM. Way lighter than the real thing, but packing 100% of the punch. From warm and mellow to big and beefy, it's all the B-3 sounds you'll ever need for rock, jazz, R&B or gospel! NOTE: Formatted for Kurzweil Kxxxx keyboards: These Kurzweil CD-ROMs are in a proprietary Kurzweil format that can only be read by a K2000/K2500/K2600 series keyboard using a Kurzweil-compatible SCSI CD-ROM drive. These CD-ROMs can NOT be read by a Mac or PC. If you are interested in adding these sounds to your Kurzweil PC3K, we suggest that you try our Sweetwater PC3K Library, which has over 100 instruments selected from all nine of our Kurzweil CD-ROM libraries. The library comes on a 2GB thumb drive that's been formatted so that you can plug it directly into the PC3K and start loading. Since there will be plenty of room left over on the drive, we'll include the latest operating system and objects, as well as the currently available Kurzweil PC3K libraries (including the SynthScapes and Take 6 collections) and the K2661 ROM compatibility files. These Pocket B-3 files represent 29 different Drawbar Settings, which are labeled on each Program. Each Drawbar Setting comes with the straight B-3 tone plus a very luscious Chorus/Vibrato version with the B-3 set to CV3. Now here's the amazing part. The straight B-3 version of each Drawbar Setting is typically only 30k to 50k in size! That's right, you can fit all 29 of them on your machine using less than 2 MB of your RAM! The Chorus/Vibrato versions of each Drawbar Setting are typically only 600k in size. Loading all 25 of these gorgeous sounds on your Kurzweil will only take 14 MB of RAM! Every Pocket B-3 Drawbar Setting has a single rotor and a dual rotor stereo Leslie simulation created by a complex VAST application. The dual rotor versions use Setups to separate Rates and Acceleration Times for the horn and the rotor. There are also Percussion Programs using Third or Second Harmonics featuring the unique ability to have Percussion play on all keys all the time, or only when no other notes are held down (like a real B-3). The Pocket B-3 features a Leslie External directory, which makes our B-3s a perfect match for external Leslie simulators. Finally, we've thrown in a Bonus Bank of B-3s with real Leslies that use our own custom designed "Morphing" Algorithm, which seamlessly blends from slow to fast Leslie, samples. There are also several Bonus B-3 instruments, which have heavy distorytion and deep Leslie rotations effects.

POCKET B3 version 2 ~ (+ & - KDFX) <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom
POCKET SYNDROME ~ vol.2 ~ ROCK GUITAR <SampleHeads> Cd-Rom
POWER TOOLS ~ <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom ~ The K2 Series Power Tools CD-ROM contains nearly 600 meg of samples, programs, demos and compatibility files. A wide variety of samples can be found on the disk, including Keyboards, Guitars, Basses, Drums and Percussion, Horns, Strings, Voices and Sound Effects. Also included are many programs which utilize the ROM samples.

PRODUCER'S SERIES vol.1 ~ <Front Room Productions> Cd-Rom: VINTAGE SOUNDS FOR KURZWEIL SAMPLERS / PRODUCED BY TONY DiLORENZO. Producer Series Volume 1, from Front Room Productions is a CD ROM of vintage synthesizer sounds for Kurzweil samplers like the K2000, K2500 and K2600. This meticulously crafted CD is the result of more than 12 months of sampling, programming, tuning and tweaking. Because all of the patches and samples were produced with Kurzweil samplers and not ported over from other machines, Tony DiLorenzo was able to take full advantage of the powerful synthesis technology found in the Kurzweil samplers. Multiple variations of presets ranging from subtle to dramatic ~ Sounds programmed using controllers (mod wheel, after touch, data sliders, etc.) 16-bit, 44.1 kHz format ~ Sounds span a 76-note range ~ Your Kurzweil should have at least 10MB of RAM to load all sounds. Sounds/Samples/Programs Provided are PROPHET VS™ ~ YAMAHA CS-80" ~ YAMAHA DX-5™ & TX SERIES™ ROLAND SUPER JUPITER™ ~ ROLAND MKS-30™ ~ ROLAND MKS-20™ ~ PPG WAVE 2.3™ PROSONUS FX vol.1 ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom

PROSONUS FX vol.2 ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom

PROSONUS GRAND PIANO ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom: From the acclaimed Prosonus library comes a sampled Steinway grand piano without compromise. For the first time, the sampler equipped studio can reproduce every nuance of this spectacular instrument in the digital realm, allowing a depth of expression and level of authenticity previously available only to Steinway owners. Prosonus' unique partnership with Steinway has produced this sampled grand piano that meets both the Steinway and the Prosonus high standards of excellence. With beautiful multi-samples at 16, 32, 64 and 128 meg patches and samples of all 88 keys, this is the most "playable" piano CD-ROM available.

PROSONUS ORCHESTRAL COLLECTION ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom: Prosonus Orchestral Collection Kurzweil (1 cd) From percussion to strings, brass to woodwinds- it's all here. You'll find string orchestra sustained, marcato, pizz and FX; section and solo violin, viola, cello and bass; trumpet, piccolo trumpet, flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, bass trombone, tuba and tuba FX; brass ensemble and brass orchestra; flute, alto flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, oboe d'amore, English horn, bassoon, and contrabassoon; harp single notes and glissandi; timpani, tubular bells, triangle, cymbals, cymbal FX, gong, snare, snare rolls, and more! "This disc offers a remarkable variety of instruments & playing techniques. Keyboard Magazine"

PROSONUS ORCHESTRAL STRINGS vol.1 ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom: Solo, section and full orchestral strings. Includes: String Orchestra: 20 Instruments: Forte, Piano, Sustained, Marcato, Pizzicato. String Orchestra FX: 9 Instruments: Pizz, Gliss, Tremolo.
Violin Section: 24 Instruments Forte, Piano, Mute 8 Instruments Marcato 8 Instruments Pizzicato 12 Instruments Col Legno, Harm, Runs... AND MORE!

PSYCHEDELIC GUITAR ~ <Sony Sound Series> Cd-Rom
PSYCHIC HORNS ~ <Q-UP Arts> Cd-Rom: Brass sections featuring stereo trumpet, tenor sax, and trombone / Long and short sustain
/ Loops / Riffs / Swells
QUANTUM LEAP BRASS vol.1 ~ <Eastwest> Cd-Rom
QUANTUM LEAP BRASS vol.2 ~ <Eastwest> Cd-Rom
QUANTUM LEAP BRASS vol.3 ~ <Eastwest> Cd-Rom
QUANTUM LEAP BRASS vol.4 ~ <Eastwest> Cd-Rom
QUANTUM LEAP BRASS vol.5 ~ <Eastwest> Cd-Rom

QUANTUM LEAP BRASS INFORMATION; Super-Brass CD-ROM Library from East West; The Definitive 5 CD-ROM Collection of Multi Sampled Brass Instruments & Sections. East West, the world's leading provider of professional Soundware, released Quantum Leap Brass, a multi CD-ROM professional sample library for Kurzweil Samplers. Quantum Leap Brass is the definitive 5 CD-ROM Collection of multi sampled Brass Instruments & Sections, featuring Solo Trumpet, Solo trombone, Bass Trombone, Piccolo Trumpet, Tuba, Baritone, Sax, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, 4 French Horns, 3 Trumpets, and 3 Trombones, meticulously recorded and programmed by Nick Phoenix, who produced the critically acclaimed sample library Quantum Leap Guitar & Bass. Phoenix and his team spent nearly a year creating this long sort after Brass collection which is the ultimate solution for ORCHESTRAL, POP, JAZZ, BIG BAND, ROCK, MARIACHI, LATIN, R&B, HIP HOP productions. Quantum Leap Brass is an uncompromising, purist collection for sampling connoisseurs with an emphasis on expression and dynamics. The Brass Instruments were chromatically recorded through RCA 44 ribbon and Neumann M 49 condenser microphones, Neve and Manley preamps, and Apogee Rossetta 24 bit converters, in Los Angeles'best recording studios. What separates Quantum Leap Brass from other Brass sample libraries is the quality of the attacks and the absence of loops (some of the most important sustains in the library are included looped for those users with less memory). "For the last decade sampling musicians have been patiently awaiting the arrival of a comprehensive Brass sample library that enables them to produce realistic Brass recordings, and finally we have achieved it", says East West president and CEO, Doug Rogers. "The quality and the dynamics of these recordings has to be heard to be believed" says Rogers. Multi sampled Brass Instruments & Sections,Solo Trumpet, Solo trombone, Bass Trombone, Piccolo Trumpet, Tuba, Baritone, Sax, Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, 4 French Horns,3 Trumpets,3 Trombones. Incredibly full and dynamic 24 bit Stereo samples UV22 converted to 16 bit. Detailed and authentic attacks and swells. Brass for every occasion - ORCHESTRAL, POP, JAZZ, BIG BAND, ROCK, MARIACHI, LATIN, R&B, HIP HOP.

REAL RHODES K2000 VERSION ~ <Pyramid Sounds> Cd-Rom
REAL RHODES K2000/K2500 VERSION 2.1 ~ <Pyramid Sounds>: This Krz Cd-Rom of Assorted Keyboard Programs/Samples Include:

RETRO COOL (4 Cd-Rom Set) ~ <Big Fish Audio>
RETRO FUNK Classic Drumming Series vol.A ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom
RETRO FUNK Classic Drumming Series vol.B ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom
RETRO FUNK Classic Drumming Groove Control Disc ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom
RETRO FUNK INFO: Spectrasonics takes Retro into the future! Awesome Live drum & percussion grooves, Authentic Vintage Sound, Feel & Style, Multiple world-class Drummers, Studios and Engineers, Transitional Song Construction Elements, Ultra-Wide Sonic Variety, Unprecedented Control. A fresh take on the killer vintage sound. The sonic texture of these loops makes them ultra-flexible, bringing massive "vibe" to any modern track. Producer Eric Persing's mixes create a unique, dry sonic attitude in this library, making it ideal for layering with other groove elements. Vintage mics, warm Analog tape compression and antique drums all contribute to the funkiness. And with Groove Control™, the grooves are at your command, effortlessly blending their timing and human feel to match your music. Turn a GoGo groove into Deep House, a JB Boogaloo into Drum & Bass, a Fatback P-Funk groove into Alternative Reggae, or an R&B stomp into a Pop Ballad! It's scary how quickly you can sound like a remix genius! There have been numerous drum loop products produced in the past, but never before with this level of quantity, quality, flexibility and variety. The authenticity in Sound, Feel and Style is unprecedented. Producers Eric Persing and Bob Wilson (Liquid Grooves), went to great lengths to insure that every groove was performed with maximum inspiration and is truly "the real deal". Normally, a drum loop library features the same drummer playing one kit, in one studio, all recorded in one day -resulting in the same basic sound throughout the collection. It may be good, but the lack of variety gets old quickly. In one of the biggest departures from other drum loop discs, Retro Funk was created from months of recording sessions with multiple world-class drummers -each recorded by different engineers in numerous legendary Hollywood studios like Captial Records, The Enterprise and O'Henry's. The focus is on live drumming with serious feel, vintage drums and a huge variety of original grooves and fills from four incredible drummers! The featured players on Retro Funk include: Gregg Bissonette (Santana, Joe Satriani, Don Henley) Bob Wilson (Liquid Grooves, George Benson, The Crusaders) John Ferraro (Larry Carlton, David Benoit, Albert Lee, Aaron Neville) Eric Boseman (Liquid Grooves, James Newton-Howard) Create your own complete drum track with Song construction Elements including Variations, Fills, Fill Bars, Intros, Breakdowns, Ride and Sidestick patterns, Add-on Cymbals, Claps, Vinyl noise and funky live Percussion loops too! This massive stash of grooves is destined to be another Spectrasonics Legend.

ROBOTS & COMPUTERS ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom ROMScapes ~ The K Team ~ Audio Demo of the K2000 <Kurzweil> This "K2000 Stand Alone" Audio shows off the Power of the K2000 with compositions, songs completed without external effects & additional sound moduals------->>>>Simply Awesome!!! ROSS GARFIELD ~

The Drum Doctor Does Drums 1 <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom: The industry standard for quality, quantity and bang for the buck. Over
1,200 samples, multiple ambience and up to 6 velocities per instrument. From the first kick drum to the last conga you will see why everyone agrees that these are the best drums on earth. "Top-notch collection... great-sounding instruments recorded in great-sounding rooms with excellent mics. Kicks are excellent... snares are beautiful... hi-hats are exquisitely EQed... (and) the ride and crash samples are generously long. " 5 out of 5 - Keyboard Mag "

ROSS GARFIELD ~ THE DRUM DOCTOR 2 <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom: Over 1500 samples from the Doctor's library. Ross Garfield has dramatically raised the standard for the best drums on Earth. More than 350 kick samples & 800 snares, hundreds of toms & cymbals plus an extensive percussion selection. With most having five velocity levels per instrument, you just can't get better sounding drums! "If you're using a sampler for drums & you want to fool people into thinking they're hearing the real thing, Ross Garfield would like to talk to you... No question, the choice of instruments, the tuning and the recording quality is awesome. " 5 out of 5 - Keyboard Mag "

ROTATION ~ HIP HOP <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom

RSI SAMPLE ARCHIVES CD-ROM ~ <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom RSI Sounds for Your Kurzweil! These RSI Samples on CD-ROM are a completely new sample library developed specifically for the Kurzweil K2000/K2500. Unlike other sampler libraries that are merely "ported over" to Kurzweil format, RSI on CD-ROM was truly designed to take exclusive advantage of VAST technology. No matter whether you're doing Pop, Jazz, Orchestral, or SFX/Film Score, you'll appreciate the musicality and powerful expression available with such musically applicable sampling. Velocity switched attack changes, all new keymaps, and new Programs all take advantage of Version 3 parameters. Kurzweil CD-ROMs are in a proprietary Kurzweil format that can only be read by a K2000/K2500/K2600 series keyboard using a Kurzweil-compatible SCSI CD-ROM drive. These CD-ROMs can NOT be read by a Mac or PC. If you are interested in adding these sounds to your Kurzweil PC3K, we suggest that you try our Sweetwater PC3K Library, which has over 100 instruments selected from all nine of our Kurzweil CD-ROM libraries. The library comes on a 2GB thumb drive that's been formatted so that you can plug it directly into the PC3K and start loading. Since there will be plenty of room left over on the drive, we'll include the latest operating system and objects, as well as the currently available Kurzweil PC3K libraries (including the SynthScapes and Take 6 collections) and the K2661 ROM compatibility files. Even the Effects were completely redone to produce ambiences that are cleaner and quieter than those found in the Internal ROM. Finally, every controller, including Vlocity, Mod Wheel, Data Slider, and Pressure were put to use to create real-time "performance instruments" instead of merely playing back a sample on a key press.These samples exhibit the same timelessness indigenous to Kurzweil instruments. Let's face it, there are many sample libraries featuring thousands of bizarre and trendy sounds which end up on a shelf to impress the gotta-have-every-sample-in-the-world crowd, and then there are those instrument samples which actually get used professionally as standard working tools. Check out Complete Stratocaster. The first program you pull up plays Mutes on soft velocities, Open Sustain on medium velocities and Harmonics with Feedback on hard velocities. Playa lick with varying velocities and you'll hear the expression we're talking about. Now try Orchestra for the most powerful real-time punch you've ever had under 10 fingers! Or, surround yourself in ambient stereo FX with Fireworks, Jungle, Thundar and War. Industrial Sounds will take you to new rhythmic grooves that make you rewrite all of the rules!Includes: Staples / Hammer Grand / Synergy 1 / Air Voice / French Horn Section / Tenor Sax / Pop Brass / Acoustic Guitar/ Acoustic Guitar Chords / Chorused Electric Guitar / Electric 12 String Guitar / Lead Guitar 1 / Howe Lead Guitar /Complete Stratocaster / Yes Bass / Mandolin / Harp / Orchestra / China / Wild Percussion / Industrial Sounds / Fireworks / Thunder / Rainstick /Jungle / War / Bleachers Also includes demos of: Finger Juice (2 files) / Pocket B-3 (7 files) / Sounds of the 70's (5 files) / Stratus (1 file) / Total Stereo Session Drums (7 files) / Stereo YC Virtual Grand Piano (1 file) / Synthetica vol.1 Floppy (1 file) / Ultimate Guitars (12 Files)

SILK ROAD MIDDLE EASTERN INSTRUMENTS ~ <Sonic Implants> Cd-Rom: Musicians will be able to add the mystery of the orient to their latest compositions with the release of Sonic Implants’ new CD, Silk Road, Middle Eastern Melodic & Percussion Instruments. The very name, Silk Road, inspires visions of camel caravans traversing the 7,000-mile trading route between the west and the ancient orient, winding through China, Central Asia, Northern India, Parthian and Roman Empires (the current countries of China, India, Iran, Iraq, Persia & Syria). The popular trade route blended culture, music, art and religion for centuries. The new Sonic Implants release, with samples performed by Middle Eastern musicians, captures the authentic melodic and percussion instruments from the Middle East.
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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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SKIPPY'S BIG BAD BEATS vol.1 ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom
SKIPPY'S BIG BAD BEATS vol.2 ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom
SKIPPY'S BIG BAD BEATS GROOVE CONTROL DISC ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom + info: From the mind of groove guru John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl comes Skippy's Big Bad Beats. This funkified library combines old school attitude with totally new grooves, presented in ultra hi-fi sonic fidelity to light your tracks on fire. Great for R n' B, dance, techno, trance, soul, or anything requiring movin' groovin'. Not just another remixed loop library, BBB gives you tons of new grooves (66BPM - 145BPM) each with multiple mix variations, including full mix, simple mix, no kick, no snare, high-end only, old record mix and more, so you can actually write a complete song with breaks and turnarounds. And with Groove Control™ your options for changing tempo, feel and mix are truly limitless. The sounds are fresh, fat and in-your-face. The grooves will hit you where it hurts. Skippy has programmed sounds for Korg since 1988 and has worked on tons of high profile sessions, on both coasts, showing off his groove skills. This is his first Sample CD and we know it won't be his last. You gotta check it out! Skippy's Big Bad Beats was designed to be a unique product when compared to other drum loop libraries. Let's take a moment to explain the thought process behind this collection of grooves so that you can understand how to get the most out of the library. At the root level, BBB is conceived as a collection of 34 high-fidelity stereo dance, hip hop and pop grooves. Making any of these loops "lo-fi" is as easy as running them through distortion, EQ or effects boxes, if you like. These starter grooves are then broken down and remixed into alternative versions that you can use at different places in your song for rhythmic variety. Instead of only one loop that never changes in a four-minute song, with Big Bad Beats, you can arrange the different mixes at different times, or use the full mixes for the intro and the small mixes for the verses. You can also use the no-snare version just before going back into the full mix version for the chorus outs & so on. Instead of making 1,700 loops that have nothing in common with each other, we've created a library that has variations within the same basic groove. This way, you determine what mix to use, when and where, instead of being limited to only one loop for the entire song. After carefully selecting the 300+ loops, every last one of them was put through a process developed by ILIO and Spectrasonics, utilizing proprietary software, called Groove Control™. This process literally explodes the library into millions of possible groove mixes, tempos and attitudes. So you have the option of using the recorded grooves in the traditional way.

SLO-FUNK ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
SONIK MATTER.COM ARCHIVE 2000 KCD-001 ~ <SoundEngine> Cd-Rom
SOUL CITY ~ <Big Fish Audio> 2 Cd-Roms
SOUL FUNKY vol.1 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
SOUL FUNKY vol.2 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
SOUND ARSENEL ~ <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom: A massive collection of 1,000 files, featuring some of the best of Sweetwater's highly-
acclaimed sounds. 1,000 files including:
• The Best of the K250 Collection
• The Stratus Power Pack
• Sweetwater's exclusive SW-B3 Mode for the K2500
• The Sweetwater Dance Collection
• GM Files for K2000's, K2vx's and K2500's
• Kurzweil Program Farms for K2000's, K2vx's and K2500's
• New Demo Sequences for K2500's
• Bonus Directory of Daniel Fisher's Programs and Samples
• Bonus Directory of Brian Cowell's Programs, Setups and QA Banks
• 500 files from our Sweetwater Web Site
• Demos from all of our Sweetwater CD-ROMs
• 128 meg RAM Test file
The following demos are also included: - Finger Juice (2 files) - Pocket B-3 (7 files) - Sounds of the 70's (5 files)
- Stratus (1 file) - Total Stereo Session Drums (7 files) - Stereo YC Virtual Grand Piano (1 file)
- Synthetica vol.1 Floppy (1 file) - Ultimate Guitars (12 Files) - Techno Ambient Floppy

Pianos with a history, actuality usd on the hit records from the "Motown" era. Recorded in actual "Motown" Studios. Multi-Sampled in players perspective stereo with full natural dacay. These Pianos Cannot Be Beat! They They have astonishing realism as solo instruments and sit well in any mix. If you need a Great Piano, you need this disc. Others have had hits with these Pianos, Why Not You? Own sounds like Stevie's "Superstitious" Clav. Ray Charles Wurlitzer and the classic Rhodes Suitcase Electric Piano, Sampled with Amp and Direct Tones, for Real Throw-Back Sound. Plus Phenomenal detailed programing adds Classic Foot Pedal effects like Phasers, Wah Pedals, Flangers & Tremolos. These sounds take full advantage of Kurzweil's V.A.S.T. architecture, Multi-Layers Cross Switches and Flexible Real-Time Controls. Now, the B-3 Sound can be yours, Sampled with Real Leslie Crossfades (Not Simulations) and tones from club settings to "Deep Purple" Dual Marshall Distorted Leslie's. Plus you can get the Farfisa and Vox, Classic "Doors" Organ Tones, Multi-Sampled with amp and direct Tone for the True Retro Sound!

SOUNDS OF THE 70'S vol.2 ~ <Sonic Arts> Cd-Rom ~ Cd2 Content: BIG BAD BASSES Like, FENDER JAZZ BASS / MOTOWN FLATWOUND BASS / 5-STRING BASS! DRUMS AND PERCUSSION WITH A GROOVE / ROCK KIT 1&2 / FUNK KIT 1&2 / BIG ROCK LOOPS / TIGHT FUNK LOOPS / DETAILED LATIN PERC / NYLON GUITAR. Here is the ultimate source for Real Bass Sounds, Multi-Sampled through Vintage Heads and Cabinets. It's like the sessionist is right there with you, because we took the time to crossfade all the techniques the Heavy-Hitters use, including Slaps, Slides, Pops and X Notes. Here is everything you need to make professional rhythm tracks, Rock Kits, Funk Kits, Latin Percussion and more. Big, Live, "Zeppelin Style" Room Drums, Sampled in Kit Perspective with Multi-Layer Cross-Switching and unique Keymapping....."James Brown-Style" Funky Drums with detailed cross-switch Ghost notes........Rock Loops including variations, Fills and Turnarounds, pre-looped for quick auditions and pre-mapped to trigger on the one! Plus a truck load of Latin Percussion Toys that will give anytrack New Life! Also Simply the Best Nylon String Acoustic ever Sampled for your Kurzweil Ax!

SOUNDVAULT CD-ROM vol.1 FOR KURZWEIL ~ <Soundvault> Cd-Rom
SOUTHERN GOSPEL in TV and RADIO ~ <Big Citi Loops> Cd-Rom
STELLAR GOSPEL JAMZ vol.1 ~ Cd-Rom <Hot Music Factory>
STELLAR GOSPEL JAMZ vol.2 ~ Cd-Rom <Hot Music Factory>
STRATOS ~ DRONES & ATMOSPHERES ~ 5 Cd-Rom Set <Big Fish Audio>:

Programs most multi disc sets + The Kurzweil Analog Collection:::
Kurzweil Analog Collection of Arp/Korg/MemoryMoog/Oberheim/Roland/SCI/Yamaha Programs + 88 Stratus volumes::

STRATUS SOUNDS vol.1 ~ CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTS <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom: Includes:All the classical strings, woodwinds and brass you'll need for orchestral music or film scores, plus keyboard instruments, harps, classical guitars and full orchestral percussion! NOTE: Formatted for Kurzweil K2XXX keyboards These Kurzweil CD-ROMs are in a proprietary Kurzweil format that can only be read by a K2000/K2500/K2600 series keyboard using a Kurzweil-compatible SCSI CD-ROM drive. These CD-ROMs can NOT be read by a Mac or PC. If you are interested in adding these sounds to your Kurzweil PC3K, we suggest that you try our Sweetwater PC3K Library, which has over 100 instruments selected from all nine of our Kurzweil CD-ROM libraries. The library comes on a 2GB thumb drive that's been formatted so that you can plug it directly into the PC3K and start loading. Since there will be plenty of room left over on the drive, we'll include the latest operating system and objects, as well as the currently available Kurzweil PC3K libraries (including the SynthScapes and Take 6 collections) and the K2661 ROM compatibility files. When you actually play the cello, we're sure that you'll be convinced. The warmth, the feel and the rich animation will testify to Stratus Sounds' artistry and ear for detail. The triple-strike nylon guitar will redefine your concept of sampler dynamics. And beware, Stratus tympanis will bottom-out your monitors at the same level previously used to juice your 1000-samples-squeezed-into-4-megabytes percussion. Even if you should find that not all of the sounds included in this library are useful to you today, the value of having access to such a quantity of high quality sounds may greatly benefit future productions, especially when you rediscover those "misfits" to be fresh new options. Stratus Sounds aren't just technically superior, they're creatively superior. While beneficial for the purpose of auditioning or even filling the background of a production, most sample libraries exhibit static, lifeless samples with little animation and an artificial vibrato, often looped immediately after the attack. In contrast, Stratus Sound samples are recorded by professional players of each instrument and are digitally edited with long loops to capture the dynamic articulations, natural vibrato, and complex phasing and harmonic changes characteristic of a well-executed performance. When properly positioned in a production, these sounds may fool even well trained ears. Even the most critical of listeners will appreciate the sheer musicality of these samples and the ease with which Stratus Sounds lend themselves to esthetically pleasing compositions.
Keyboard Instruments:
Steinway B Grand Piano / Harpsichord One / Pipe Organ Collection: Cornet V / Pipe Organ Collection: Trompette 8 /Pipe Organ Collection: 4 Rank Pipes
Piccolo / Flute One / Ebony Flute / Oboe One / Oboe Two / Clarinet One / English Horn / English Horn Two / Bassoon/
Warm Jazz Trumpet / Trombone One / French Horn One / Baritone Horn
Violin One (Hard Bowed Violin) / Violin Two / Violin Three / Marcato Violin One / Pizzicato Violin One / Legato Violins / Viola One / Cello One / Orchestral Strings (Two) / Lush Strings / Pizzicato Strings
Classical Guitar One / Classical Guitar Two / Nylon Guitar / Concert Harp One / Concert Harp Two / Concert Harp Glissandos
Orchestral Percussion One / Orchestral Percussion Two / Gong Collection / F/X Cymbals One / F/X Cymbals Two / Percussion Toys One / Mark Tree / Glockenspiel One / Glockenspiel Two

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STRATUS SOUNDS vol.2 ~ AMERICAN STANDARD COLLECTION <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom: Sounds of American History for Your Kurzweil! From Sweetwater's renowned soundware library! The Americana CD is the quintessential sample library representing America's musical heritage: Hammond B-3s, Gibson and Fender guitars, electric basses, big band brass, tons of percussion and more. NOTE: Formatted for Kurzweil Kxxxx keyboards. These Kurzweil CD-ROMs are in a proprietary Kurzweil format This volume is the second in a series of libraries derived from the critically acclaimed Stratus Sounds library for the Kurzeil K2000/K2500. All libraries exhibit the same all-digital editing and mastering techniques as well as the same attention to artistry in the beautiful detail and realism of each instrument. These qualities are what made Sweetwater Stratus Sounds such a phenomenal success with performance artists and production engineers around the world. American Jazz - The American Standard Collection focuses on the sounds native to American culture in the past century. The library begins with the bygone days of those tiny smoke-filled jazz clubs where music lovers would crowd around a makeshift stage, listening to the melancholy sound of Cajun greats. Warm Jazz Trumpet captures the dark and forlorn spirit of the mellowest of horn players, with an honest understated tone providing plenty of inspiration to draw you into your music. Then, for a nice complimentary texture, try the Breathy Tenor Sax. The absence of a clear attack in this style seemed to transcend time signatures, free from the divisions of each bar. This combined with the breathy timbral presence made the instrument come to life with the very soul of the performer. Add an Upright Bass, Concert Grand One, and the Jazz Set for a nuts-and-bolts rhythm section to shape and define the characteristic sound of an early American jazz ensemble.American Rock. Fast forward a few decades and find yourself in front of a camera on American Bandstand with a '72 Stratocaster strapped over your shoulder. Flip the pickup s with into the out-of -phase position between the bridge and middle pickups while listening to the anticipation of hundreds of screaming teenagers. Strum a few chords for introduction, and then feel the Steinberger Bass drop the foundation as you kick in some light distortion and chorusing. WHAM! Now your drummer's in with a couple hits on a wood shell Rogers snare drum, a tom flam, and then the crisp, transparent explosion of a 16" Sabian crash. Heavier rock productions will ignite with energy when you punch in the Gibson Les Paul with DiMarzio pickups played through a Mesa/Boogie amplifier. Country? Check out the Martin acoustic 6-string played with a metal side.The advanced architecture of the Kurzweil has enabled Stratus Sounds to corral all of these classics into one amazing library of American musical heritage. Extraordinary Value - Consider the value of such a collection! What would it take to find, purchase, and learn how to play each one of these instruments well enough to incorporate into a production? Now, thanks to the Kurzweil and Stratus Sounds, it's not only possible - it's affordable! Certainly some of us may not find a use for the "Chet Atkins" model Gretsch Tennessean today, but the few dollars that were paid for it as part of this collection may prove well worth it when a fresh, new guitar sound will be just the thing needed to revitalize a mix.
KEYBOARDS: Concert Grand One / Hammond B-3 One / Hammond B-3 Two / Hammond B-3 Three
BRASS & WINDS: Warm Jazz Trumpet / Solo Trombone One / Soprano Sax One / Soprano Sax Two / Alto Sax One / Tenor Sax One / Breathy Tenor Sax One / Baritone Sax One / Baritone Sax Two
GUITARS: Acoustic Guitar One / Acoustic GuitarTwo / Slide Guitar One / Clean Gibson 335 / Blues Guitar / Clean Strat One / Dirty Strat One / Funk Strat / Studio Strat / Gretch Tennessean / Jazz Guitar One / Jazz Guitar Two and Three / Rock Guitar One / Rock Guitar Two / Metal Guitar 5ths and Effects / Electro-Acoustic 12 String One / Acoustic 12 String Guitar One / Stratocaster 12 String One / Stratocaster Electric 12 String Two / Rickenbacker Electric 12 String
BASSES: Steinberger Bass / Thunderbird Bass / Fender Jazz Bass / Fretless Bass One / Fretless Bass Two/ Upright Acoustic Bass / Bass Collection
PERCUSSION: Kick Drum Collection / Snare Collection One / Toms Collection / Hi-Hat Collection / Ride/Bell Cymbals One / Jazz Set / Roland R-8Drums / Marimba One / Vibraphone/Lyre Glockenspiel / Orchestra Hits

STRATUS SOUNDS vol.3 ~ EXOTIC INSTRUMENTS & SYNTHS <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom: xotic Instruments for Your Kurzweil! Broaden your musical horizons and explore new sonic territory with world instruments like bamboo flute, sitar, Paraguayan harp, South African Sansa, and more. Plus synths (like the Oberheim OB8, MemoryMoog, and Super Jupiter) and vintage keys as a bonus! Consider, for example, the Praguayan Folk Harp. This instrument is hand made of rosewood and mahogany. Its tone is warmer than the modern orchestral harp and yet richly detailed in its provocative harmonic series. The South African Sansa is a wooden box resonator to which a number of split cane or metal tongues are attached, free at one end to be plucked with the thumbs. The texture is almost harpish in sustain, and yet distinctly "tuned percussion" in its attack. In our quest to provide such rare and pleasing treasures as the examples above, we have also chosen to include several classic analog synth programs from such instruments as the Oberheim OB8, MemoryMoog, and the Super Jupiter.
Keyboard: Accordian One / MIDI MIX Piano / Gig Pianos / Wurlitzer Electric Piano / CP-70 Electric Grand / DX Electric Piano 1&2 / DX Electric Piano 3&4 / Toy Piano / Analog Pad One / Synthbasses One & Two / Synthbasses Three & Four / Synth Brass One / Dramatis One / Dramatis Two
Winds: Harmonica One / Andes Flute / Pan Flute One / Cane Pan Flute / Japanese Mountain Bamboo Flute / Shakuhachi One / Soprano Recorder / Blown Bottle / Didjeridu
Stringed: Sitar One / Shamisen / Koto / Paraguayan Folk Harp / Yueh Chin / Elizabethan Harp / Banjo One / Mandolin One / Piano Harp Effects
Percussion: Kyoto Gardens / Ethnic Percussion One / Ethnic Percussion Two / Conga Collection / Timbales Plus / Shakers One / Super Latin Percussion / Latin Percussion Two / Body/Voice Percussion / Sansa One / Steel Drum One / Steel Drums Two / Space Bass One

STRING BOXES ~ Mellotron & Arp Solina <Sonic Implants> Cd-Rom: Sonic Implants' String Boxes: Mellotron and ARP String Ensemble CD-ROM library, brings together string sounds from two classic keyboards: the Mellotron and the ARP Solina String Ensemble. The Mellotron produced its sounds by playing analog tapes of each note of a recorded instrument, and the ARP Solina synthesized its string and brass sounds from sawtooth waves. Although the Mellotron has always been considered a unique, classic instrument, the Solina has only recently earned its standing as a vintage synth. this is not an extensive collection of instrument sounds. The Mellotron library is limited to Flute, 8-Voice Choir, and three String sounds from the M200, M300, and Mark II models. However, those are the instruments most closely associated with the Mellotron sound, and they are good representative choices. Furthermore, each sound has a number of variations created by adjusting envelopes or filters. For example, the M200 Strings library has four filtered pad sounds with different attack and release envelopes, a basic Dry Violins patch, and other pad variations that alter sample playback by using only attack and release envelopes. The Mellotron samples were recorded at a 22.05 kHz sampling rate with 16-bit resolution, which is enough to ensure faithful reproduction of the Mellotron instruments.

SUPER BRASS vol.1 ~ <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom
SUPER FUNK MACHINE ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom>
SWEETWATER SPECIAL ~ K2000 Disc ~ "Employees Only" Cd-Rom
SYMPHONIC MANOEUVRES 2 ~ KeyMapped (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
SYMPHONY OF VOICES: 4 Cd-Rom Set:<Spectrasonics>:
1/ LONDON CHOIR - Cd-Rom: Disc 1 is devoted entirely to richly detailed samples of the 80-voice London Chorale, recorded in a large cathedral in England. These are the first sampled choirs ever presented without heavy vibrato, making them much more playable and useful in a wide variety of musical contexts. Performance variations include multiple dynamics of multisampled ahs, oos, ohs, ees, humming, intense staccato stabs, natural crescendo/decrescendo swells, octaves, moving vowels, vibrato versions and even whistling!
2/ CLASSICAL SOLOISTS & CHOIR FX - Cd-Rom: Disc 2 brings the beauty and power of Classical Soloists to the realm of your sampler.Includes a wide variety of license-free Operatic Tenor and Soprano phrases (both with words and melismatic), in addition to the natural multisamples of each singer. This disc also contains London Choir FX samples, Major, Minor and Suspended Chords with high & low chord voicings, thick clusters, Twelve-Tone and Ligeti fx, whispering, murmuring, accents, falls, avante garde glides, vertigo fx, swoops, chattering, guttural groans, shouts, ethereal phrases and more!
3/ BOY'S CHOIR & GREGORIAN - Cd-Rom: Disc 3 focuses on an authentic English Boys Choir and a Gregorian Mens Choir. Many of the sounds on this disc have never before been available to the electronic musician. The Boys Choir features multisampled phrases (Kyrie, Allelujah, Amen, Agnus Dei, etc.) in addition to the soft and loud multisampled static vowels (oos, ahs, ees, mms) and moving vowels (oh-eh-ah and ah-eh-ee-oo). Also includes Solo Boy phrases and multisamples. The Gregorian Mens Choir is provided with multisampled soft and loud ohs, mms, fifth drones, intervals (half and whole step up/down), multisampled Latin words and ancient Gregorian Chants!

4/ POP STACKS - Cd-Rom: Disc 4 offers an overwhelming variety of Lush Multitracked Pop Stacks, created from over 10,000 perfect vocal performances! These "Enya-esque" pads are a must-have for Pop, R&B and New Age music. This disc has the most comprehensive multisampled vowels in the collection including oos, ahs, ehs, ees, ohs, mms, vvs and zzs, moving vowels, washes & "scooped" notes. Gorgeous male and female textures that will add that smooth silk to your next hit!

SYNCLAV FM ~ A Vintage $50,000 Synth in a Jewel Box <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom: New and original sounds! From one of the visionary minds of the NED team (makers of the Synclavier) comes tones and textures most have never heard before. It has been years since synthesizer manufacturers have come out with anything that sounds truly new. Now, with Synclav FM available for your sampler, you can be one of the few who discover the secret of this magnificent library packed with hundreds of patches from the amazing Synclavier synth engine.

SYNCLAVIER ESSENTIAL PERCUSSION vol.1 Sampler Library ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom: "Essential" is the key word here. Impactive drums, hits and cymbals, plus popular world percussion like steel drum, bongos and congas, not to mention electric bass, make this disc crucial to your production. Features hundreds of Kicks, Snares and Toms. 1,000+ samples.

SYNCLAVIER PERCUSSION + WORLD & ORCHESTRAL Sampler Library vol.2 ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom: Size: 222 MB, Includes all the percussion one could want including a full orchestral set complete with vibraphone marimba, bass marimba, xylophone, celesta, gongs, chimes, crash cymbals, timpani, bass and snare drums and more! Plus an encyclopedia of world percussion from Anklungs to Wuhan Gongs. 1,000+ samples!

SYNCLAVIER KEYS & GUITARS Sampler Library ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom: This packed disc features a gorgeous Concert Grand Piano with four velocity steps, great for classics or rock. Plus hundreds of synth sounds from such greats as the MicroWave, Sequential VS, MiniMoog,
Oberheim and the monster Synclavier itself. Add a real Rhodes or Wurlitzer Electric Piano and some rockin' Acoustic and Electric Guitar to complete the picture. 1,400+ samples!

SYNCLAVIER STRINGS ~ Sampler Library ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom:Well known for their unprecedented warmth and emotion, the Synclavier Strings CD-ROMs are complete with solo violin, cello and double bass samples in bowed and pizzicato articulations. Cello and viola sections are played as sustains & staccatos while the violin section includes pizzicatos, tremolos, staccatos and lush sustains. These strings are lively and very playable. Most are available as stereo and mono files. The harp is exceptional and includes single note and various arpeggios. As a bonus, human voices have been added including unison males, vocal effects and more!

SYNTHS & DRUM MACHINES vol.1 ~ <SoundEngine> Cd-Rom
SYNTHSCAPES ~ <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom ~ Product Description:The K2 Series Synthscapes CD-ROM features a wide variety of synth textures, leads, pads, basses, and keyboard comping sounds. The sounds were created by combining patches from many classic synths to achieve unique sounds not found on any individual instrument. Kurzweil hired producer/keyboardist Jason Miles (Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis) and his wall of synthesizers. Jason brought to the project his most cherished sounds, originally designed in his studio by combining timbres on his various instruments until the magic was achieved. The end result is that on one Kurzweil Synthesizer you now have access to these uniquely layered multi- instrument sounds that previously required a room full of the worlds greatest equipment, along with a top-notch producer. In addition to using these great sounds as is, Kurzweil's V.A.S.T. synthesis engine allows you to design an infinite variation of programs based on these sounds. Each sound in this collection is offered in its original basic form with some minor modifications (small amount of reverb or filter), followed by programs created using V.A.S.T. Programming ranges from subtle enhancements to bringing the timbre into a completely altered domain. This CD captures the inherent sound quality each individual instrument naturally produces; you can hear the separate identities of each of the instruments combined in these single layer, composite synth sample files. Instruments used to create Synthscapes: E-mu Vintage Keys / E-mu EIII XS / E-mu EIV / Roland JD-990 / Roland JD-8000/ Roland MKS-20 / Roland MKS-80 / Ensoniq ASR-10 / Ensoniq TS-10 / Ensoniq MR / Waldorf Microwave / Waldorf Microwave 2 /Waldorf Pulse Korg Wave Station AD / Kurzweil K2000 / Yamaha TX-816 / Yamaha TX-802 / Minimoog / Generalmusic ProPiano 2 / System Requirements: Minimum: SCSI CDROM Drive / 16 Mb Sample RAM / Any K2 Series model (K2000 users must have v3.54 or better) Recommended: 64Mb Sample RAM / PRAM option / KDFX-equipped K2 series model.

TAKE 6 ~ <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom: Sound Library - Take 6 Overview; Kurzweil Music Systems is proud to offer our Take 6 CD-ROM for Kurzweil K2 Series instruments. This hot vocal sound collection includes many different vocal articulations and will prove to be a
powerful weapon in any composers arsenal. This isn't just another sound disk, this is like having the finest studio vocalists at your convenience 24-hours a day. Take 6 is a diverse group of talented and successful studio singers. Their amazing albums are known for their hot jazz voicings and creative vocal performances. Kurzweil has once again set the benchmark of sophistication for sampling applications with this CD. This amazing CD was produced by combining Kurzweil's award winning V.A.S.T. sound architecture technology with a very special recording session, giving the user unprecedented control over syllables and vocal articulations using velocity and other controllers. It allows the user the ability to create the most realistic lead, back-up or scat singing sampled vocal tracks available today.

THE BEST OF EVERYTHING vol.1 ~ <Greytsounds> Cd-Rom
THE BEST OF KORG ~ <Pyramid Sounds> Cd-Rom: 600 MB, 120 volumes, over 400 programs. The sounds are multisampled, cover the Kurzweil's 88 keys, and most are stereo. Average sample size is 4 to 12 megs. There have been many emulations, but the original Korg sound remains unequaled. Our new Best of Korg CD ROM provides a true rendering of this distinctive sound for the Kurzweil K2000/K2500 series. Best of Korg give you perfect samples of Korg's most innovative synths, from the M1 right up to the new cutting edge Z-1, also including T3, M3R, and 01/W, and Trinity. In addition to the authentic Korg waveforms, we also provide V.A.S.T. variations that improve on the original Korg sound. These new variations take advantage of the Kurzweil's unique sound shaping capabilities. The samples were only the beginning!

CD Contents:* Korg M1A * Korg M1B * Korg M3B * Korg 01/W * Korg T3 * Korg Trinity II * Korg Wavestation * Korg Z *
THE BIG WHOOSH! ~ <Sound Ideas> Cd-Rom

THE PERFECT PIANO vol.1 ~ <William Coakley Sound Design> Cd-Rom
THE PERFECT PIANO vol.2 ~ <William Coakley Sound Design> Cd-Rom
THE PIANO vol.1 ~ <William Coakley Sound Design> Cd-Rom
THE PIANO vol.2 ~ <William Coakley Sound Design> Cd-Rom

THE PIANO vol.1 ~ <Virtual Reality Sounds> Cd-Rom: This CD ROM represents the first new development in sound sampling. It has become a standard in the music industry around the world. Every sampled note contains the resonance of the entire instrument, it is so realistic that it was used to record solo piano records. Our Virtual Reality recording method brings your sampler to live and adds awesome spatial sound to your mixes.Bösendorfer 9' Imperial Grand Piano - Sampled in 3 room positions: Players Position: Stereo experience as if you would sit at the instrument performing. Singers Position: Stereo experience as if you would stand next to the instrument looking into the open lid. Big band Position: Stereo experience as if you would listen to the instrument from the position of a Big band conductor in a live recording studio. Yamaha C7 7' Grand Piano - Sampled only in players position. Both pianos are represented in four different sample layers (Soft Layer, Medium Layer, Hard Layer and Sustained Layer) for maximum versatility. The minimum RAM required is 8MB. By combining all the layers it is possible to create 64MB presets. NEW !! A special EMU E4 version of the disc features 4 64MB banks with the sustain pedal programmed to add a 16Mb layer of sustained samples. Piano Effects and Bonus Presets: These Banks contain special sound effects alá 1940 horror flicks all created with the piano. Big Harpglisses, chains on the strings, harmonics ........... , slamming the lid, ... a treasure of unusual sounds.

THE PYRAMID COLLECTION ~ <Pyramid Sounds> Cd-Rom Cd-Rom Contains; Acoustic Piano / Symphonique Brass & Winds / The Disk II / The Disk / The Essential Korg 01/W / Film Score / Georgeous / Groove Power / Great Keys 1 / Great Keys 2 / Great Keys 3 / Roland JD800 Guitar / Roland JD/JV Set / JD800 Piano / Roland JD800 Strings / Roland JD800 SynBraz / Roland JV02080 Air / Roland JV FM Piano / Korg M3R SynBraz / Moody / Korg 01/W Digi EP 1 / Korg 01/W Digi EP 2 / Korg 01/W Digi EP 3 / Proteus BellKeys / Proteus StringVox / Pyramid Demo Disk / Radiant Light / Rhodes Piano / Roland JD990 / Roland Basses / Crystal Shores / Sonic Worlds / Korg 01/W Spectacular / String Ensemble / Alesis QS8 Swell Pads / Symphonique Strings / Textures 1 / Textures 2 / Textures 3 / Yamaha TG Coma / Turning Point / Untitled / Vibes/Marimbas / Wavescapes 1 / Wavescapes 2 / Wavestation / Wavescapes 1 Programs / Wavescapes 2 Programs / Wavestation Metropolis / Wavestation SynBraz

THE WORLD ~ <Q-UP Arts> Cd-Rom
TOTAL SPANISH GUITAR ~ SPECIAL EDITION ~ (2 Cd-Rom set) <Sony Creative Software>

TOTAL STEREO SESSION DRUMS ~ <Sweetwater Sound> Cd-Rom Over 400 Megabytes of Killer Percussion for Your Kurzweil!
This CD-ROM is a remarkable achievement in the endless quest to replicate real drums kits from a keyboard or MIDI drum controller. The stunning ambient realism provided in each file is due to a number of exciting synthesizer and sample techniques. Over 400 megabytes of data! Over 1,200 new samples in full stereo! Rock, funk, jazz, Latin, country, reggae, GM kits and more, plus raw samples that let you create your own kits! NOTE: Formatted for Kurzweil Kxxxx keyboards These Kurzweil CD-ROMs are in a proprietary Kurzweil format that can only be read by a K2000/K2500/K2600 series keyboard using a Kurzweil-compatible SCSI CD-ROM drive. These CD-ROMs can NOT be read by a Mac or PC. If you are interested in adding these sounds to your Kurzweil PC3K, we suggest that you try our Sweetwater PC3K Library, which has over 100 instruments selected from all nine of our Kurzweil CD-ROM libraries. The library comes on a 2GB thumb drive that's been formatted so that you can plug it directly into the PC3K and start loading. Since there will be plenty of room left over on the drive, we'll include the latest operating system and objects, as well as the currently available Kurzweil PC3K libraries (including the SynthScapes and Take 6 collections) and the K2661 ROM compatibility files.Every single drum in every kit was recorded in true stereo, which adds a level of realism and fullness that simply cannot be match with mono samples. Some of these kits were recorded in a fairly dry room and close mic'd while others were sampled in live rooms with the mics pulled back just a bit to emphasize the ambience.Another revolutionary new technique is the use of Sweetwater's exclusive "8 Velocity Layer Keymaps." These specially re-created keymaps contain eight full layers with each layer being triggered by velocities from ppp through fff. And, even though these keymaps offer eight different ways of playing a sample, they still only need one program layer!

TOWER OF FUNK ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
TURNTABLE ARTS ~ UCD-009 <SoundEngine> Cd-Rom
TURKISH DRUMS & SOUNDS ~ Private Studio <Kurzweil Format> Cd-Rom

TRANCEFUSION ~ <ILIO> Cd-Rom: This radical collection of Swirls, Sweeps and Swells will infuse your mixes with momentum and drama! In the sampling world, there are lots of groove discs out there, but how do you make that great energy-building, heart-ounding climb from one killer groove to the next? How do you add drama and intensity to keep your tracks from just sitting there? Enter TranceFusion, an entire audio disc dedicated to short attention spans. A truly unique addition to the remix and scoring markets, TranceFusion is hundreds of evolving sonic climbers meant to carry your tracks from one groove to the next, or simply to add excitement to a steady pulse. It comes stocked with swooshes, sweeps and swirls, the elements of excitement and motion that fly the listener across an ocean of beats, fusing one groove to the next. Sweeps include resonant noise, power glides, dark evolvers, percussion sweeps, reversed cymbals, and others that defy description, but are ultimately useful. Designed to cut through the densest mixes, these sonic events swirl above the underlying groove adding contrast & excitement without cluttering up the track. Other tricks include hits and stabs, lasers, vocal rantings, space transmissions and other weirdness to set off your beats, plus rave and trance style arpeggios and pads. The sounds were created using a war chest of the hottest vintage and analog gear, from classic VCOs to physical modeling and every wavetable-vectored-linear-additive-frequency-transformed-pulse-code-modulated step in between. The resulting sound is warm and thick - full of interest and depth. Truly a one-of-a-kind!

vol.01/k2500 ~ disk 1a contains 582 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.02/k2500 ~ disk 1b contains 606 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.03/k2500 ~ disk 2 contains 648 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.04/k2500 ~ Virtual Studio v1contains 528 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.05/k2500 ~ Virtual Studio v2 contains540 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.06/k2000 ~ Vp/Vx Multi Sets contains 654 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.07/k2500 ~ Wave Soniq contains 448 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.08/k2500 ~ Kurz.Library K-Series contains 550 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.09/k2500 ~ Emu Sample & Loops contains 582 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.10/k2500 ~ Ultra Mix contains 460 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.11/k2XXX ~ Roland XP-80 contains 482 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.12/k2XXX ~ Korg Z1 contains 470 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.13/Kurzweil ~ Drum Loops contains 630 megs ~ Cd-Rom
vol.14/Kurzweil ~ Guitars contains 592 megs ~ Cd-Rom
ULTIMATE CD ~ <Pro-Rec> Cd-Rom: We have a great CD-ROM for KURZWEIL called the Ultimate CD This CD-ROM, with over 1100 patches in all, 10 complete dance drum kits, and our entire original. Our ULTIMATE CD features over 1100 patches made from professional samples from our top rated sounds for the world's best modern synths... including tons of dance synths, hits, leads, pads, basses, acoustics, vox & chiffs, organs, drums, horns & winds, & tons of sounds from every category. Tons of samples from our 5-star, top rated sounds for the SY85, D-70, D-50, 01/W, M1, Wavestation, JV-80, VINTAGE KEYS and more. ...And many of these libraries sampled have been given 4 and 5 star reviews in the top magazines! It's many, many synths all in one! One of the greatest synth collections available!

ULTIMATE GUITARS ~ <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom: ABOUT THE GUITARS ON THIS CD ROM In the 1960s,the guitar became not only an important voice in popular music, but a virtual symbol of all the many changes occurring within our society. Few other instruments — if any — can produce as many sounds as the guitar. It can yield delicate acoustic timbres with sparkling harmonics, dark and smoky electric jazz tones or molten, gut wrenching heavy metal sounds. From light pop and surf music to chicken-pickin’ country riffs and dusty blues, the guitar is always there, sounding as fresh today as it did in the early days, when the first musician decided that this particular instrument, like no other, would best express his innermost thoughts and feelings. ULTIMATE GUITARS is more than just a collection of samples, it is a veritable textbook of classic guitar sounds. In fact, many of the instruments represented here are of important historical signi?cance. Some of the guitars we sampled are true, vintage, collectors items worth many thousands of dollars. But more importantly, here you’ll ?nd a palette of sounds that will duplicate most any guitar timbre imaginable, meaning you won’t be at a loss for that perfect guitar sound at your next recording session. Each guitar is presented with as much information as we felt was necessary to de?ne its usage & historical importance. This was indeed a labor of love for all of us involved and we sincerely hope that you enjoy playing.

UP FROM THE CURB ~ <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom
URBAN CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL ~ (3 Cd-Rom Set) <Big Fish Audio>
URBAN GOSPEL WORSHIP ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
URBAN WORSHIP EXPERIENCE vol.2 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
URBAN WORSHIP EXPERIENCE vol.3 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
URBAN WORSHIP EXPERIENCE vol.4 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom
URBAN WORSHIP EXPERIENCE vol.5 ~ <Hot Music Factory> Cd-Rom

VINTAGE TIMETRAVELLER ~ <Sonic Reality> Cd-Rom: Everything old is new again! It seems that every time you turn on the radio, you hear a hit song with classic synth, organ and electric piano sounds. Maybe it's because nothing else sounds as rich and musical as these timeless keyboards! This supersonic collection is packed with the coolest vintage keyboard sounds from the 60s, 70s and 80s. It features B3 Organs, Distorted Leslie Organs, Vox Continental, Farfisa, Optigan, Orchestron, Mellotron, Novatron, Chamberlins, Wurlitzers®, Rhodes®, RMI, Pianet, Clavinet, Arps, Moogs, Prophets, Jupiters, PPG, OSCar, Gleeman, Modular Synths. Plus, you get tons of far-out extras like Vibrato Fuzz Guitar Stack, Talk Box Guitar, Various Guitar FX, Ricky 4001 Bass, Fender 62 P-Bass, Hofner "Beatle" Bass, and to polish it off, Vintage Acoustic Drum Kits,Classic Drum Machines, and much more.

VOCAL PLANET (Human Vocals) ~ (5 Cd-Rom set): titles listed below <Ilio/Spectrasonics> Vocal Planet is the ultimate way to "humanize" your¨ tracks! The Vocal Planet CD-ROM library has more than EIGHT HOURS of audio material in this product!
disk 1/ Gospel & Soul ~ Cd-Rom: GOSPEL The world's only collection of Black Gospel Choir multisamples, shouts, hums, praises and phrases, Urban Youth Choir, Claps, Snaps and Stomping samples and loops, Worship Ambiences, Holy Spirit moaning, Children's Choir, Male and Female soloists and screamin' preachin' too!
disk 2/ Blues & Soul ~ Cd-Rom: JAZZ/BLUES Incredible Jazz vocal ensembles (ala Take-6) -multi-sampled doos, dahs, bahs, accents, sfz,bends and FX- Male and Female Scat singers, Bass Vocal phrases and multisamples, Jazz Vocal Chords with intelligent voice
leading! Authentic songs and stories from moaning Mississippi Delta Blues men!
disk 3/ Jazz & FX ~ Cd-Rom: VOCAL FX Wild mouth noises, Rock 'N Roll screamers, hambone loops, breathing, chaotic utterances, strange vowel drones, sfx, animalistic noises, thousands of vocal percussion samples, processed vocals, yells...... and much, much
more! The potential of the human voice is a limitless resource for expressing our deepest emotions through sound.
disk 4/ RnB & Dance ~ Cd-Rom: R&B/DANCE Greasy multisampled background licks available in Chromazones™, Soulful R&B phrases from the top LA singers, Doo-Woppers, Hip-hop and DJ boasts, scorching Dance hooks and shouts, "street corner" acappella groups and hundreds of human percussion grooves!
disk 5/ World Voices ~ Cd-Rom: WORLD The otherworldly drones of the Tuvan throat singers (who can each sing multiple notes!),
Colombian, Peruvian, Brazilian and Mariachi yelps, Native American chants, Rastafarian toasting, haunting Indian vocalizing, ethereal phrases, ancient sacred singing, Serbian and Middle Eastern wailing, Nordic folklore, Falsetto tenor melismas, Black Sea, Balkan, new Zulu chants, Bavarian and Country Yodelers, Saharan, Macedonian, Qawalli, Himalayan, Gaelic and Celtic folk songs and mouth music!

VOICES OF NATIVE AMERICA vol.1 ~ <Q-Up Arts> Cd-Rom: The only Native America collection of loops and samples available.
Indigenous and authentic singles hits of vocals, drums, flute motifs. Produced by Douglas Morton and Douglas Spotted Eagle who is featured on flute and drums. Heard in countless feature films and TV, The Patriot, Portlandia and many more. Created with respect.

VOICE SPECTRAL ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
VOODOO ELEMENTS ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
VOX VOX VOX ~ All Kurzweil Vox programs/sample banks on 1 Cd-Rom K2000/K2500 / <PrivateStudio> Includes Ahhs / Girls / Crowds
/ Aliens / Baass / Vocal BeatBoxs / Birdmen / Vocal Body Kits / Vocal Brass Emulations / Cheering / Daass / Vocal Drums
/ Vocal EMU4 Impressions / Vocal Falls / Female Ahss / Female Noise / Hummers / Jordvox's / M1 Voices / Machine Type Voices/ Male Vocal Noises / Mmms / Mouth Kits / Oohs / Party Vocals / Vocal Shoops / Syn Voices / Vocal FX / Vocoder Style Voices/ Vocal Slang / Assorted Vox Programs
WEST COAST HIP HOP PAK ~ <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom



WEST COAST POWER WINDS 700MB ~ <Sweetwater+> Cd-Rom Ubcludes (DIR) BASSOON/22093K of Assorted Programs (DIR) CLARINET + 4 Sub-Directories (Dir)BassClarinet (Dir)Clariniet2 (Dir)ContraClarinet (Dir)JazzClar (DIR) FLUTES + 6 Sub-Directories (Dir)AltoFlute (Dir)BassFlute (Dir)C_Flute (Dir)Fife (Dir)JazzFlt (Dir)Piccolo (DIR) FLUTESS/13712K of Assorted Programs (DIR) HARMONICA/5102K of Assorted Programs (DIR) OBOES + 2 Sub-Directories (Dir)Bassoboe (Dir)Oboe (DIR) ROLANDWINDS + 6 Sub-Directories-(Dir)BassOboe (Dir)Bassoon (Dir)Clarinet (Dir)ContraBassoon (Dir) Flutes (Dir)Oboe (DIR) SOLOW1ND/83621K of Assorted Programs (DIR) SOLOW2ND/138465K of Assorted Programs
(DIR) WOODW1ND/6576K of Assorted Programs (DIR) WOODW2ND/8472K of Assorted Programs

WHOLE LOTTA COUNTRY ~ (2 Cd-Rom Set) <Sampleheads>
WILL LEE BASS vol.1 ~ <Sampleheads> Cd-Rom: The disc that started it all! Recorded by the most in-demand bass player working today,"Bass Legend" Will Lee! The CD-ROM version contains 11 unique, world class, chromatically multi-sampled basses from Will's private collection. Includes harmonics, mutes, slides, drops, thumbs, pulls, x-notes, and effects (as well as sustained notes at
multiple dynamics) * all chromatically sampled! The audio version contains 6 basses and a taste of "WillLoops." This disc has
been used on countless hit records and films by producers and programmers too numerous to mention!
WILL LEE BASS vol.2 ~ <Sampleheads> Cd-Rom: The disc that started it all! Recorded by the most in-demand bass player working today,"Bass Legend" Will Lee! The CD-ROM version contains 11 unique, world class, chromatically multi-sampled basses from Will's private collection. Includes harmonics, mutes, slides, drops, thumbs, pulls, x-notes, and effects (as well as sustained notes at
multiple dynamics) * all chromatically sampled! The audio version contains 6 basses and a taste of "WillLoops." This disc has
been used on countless hit records and films by producers and programmers too numerous to mention!

WILL LEE ULTRA FREAKIN BASS ~ <SampleHeads> Cd-Rom: Genre: FUNK Bass grooves and sounds from legend Will Lee.
More than 40 minutes of the most "In The Pocket" bass grooves, riffs and loops ever assembled, as performed by "Bass Legend" Will Lee! Recorded at multiple tempos and keys in an array of styles that will keep you busy making music for a long time.
- Licks - Riffs - Loops 81-174 BPM - Bass Fills - Scratches
- Sadowsky 4-String multi-samples, harmonics, slides & drops, FX & pulls
- Pedulla 8-String Fretless multi-samples, harmonics, slides & drops, FX & pulls
- Spector 4-String multi-samples, mutes & pulls
- Fender Jazz Fretless multi-samples, harmonics, slides & drops & FX
- Yamaha 5-String Acoustic Fretless multi-samples, mutes, slides & drops & FX

WIND INSTRUMENTS & SAX ~ <Private Studio> Cd-Rom
WORLD WINDS ~ <Ilio> Cd-Rom: Open your ears to a world of beauty and mystery. Acclaimed UK composer and multi-instrumentalist Dirk Campbell has sampled every instrument in his extensive ethnic wind collection, bringing you the evocative sounds of many rarities like the Bansuri (Indian flute), Turkish and Persian Ney flutes, Kaval (Southeast European flute), African flute, Suling Slendro and Suling Pelog (Javanese flutes), Irish Penny Whistle, Irish Low Whistle, Fujara (Slovakian Contrabass Whistle), Japanese Shakuhachi, Andean Panpipes, Armenian Duduk, Indian Shenai, Egyptian Zummara, Turkish Zourna, Gaida Bagpipes (Greek and Bulgarian, three types), Irish Uilleann pipes (three types), Scots Highland pipes, Medieval Praetorius Bagpipes, Turkish Tulum, Arabian Mezoued, Cretan Askomandura, Czech Dudy, Nafir (Moroccan trumpet) and African Kudu Horn. The flutes range from sweet and delicate to eerie, breathy and complex, evoking the beauty, stillness, depth and mystery of the natural world. In contrast, there are the wild, strange and stirring timbres of ethnic reed instruments, bagpipes and African horns. Dirk’s personal samples are supplemented by an Andean Panpipe player and a top Shakuhachi master. The library’s strength lies in its articulations as well as straight notes. There are up and down bends, various types of grace notes, and authentic phrases and performances. These can be combined easily to provide a very realistic delivery, sounding just like a real player. To avoid tuning clashes, all samples are presented at concert pitch; alternatively, if you prefer to hear the instruments in their purest form, ‘raw’ programs have been supplied which demonstrate the native tuning, scales and ranges. There are also atmospheric programs which work well for pads and textures. World Winds is a must-have for film, TV and media composers, World Music, Rock, Pop and contemporary Classical composers and performers, creative keyboardists and programmers, and anyone with an ear for great instrumental sounds!

YOUNG CHANG ~ PIANOS <Kurzweil> Cd-Rom
XX-LARGE 800 PADS ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
XX-LARGE BRASS vol.2 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
XX-LARGE DRUM LOOPS vol.1 ~ <Best Service> Cd-Rom
YAMAHA GRAND PIANOS ~ <Sweetwater> Cd-Rom
ZERO 4/4 TIME SIGNATURES LIVE DRUM LOOPS ~ (Odd Metric Time Signatures/Drum Loops Only!) <Big Fish Audio> Cd-Rom
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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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Tak toto bol vskutku ... velmi slusny solo prispevok !!! Alebo skor prispevok-chain ? (v reci VASTu) :shock: :shock: :shock:
Myslim, ze tymto si trhol ABSOLUTNE VSETKY lokalne dlzkove REKORDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) :wink: :lol: :palec+:

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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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To je jen ukázka , ze K2Xxx byli velikou legendou, nahrávali se na nich filmy v Holywoodu, tak byli prachy na prehrsel CD. To dnes už nikdy nikdo netrhne

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Re: Kurzweil řada K2XXX - nostalgie co má stále co dát

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Vla-sta strašne moc Ti ďakujem, že si sem dal toto tvoje vlákno. Rozveselil si moju dušu kamarát ďakujem. Veru toto boli volakedy mašiny. Nostalgia, ale prekrásna. Tu je jedna ukážka čo dokázali tieto mašiny: