Korg M3

MIDI Master keyboardy, syntezátory, digitální piána, varhany... a příslušenství
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Korg M3

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At ne EZone hledam jak hledam ani zminka o tomhle workstationu.


Tady par infos:

Synthesis Technology:

EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis)
MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) sound generator can be added by installing the optional EXB-RADIAS
Tone Generator:
256 Mbyte (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
1,032 Multisamples
1,606 Drum Samples
Maximum Polyphony:
120 voices, 120 oscillators max, single mode
60 voices, 120 oscillators max, double mode

Program Structure (EDS):

OSC1 (Single), OSC1+2 (Double)
Stereo multisamples are supported
4 velocity zones per oscillator, with switching, crossfades and layers.
Four types of filter routing (single, serial, parallel, 24 dB)
Two multi-mode filters per voice (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject)
Per-voice nonlinear driver and low boost
Three bands, with sweepable mid
For each voice: two envelope generators (Filter & Amp)
Two LFOs
Two key tracking generators (Filter & Amp)
Two AMS mixers
Pitch EG
Common LFO
Two common key tracking generators


16-bit, linear, 48 kHz mono/stereo sampling
Resampling available (Open Sampling System)
64 Mbyte memory standard (expandable up to 320 Mbyte with EXB-M256 option)
Sampling time (RAM)
RAM1 (64 Mbytes standard) allows up to approximately 11 minutes 39 seconds of mono sampling or approximately 5 minutes 49 seconds of stereo sampling. 512 bytes are used by the system.
RAM2 (256 Mbytes when the EXB-M256 is installed) allows up to approximately 46 minutes 36 seconds of mono sampling or approximately 23 minutes 18 seconds of stereo sampling.
RAM1+RAM2 (Total 320 Mbytes) allows up to approximately 58 minutes 15 seconds of mono sampling or approximately 29 minutes 7 seconds of stereo sampling. (Continuous sampling across RAM1 and RAM2 is not possible.)
Sampling time (MEDIA)
Maximum sampling time to a USB storage device is a maximum of approximately 80 minutes for one sample file, for either mono or stereo. This occupies approximately 440 Mbytes for mono, or 879 Mbytes for stereo.
1,000 Multisamples, 4,000 Samples, 128 indexes per sample
Supports Korg format, AIFF, WAV, AKAI S1000/S3000 (with advanced Program conversion), SoundFont 2.0 reading
Sample directly from audio CDs (CD-DA)
Time Stretch, Time Slice, Crossfade Loop, and other editing features


5 Insert Effects (stereo in/out), 2 Master Effects (stereo in/out), 1 Total Effect (stereo in/out) are available simultaneously
2 effect control busses, 2 effect common LFOs
170 types (can be used for Insert/Master/Total.) Note: double-size effects cannot be used as a Total effect.
Effects Presets: Up to 32 per Effect
AUX bus: Two internal buses for sampling and routing audio to the EXB-RADIAS
3-band Track EQ (High, low, and sweepable mid band) Per Program in Program Mode, per Timbre in Combination mode (16 total), and per Track in Sequencer mode (16 total)

X-Y control:

The TouchView display can be used as an X-Y controller. Hold function provided.
X?Y MOTION function
X?Y Control finger movements can be recorded in realtime, and memorized for each Program, Combination, or Song.
Program mode
Oscillator volume, synth parameters, and effect parameters can be controlled.
Combination, Sequencer modes
Timbre/track volume, synth parameters, and effect parameters can be controlled.


1,664 user locations, 640 preloaded (512 EDS+128 RADIAS) (with EXB-RADIAS option installed)
1,792 user locations, 384 preloaded
144 user locations, 32 preloaded
256 GM2 programs, 9 GM2 drum kits


16-track MIDI sequencer with 480 ppq resolution
128 Songs, 20 Cue Lists, 210,000 notes (max)
Tempo: 40.00 ? 300.00 BPM (1/100 resolution)
16 preset/16 user Template Songs
522 preset patterns, 100 user patterns (per Song)
Cue List function: 20 cue lists, Songs can be arranged consecutively or repeatedly in up to 99 steps, A cue list can be converted back into a song
Standard MIDI File (SMF) format 0 and 1 available
In-Track Sampling function
Auto Song Setup function (One Touch Record) for easily going from a Program or Combination into ?record-ready? status


One KARMA module available in Program Mode, four KARMA modules available in Combination and Sequencer Modes, plus Master Control module
2,093 preset GEs (Generated Effect)
KARMA Wave Sequence, Freeze Randomize, Time Signature Control, Auto RTC (Realtime Control) Setup


Control Surface (8 sliders, 8 switches)
8 Switches:
EXTERNAL= External MIDI control*
TONE ADJUST= Control the Tone Adjust functions
KARMA= KARMA control
8 Sliders:
MIXER= Volume
REALTIME CONTROL= Realtime modulation
EXTERNAL= External MIDI control*
TONE ADJUST=Control the Tone Adjust functions
KARMA= KARMA control
* In External mode, the eight sliders, eight switches, and eight pads can be used as MIDI controllers, allowing you to control software synthesizers or DAW software via CC settings. 128 setups can be stored (102 are preloaded).
8 velocity-sensitive drum pads and chord triggers:
[PAD MODE] - selects velocity-sensitive or fixed-velocity operation
X-Y Control (Display), Hold, Motion


Load, Save, Utility, Make Audio CD, Play Audio CD
Data Filer functionality (Save and Load MIDI System Exclusive Data)
CD-ROM/R/RW (UDF Format read/write), Record & Play audio CDs (CD-DA), ISO9660 Level 1
WAVE file editing functionality
CD-ROM/R/RW can be used when a commercially-available USB drive is connected.

Audio Outputs:

L/MONO, R - 1/4" TS (Mono), unbalanced
INDIVIDUAL-1, 2, 3, 4 - 1/4" TS (Mono), unbalanced
Output Impedance: 1.1k Ohm stereo; 550 Ohms mono (L/Mono only), Nominal Level: +4.0 dBu, Maximum Level: +16.0 dBu, Load Impedance: 10 k Ohms or greater, Signal to noise ratio: 90 dBu (typical), Dynamic range: 91 dBu (typical)
S/P DIF (optical 24-bit, 48 kHz), S/P DIF IEC60958 EIAJCP-1201, provides igital output of the same signals as AUDIO OUTPUT (MAIN) L/Mono, R
(Optional) EXB-FW - 6 channels, 24-bit, 48 kHz Sample rate, provides digital output of the same signals as AUDIO OUTPUT (MAIN) L/Mono, R and AUDIO OUTPUT (INDIVIDUAL) 1?4
Headphones - 1/4" TRS (Stereo), Output Impedance: 33 Ohms, Maximum Level: 32+ 32 mW @33 Ohms

Audio Input:

1, 2 - 1/4" TS (Mono), unbalanced
(level switch (MIC/LINE), level knob) - Input Impedance: 10 k Ohms, Headroom:12 dB, Input level range LINE: ?29 dBu ? +4 dBu or greater (typical),
Input level range MIC: ?54 dBu ?17 dBu or greater (typical), Source Impedance: 600 Ohms
S/P DIF (optical 24-bit, 48 kHz) IEC60958 EIAJCP-1201
(Optional) EXB-FW - 2 channels, 24-bit, 48 kHz Sample rate


Computer: 2 USB type A hi-speed connectors, supporting 480 Mbps (for storage devices)
USB type B connector (for MIDI interface, USB 2.0 supported)
2 FireWire ports (when EXB-FW (separately sold option) installed)
Keyboard: TO KYBD (for connection to keyboard assembly unit)

Keyboard: 61-key, 73-key semi-weighted synth action (Korg?s new keyboard design)
88-key weighted action (RH3: Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboard with 4-zone graded action response)
Controllers: Joystick, Ribbon Controller, [SW1], [SW2]
Interface: TO MODULE (for connection to M3-M tone generator module)
TO MODULE (second) (available on 73-key and 88-key)
Display: 5.7 inch color TouchView? GUI, 320 x 240 dot, X?Y control function
Control Inputs: Damper Pedal (half damper pedaling supported), Assignable Switch, Assignable Pedal
Common specifications: Frequency response: 20 Hz?20 kHz, +/-1.0 dB, 10 k Ohms load
THD+N: 20 Hz?20 kHz, 0.08 % 10 k Ohms load (typical)
Included Accessories:
Three-Pronged IECC13 Power Cable
(Model D8B5518003B)
Owner?s Manual (M3 Operation Guide)
CD-ROM (M3 Parameter Guide (PDF)
Voice Name List (PDF)
KORG MIDI driver
M3 Editor stand alone and plug-in versions
Bracket (Module only)
Module: 26.50"(W) x 7.95"(D) x 3.23"(H)
M3-61 and Module:
40"(W) x 14.65"(D) x 4.76"(H) (module down)
40"(W) x 14.65"(D) x 6.73"(H) (module up)
M3-73 and Module:
46.81? (W) x 14.60? (D) x 5.15? (H)(module down)
46.81? (W) x 14.60? (D) x 8.14? (H)(module up)
M3-88 and Module:
56.10? (W) x 17.40? (D) x 5.15? (H)(module down)
56.10? (W) x 17.40? (D) x 8.14? (H)(module up)
Weight: M3-61: 31.08 lbs (14.1 kg), M3-73: 38.14 lbs (17.3 kg), M3-88: 58.42 lbs (26.5 kg)
Current Consumption: 35 Watts


Video operation guide part1: http://www.karma-lab.com/vp/klvp2.html?playID=42
Video operation guide part2: http://www.karma-lab.com/vp/klvp2.html?playID=43
Video demo sequence: http://www.karma-lab.com/vp/klvp2.html?playID=40
Video intro & KARMA features: http://www.karma-lab.com/vp/klvp2.html?playID=41
Videa na You tube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_q ... arch_type=

Audio: http://www.karma-lab.com/m3/audio/hi/K1 ... tation.mp3
http://www.karma-lab.com/m3/audio/hi/K2 ... Pointe.mp3
http://www.karma-lab.com/m3/audio/hi/K3 ... Future.mp3
http://www.karma-lab.com/m3/audio/hi/K4 ... OfMaya.mp3
http://www.karma-lab.com/m3/audio/hi/K5 ... meCall.mp3
http://www.karma-lab.com/m3/audio/hi/K6 ... tnLine.mp3
http://www.karma-lab.com/m3/audio/hi/K7 ... Guitar.mp3

01. Apr. 2007 - M3 wins the MusikMesse International Press Award (MIPA) for best Keyboard Workstation!
14. Mar. 2008 - M3 wins the MusikMesse International Press Award (MIPA) for best Keyboard Workstation (for the second year in a row!)

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Příspěvek od peteness »

Tohle je stroj na delsi zkouseni. Ja ho asi 15 minut lehce testnul v Audioteku v Hradisti (cestou do jihomoravske vesnicky Vlkos pro uz druhy Roland DEP-5 :)). Tzn prujezd ROM zvukama, zkouska filtru. Hodne fandim Korgu, ale opravdu nic noveho nebo zajimaveho mi to nedalo. Byl to ale jenom zlomek, co ta masina nabizi.
Nekoupil bych ho stejne jako motif nebo fantom. Ja ale delam elektro, takze uzitecnost techhle syntaku neumim posoudit.

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Příspěvek od Amorph »

Hm, me ty zvukovy ukazky prijdou dost sterilni a nezajimavy.

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Příspěvek od redswift »

me tenhle nastroj z mp3 ukazek taky prisel nic moc, ale kdyz sem si to potom zkousel na prodejne tak sem byl nadsenej

naopak u motifu a fantomu je to presne naopak (ukazky super, nazivo nuda). nevite nekdo cim to je? mohly by to zpusobit jenom spatny sluchatka u konkretniho nastroje?

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Příspěvek od Tamango »

ja som ho tiež skúšal asi 15min ... v Nitre v Rockland-e ... mal som vybrať medzi KORG Pa800 a o tisíc korún drahším M3 ... nakoniec som nevybral ja ale náš "sponzor", ktorý to platil a ten sa rozhodol pre Pa800 kvôli vstavaným reprákom ... nebude totiž potrebovať žiadny zosik a bedne na to, aby si doma trošku v tichosti zamuzicíroval ...

mne sa viac pozdával M3 ... ale za 15min som tiež toho moc neodskúšal ... ale páčila sa mi funkcia X-Y Mode, ktorá zmenila display na X-Y controlér na moduláciu zvuku ... niečo podobné ako má Roland V-Synth/GT vľavo hore
Nikdy nie je tak zle, aby nemohlo byť ešte horšie ...

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Příspěvek od dano »

tento nastroj som si cekol v Muzikeri a bol som uplne ze nadseny!!! ak by som mal volne prachy (akoze nemam) a uvazoval by som medzi Fantomom a M3, tak beriem rozhodne M3 (Motif uz mam, takze ten neriesim). Korga mat treba a dufam ze uz coskoru budem mat nejaky rack.

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Příspěvek od Martin »

Ty ukázky na webu jsou fakt nuda a říkal jsem si, že to snad je horší než můj Triton Extreme.

Ale na živo je to fakt dělo - inspirativní, čisté, konkterétní barvy.
Chce to určitě naživo projet. Zapůsobil na mě víc než XS6.
Škoda, že není verze bez sampleru v racku (ale časem určitě také přibude)
Nelíbí se mi tak jejich racková verze. Uvítal bych něco v racku okolo 1000Eur.

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Příspěvek od a.tom.x »

Ty dema jsou opravdu nuda.
Art of Sound - Professional Soundware Solution

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Příspěvek od dano »

lepsie nudne dema a potom pecka do hlavy ako na opak...

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Příspěvek od a.tom.x »

No obávám se, že ani to nebude ten případ, ale taky jsem na to měl asi jen půl hodiny tak nechci soudit, každopádně pecku si předstvuju trochu jinak. Ale asi nebudu cílová skupina.
Art of Sound - Professional Soundware Solution

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Příspěvek od dano »

atomx: tak to rozhodne nie. ale urcite to neprekvapuje ani teba a uz vobec nie okolie :-)

Jerry Forester
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Příspěvek od Jerry Forester »

Velmi odbočím.Říká někomu něco značka Ketron,kam by jste ho zvukově zařadili,třeba expander SD2.Zvukové ukázky.http://www.ketron.it/demos/index.asp?lNum_idDemo=1

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Příspěvek od EXCOM »

tento nastroj som si skusal, ma zaujimavy "makky" zvuk... rychly OS ale asi sa minieme :) v prvom rade ma brutalne odradza ten design.. a hlavne ta biela sa rychlo ochyta a posobi to cele spinave a zozltnute..

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Příspěvek od dano »

excom: makky zvuk? zaujimavy postreh. ja mam taky dojem skor z Rolandov ... Korg ma podla mna zvuk makkostou niekde medzi Yamahou a Rolandom, ktory krasne lezie do mixov (to pocut aj v tych demach)... ten design je nezvycajny, mne osobne sa ovela viac paci klasicky tvar (motif...), ale da sa na to zvyknut... co ma prekvapilo, je absencia otocnych knobov - to je obrovske minus v dnesnej dobe.

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Příspěvek od EXCOM »

dano : mna fakt ze ten design odradza.. este ak by tam dali na kabli sonarovu sondu a gel, tak mam pocit ze je to zariadenie na sledovanie plodu tehotnej zeny... 8)